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5 Things You Need to Know If You Date A Younger Man

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Have you ever face a problem, that your junior fall in love with you? If yes, congratulation! At a certain age, women choices have been limited due to some reason. It could because of age, marital status and more. So if you added a younger man as a consideration, you have increased the opportunity for […]

How To Know A Guy Loves You Deeply – Ladies Alert

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Have you ever wondered how to tell if someone is deeply in love with you? Quite sure it’s yes right? Sometimes a person in front of you may be in love with you, but you didn’t realize it. Or maybe, you also love that person, you just not sure if he shares the same feeling […]

7 Secrets To A Happy Marriage From Man’s Perspective

Reading Time: 4 minutes

A healthy and successful marriage is the foundation of a happy family. It also helps you create a positive and pleasant environment in the house. Today article we share the secrets to a happy marriage from man’s perspective, which is from my personal observation of old and young couple whose marriage have remained spirited and […]

How To Have Better Relationships With These 5 Simple Habits

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Building better relationships is not as hard as you think. The real secrets are not about big gestures, being romantic or being rich. It’s the small action and subtle thoughts happen daily without being noticed. It’s about consistency, a lifetime commitment to your loved one. I remember one of the Simon Sinek motivational talks, he […]