5 Important Things That Matters in Relationship

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Strong Relationship is all about decisions!

Princess Alerts! If you seeking some kind of Romeo/Juliet, Cleopatra/Antony stories, well yeah you might see yourself out. I’m just not the prince. As all other great couples begin, there were all experienced the intros. (Damn I hate it when I heard one but it is a necessity!)

First, you all need to know that I am a man and a real one (If you know what I mean), in the early 30s, still single (R.I.P. me…) and had a frustrating break-up twice and the rest not really. Oh, you judging me now. Come on we can’t love all people. That is just not humanly possible. I’m definitely not here to tell you of my past and get sympathy out of it. As I said I’m a man plus handsome (You can’t buy that).

relationship standards that actually matter

Since it was about a relationship, there are no right and wrong to throw out your opinions, interest, and live with them. Am I right? As long as you’re not lending my money to stay on course, I guess it’s fine with me. I’ve decided to start writing whatever that I’ve thought is what is all about and I’m open to comments as well. I may be handsome but I’m not stupid.

So what are the five relationship standards that actually matter?? Like hell I know…

1# Be Yourself

This must be top on the list. Don’t be Brad Pitt. You can’t pretend all the way until you grey! Sitting in a boring class listening for 2 hours would get you hung and dry, so just imagine if you try to be someone else for the rest of your life. Do you want to change? Change for the better version of you.

2# Trust and Acceptance

Trust is confidence, reliance, belief, and faith. This will take some time and it has to be earned. You might have some sort of test to identify it in the early stages. I think it’s okay to put it that way. Acceptance, on the other hand, was easy to understand but hard to endure. Don’t be scared pretty (If only applicable).

3# Give and Takes

Takes sounds more economically worth doing. Okay leave that mind state at your works and go another way around (Give, in case you’re too naïve) when it comes to your loved one. God that sounds heaven isn’t it? Well, do it. Even it is ended with you splitting your morning coffee. Damn, I won’t do it.

4# Perfection

Even it is for Gandhi, he is still no way near to my handsomenasity. Yet he got millions of followers and his name stays close to our hearts ever since. So stop looking for that and start to find ‘OUR’ tunes. If it’s so blurry, ask your mom.

5# Financially Equal

I must say this is a strong point but I submitted a big No as for my depositions on this. I believe equality must be seen from other elements such as family, culture, religions, bla bla bla… that really hard to break it! But still, we need to embrace each other to keep world peace and sound. (I’m so United Nations).

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In Life, getting second opinions is always a wise move to make, but still, you’re the one on it and no single formula can apply at all! Get it and improvise.

I’m starting to think I should get a tagline for my writings. You’re all officially invited to give ideas. Be proud of it.

I think that’s it for now. So long dudes.

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