how to keep my husband sexually satisfied

How To Keep My Husband Sexually Satisfied And Happy In Bed

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If you ever had a question on how to keep my husband sexually satisfied, then this post is the most suitable for you. We will share with you all the tips and method that is important for you to keep your husband happy at night.

how to keep my husband sexually satisfied

Well, some of you maybe didn’t have a problem in order to keep your husband sexually satisfied. But I know a lot of peoples out there didn’t know how to keep their husband happy in bed.

Let’s face the bitter truth about this. Usually, when you’re making love, no matter what you do (position, oral, etc) he always ends up satisfied, while you are the one who often left unsatisfied.


The one who often left unsatisfied always try to find ways to keep their husband satisfied. Am I right? And why is that? Because most of you just focus on how to keep your husband satisfied without knowing that he’ll be more satisfied if you’re satisfied!

Men brain is hardwired to please women sexually. Every normal guy wants to please their women. So if you want to please your men, you need to enjoy sex as much as men enjoy it. Don’t do it because of your men solely.

Learn to focus on yourself first, at the same time it can be benefits to your husband. I will try to cover all the info as much as I can in this article so you will know how to keep your husband sexually satisfied.

Before we begin, let’s take a few steps back and check if you have this kind of problem.

Why husband not sexually attracted to his wife?

This is quite normal, after a few years of marriage, your look has not become your priorities. You may look grubby and shabby, a “grandma” nightgown has now become a nightmare and a major turned off for your husband.

Having less amount of quality sexual intimacy in marriage is a major problem nowadays. And it usually happens not because of your weight, your age or because of you married the wrong guys. But there must be something else going on that you’re unaware.

In order to fix the situation, the first thing you need to do is identify the root cause. There can be many reasons that drive your partner further away. Here are a few reasons why this could happen:

1. They trying to hide the truth

It could be because he tries to cover up another issue that he doesn’t want to admit. He may feel inadequate sexually. As an example, having a physical appearance that makes them feel less manly, or has sexual performance issues such as erectile dysfunction.

If your man having problems getting and keeping an erection during intercourse, he may hesitate to initiate. Rather than admit all the embarrassing things, it will be much easier to put the blame on the attractiveness of their partner.

2. Influences of pornography

Did you watch porn together with your partner? It is true that watching porn together can lead to sexual intimacy. But watching too much porn is not good either.

Many wives didn’t aware that their husband spends too much time on this activity. Porn addiction can bring negative effects on the sexual intimacy of your marriage. It is possible that your husband doesn’t find you attractive because of his brains find out the images in porn is more arousing.

According to a study by the American Sociology Association, “Married couples who are watching porn are twice more likely to get divorced in the following years than those who don’t. So ladies, please take note.

dirty talk for him


3. There’s no attraction from his partner

Sometimes a man does lose attraction in his partner. Worst case, he no longer wants to have sex with her. In a relationship, “attraction” is a complex emotion. It could be a visual pleasure, feeling respect or sexual chemistry.

You need to find out the root of why he no longer attracted to you. It could be because you’re busy with your work or children, and you’re ignoring the facts that he also needs your attention.

4. You have acting more and more like his mother

Men are not sexually attracted to their mothers. Even though you have a killer body like a supermodel, but if you treat him like a child, he will not be attracted to you. It’s the same concept that we’ve previously discussed on a man’s hero instincts.

If you have done everything for him; as an example, you buy his underwear, clean up all his clothes, remind him not to forget his wallet, ask him to sleep early, tell him that he was watching too much TV or playing games, and much more.

All these things might look that you’re being helpful.

Of course, but somewhere along the line, you’re actually taking something away from him. You’re taking away his purpose as a man. Look back at the day when you dating him. Did you act like his mom? I’m sure that you’re not.

Instead, you used to be admiring him, flirting with him, laughing at his jokes, smiling at him and thanking him for a lot of things. That is why he is attracted to you. So maybe he wasn’t the one who changed.

Well, there could be a lot of reasons why man’s not sexually attracted to his wife. Thus you need to understand which of these reasons applies to your situation.

Let’s continue…

How to turn your husband on and keep him sexually satisfied

After you’ve found out the root of the problem, it’s time to improve the area that you’re lacking and looking for new ways to make your husband feel good and sexually satisfied. Learning how to satisfy your husband sexually is not that hard.

You don’t need to become a pornstar or having a ‘supermodel body kit’ in order to satisfy his need. All you need to do is acquire skill on how to trigger the sexual and romantic interest of your husband. Get to know about his sexual fantasies, and share with him about yours too.

In this article, we’ve compiled all the information you need to answer your question “How to keep my husband sexually satisfied”.

1. Be gorgeous

I’m not telling you to buy expensive clothes or follow the latest trend. Instead, focus on how to show the gorgeous side of you to your husband. Start by something that will make him look twice. Maybe a type of dress that can remind him of why he likes you so much.

As an example, wear a skirt that is a little shorter than usual or a top that shows your curve. You can wear anything that can highlight your good points. See the image below to get the ideas of what I really mean.

Another example of being gorgeous is to take care of your basic hygiene, always brush up your appearance by smelling nice, let your hair done, and also waxed your arms and legs.

Create good habits in maintaining your daily life. Don’t hesitate to spend money on sexy lingerie, saloon or spa, it is important to make you look good as well as to boost your confidence.

Keep in your mind that before you attract him sexually, you need to get his attention first. When his eyes are always for you, it will become much easier for you to seduce him.

2. Please his mind

Men brains are considered a more powerful sexual organ than his genitalia. It is where the sex drive steams come from and also plays the largest role in sexual pleasure. So if you want to please your man, start with his brain first.

Basically, there are two simplest ways to excite your husband mind. Either you found out about his sexual fantasies or dirty talk with him. The best part, you can do both!

Sexual Fantasies

Exploring your husband sexual fantasies and turn it to reality together with you can give him a huge excitement. But, it could be hard at first because men normally didn’t share their fantasies with their partner. They may feel embarrassed or reluctant to talk about it with you.

So, in order to get him more open up about his dirty little secret, you can tell him some of yours first. Being first to share is a great way to convince him. Let him know that you’re interested to try lots of different things with him.

Slowly he will get excited and start to share his own sexual fantasies!

sexting ideas

Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is the practice of using explicit words to heighten sexual excitement before or during physical sexual activity. Personally, I would say it’s a part of foreplay before foreplay. You could use dirty talk by whispered to his ears, spoken over the phone or by sending text messages.

It means that you can practically seduce him even when he’s at his workplaces!

Knowing how to talk dirty to your husband can make things a little bit interesting in the bedroom. It’s can improve your sex life and build a deeper intimacy connection with your partner.

The main function of talking dirty is to turn him on and ignite the spark in his brain to dramatically enhance your sex experiences. When you talk dirty to your husband, it shows that you’re 100% present and enjoying the moment.

Talking dirty is a huge topic and full of excitement. That why we created a free guide for the beginner on how to talk dirty to your man. If you like to learn more regarding this topic, we highly recommend you to check the post.

3. Try new sexual positions

Don’t do the same tricks every time you making love. You need to be willing to experiment and try new positions as long as you are comfortable with it. Difference position will produce a different result.

As an example, some position can make you feel tighter, and some of it can make him be able to go deeper to feel other parts of you more easily. One tip that can make your partner be able to thrust in as deeply as possible is by putting your legs higher up.

If this position is not too comfortable, you can just put your legs up around his waist. You can get a similar result and it easier to maintain the position without putting extra pressure on your waist.

Just for your information, not every position you try will feel great. But you need to be open during the process. You can go back to your favorite position anytime you wanted.

Another position that worth to try is to climb on top of your husband. Usually, in another position, he’s the one doing the moving. But when you’re at the top, you are more in control and have the most power.

So you can satisfy him and let him enjoy the ride. Here a good video from GLAMerotica101, she explains very well on how to ride your man (basic movement). She also highlighted the basic mistakes that most women did.

4. Take the lead in the bedroom

Your man wants you to take charge once in a while. He might not say or ask you, but he would really love it. Sometimes, men get tired because they are always the one initiating sex.

According to Men’s Health, based on their poll survey about guys sex lives; 1400 from 2500 men find their bedroom activity unsatisfying. Fifty-six percent of them rate their sex lives as no better than C.

Here the question and the result:

Question: Guys, how would you rate your current sex life?

It’s an A: 16%
It’s a B: 28%
It’s a C: 24%
It’s a D: 14%
It’s an F: 18%

Men’s Health’s Editor-in-Chief, David Zinczenko said, all of them seem to have one desire. They wish that their partner would turn the bedroom into a Sadie Hawkins dance once in a while.

So what you can do as a woman is break the norm, get on his top and show him who’s the boss. You cannot always wait for them to feel horny, you need to learn how to turn up the heat and initiate sex. Don’t ever think that this is a man job solely.

It’s okay if you feel awkward at first, but once you know how to take the lead, you’ll be initiating sex all the time. If you want some ideas on how to start initiate sex, then this post might help: how to spice up the bedroom.

5. Give him little more EXTRA pleasure

Let him enjoy you more! Guys love seeing women getting aroused and experience climaxes. He wants you to share that pleasure with him. In other words, if you want to keep him sexually satisfied, you need to make sure he knows how to please you.

There are a few simple steps you can do that can give him extra pleasure. Here is an example:

Leave the lights on when you making love. Let him see you and your body while you make love. Plus, you can wear something that is sexy and revealing to turn up the heat.

Let him see your face when you experience climaxes. There are no guys who don’t love seeing his partner face when she reaches climax. Tell him what you gonna experience and look straight to his eyes. This can make you feel much closer emotionally.

Just forget about how your face will look like. You may feel awkward at first, but it draws you together so much.

Break up the pleasure. Do you know what the importance of changing sexual position? It is to break up the pleasure. If your husband getting super excited, stop and switch position. He might not like it, so you need to distract him with your touch and kissing. After you think he had enough, let him move again. Repeat this process as much as you want.

You also can ask him to stop because you want to make a move. Make it in a position that feels great for you. As an example, stay at his top and give him a ride. Then ask him to move a little bit, stop him when he getting excited, and switch positions.

The reason is to slow things a bit and drags everything out, then when he finally does climax, it’s even more intense for him.

Squeeze him! Use your vaginal muscle to squeeze him. When he is getting excited and close to climax, start squeezing him inside you. Men love that, it will put him over the top and don’t forget to see his face reaction when you do this.

If you’re not sure how to do this, you can google “Kegel Exercise”. It’s basically known as pelvic floor exercise and use to strengthen your vaginal muscle.


Hopefully, after having practiced all these tips, you can get your heat back with your husband. Make your husband sexual needs a priority as well as yours. If you had any extra tips that you want to share with us, please leave your comment below. We love to hear back from you!

how to talk dirty

How To Talk Dirty To Your Man: Beginners Guide

Reading Time: 11 minutes

Knowing how to talk dirty to your man can make things a little bit more interesting in the bedroom. It’s can actually improve your relationship, your sex life, and build a deeper intimacy connection with your partner.

Guys love to hear naughty words and phrases that are coming from you. He felt that you actually praise him, rewards him and being honest with him. Dirty talks also can be a huge turn on for him, keep him interested and obsessed with you in a long term relationship.

how to talk dirty

Basically knowing exactly what to say to your partner can blow his mind and make him want you more. This is a huge advantage for you to spice up your relationship.

However, many women seem to have a problem with this, or I could say lack of experiences. Maybe they never know about this, not suitable for them, not interested or they had a negative view of this topic.

Well, if you think you’re not suited to do this, it’s okay, just be yourself. But if you want to learn how to fire up your relationship and why men love dirty talk then this guide is definitely for you.

What you will learn from this guide:

There are a ton of things that you will need to learn first before you start talking dirty to your partner. A simple mistake will hunt you for the rest of your life! XD

Talking dirty to your man is an art, so take your time to learn how to do this, don’t rush. Good preparation will increase your chances to keep going smoothly.

To help you get a clear view of what you’ll learn from this guide, we’ve put together an interactive table of contents. Click each link to read your preferable subtopic.

Or you can scroll down to start from the beginning.

Why you should talk dirty to your man?

The main reason you should talk dirty to your man is to make him keeps thinking about you. Let him obsessed with you.

By using dirty talk in a more subtle way, you basically playing with your man mind. He was not sure about what you mean and as result, he will end up constantly thinking about you. Or it could be that he really loves it when you talk dirty with him, he wants more and the result? He will keep thinking about you. This is crucial to keep him attracted.

Secondly, no matter how you personally feel about talking dirty, men’s love dirty talk. You have no idea how hot and arousing it can be when you do it the right way.

Dirty talk is often overlooked, whereas it’s very powerful. It’s supercharged sexual polarity, activates the imagination, increases sexual tension and sexual desire.

But still, you need to be very careful. Just like sex itself, the dirty talk also needs to be used at the right person with the right time. There’s no way one phrase is suitable for everyone. As an example, maybe what you personally qualify as ‘dirty talk’ is something that your partner find offensive, silly or insane.

So stay focused, let’s go through one by one.

Don’t rush, just be yourself

Don’t force yourself to talk dirty to your man. Practice and let it happen naturally. If the moment doesn’t feel right, don’t use it, yet. Start slowly, try to use one or phrase at first. See what your partner reaction, if he gets really turned on, you can keep on going and push it a little further each time.

Another option, you can directly ask your partner opinion, what he feels about talking dirty, if he not sure, ask him to try it with you. Starting slowly also can build up your confidence. You’ll be more comfortable and less pressure.

And don’t try to be like someone else. Your man only wants you because of you, so that is exactly what you should give him. Say what on your mind and express how you’re feeling. The main concept of talking dirty is very simple. Before sex, say what you want, while you’re doing it, specifically describe what you like about it.

Be detail

To make your dirty talk become more powerful, you need to be more details. Describe exactly what you want to do with him, so he can get a clear picture. The more detailed you describe, the easier for him to get turned on.

Usually, people will use a phrase like this:

“Yeah, I like that!”

“You look so hot right now!”

“I want more!”

Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. But if you put some little extra effort to that phrase, it can be more powerful. As an example, you can change it to something like this:

“Oh Yeah, keep doing that. I love how you ……”

“You have such a big long cock, please don’t stop …”

Be detail, when you’re doing it, specifically describe what you like about it. Men brains are hard-wired to please women sexually. He always has a thought whether he’s done his job right or not to please you. So when you talk dirty in detail, he knows that you like it and he will be more excited.

Don’t use too much of profanity

Every man love dirty talk, but not every man likes it the same. Man has their own particular trigger words to turn him or it could turn him off.

Normally, women might be tempted to use swear words to talk dirty. But, keep in mind, some man may not interested tt filled their dirty talk with swear words.

Some man may like to be called as a slave, some may not too comfortable with it. That’s why it is important to discuss this topic with your partner, just to make sure if there are any other words that you need to avoid in your dirty talk.

And make sure to discuss it when you aren’t being sexual with each other, if not you will spoil the mood. If you think the early discussion will spoil the mood, then you’re wrong. Actually, it shows your respect for your partner. It doesn’t ruin the mood, instead, it enhances the feeling of comfort, safety, and connection.

Adapt and adjust

There’s a lot of sexy dirty talk examples that you can read online. I will share with you some of the phrases below. But it’s just the list of examples. Some may suitable for you, some may not. Try to adapt with the most you suitable for first.

Start with basic phrases first. If you get a great response from your man, you can move forward to try sexier phrases. Adapt and adjust, from there you can start forming your own sexy dirty talk phrase.

Here the list of dirty talk examples, I split it into three part:

Stage 1: Noob Level

P/s: If you’re a gamer, maybe you don’t like this level ;P

“I’m getting so wet right now”

“Just lie back and let me take care of you”

“I want to feel you inside of me”

“I want more…”

“Do you like that?”

“You can have me any way you want baby”

“Let me serve you tonight”

“I want you to tease me until I can’t take it any longer”

“I love to see your face while you feel climax”

“Your cum feels so good inside me”

“Show me how bad you can be”

“I want to bury your face in between my legs”

“I love how soft your balls are”

“I love your smell”

“Can we go harder?”

sexting ideas

Stage 2: Intermediate Level

So if you already start to enjoy talking dirty with your partner. Maybe you need to go with something new. Something that you’ve never tried before. Check this list and grab your few favorite phrases. And if this still not enough for you, you can skip to the next level.

“I want you to cum all over me”

“Your cock fits in me so perfectly”

“I love it when you squeeze my boobs”

“It’s really hurt when it goes deep in me, still I am desperate for it”

“Let me ride you over until you cum”

“Don’t stop, keep going, keep going”

“Pound my little pussy with your big cock daddy”

“I want you to be as loud as you can when you cum”

“Let me bite your neck, you naughty boy!”

“I want you to cum inside me”

Stage 3: Pro Level

Some of you may not comfortable with this. And it’s okay if you don’t want to use it. Plus, if you’re in a new relationship you should avoid it, this is more suitable for experiences married couples. Discuss with your partner first, if they love it why not?

Good girls have gone bad, right ladies?

“I want you to spank me and pulling my hair”

“Scream louder, I can’t hear you!”

“Fuck me harder, you naughty boy!”

“Be my slave, and fuck me hard!”

“Use me like your little fuck doll”

“Fuck me you naughty boy, don’t stop!”

“Don’t close your eyes, look at me. Give me every last drop of your delicious cum”

There are a lot more phrases that you can think of. If you want more ideas, maybe you need to check my other post, 100+ sexting ideas to talk dirty.

And if you have any interesting phrases that are not listed here you’re welcome to share it on the comment section below. Sharing is caring.


Don’t go overboard

Dirty talk could be sexy and arousing, but if you don’t handle it carefully, you may end up spoil the mood.

Last time I got an email asking about this problem. “She said already talk dirty to her partner A LOT. At first, her partner was very excited and wanted her more. But right now, he makes a distance and feels annoys. Why?”

The answer is very clear, she went overboard!

Instead of using dirty talk to enhances the sexual feeling and get connected, she tried to use it as a main course. You can’t use dirty talk all day, it’s not right. As I said before, you need to use it at the right time with the right place.

Slow down when necessary, even when you’re doing it. You can’t sustain a high level of mutual arousal all the time. So make sure to pull back a little when things really get going. Enjoy the moment is a way better than thinking the next phrases to talk dirty.

It’s not what you said, it’s how you say it

If you’re not sure what to say to your man, you can just google it. There is a lot of list of how to talk dirty to your man. But most of it just a bundle of the list. You need to learn how to use the list.

You can’t simply buy a weapon without even know how to use that weapon. Same goes to talking dirty list phrases. I didn’t say the list is not important, but how to use the list is far more important.

Specific words that you use didn’t make a much different. But, your intentions, your attitude, your voice, your body movement and the way you address your man is your real deal. If you manage to combine all of this together, you can become a dirty talk goddess.

Don’t bother trying to memorize all the phrases that you got from the list. Instead, concentrate on the attitude and style that will enhance the effectiveness of the talking dirty. Talking dirty to your man is your chance to make him obsessed with you.

Combine it with body language

This ties directly with the point above. Dirty talk will be more powerful if you combine it with the nonverbal signals. The main keywords for this technique are “your confidence”.

How you look like to your man when you talk dirty?

Women are naturally shy, which is no problem and I love that. But when you’re alone with your partner, it’s okay to be more daring. Feeling that you are sexy and powerful will help you to convey the right energy to your message.

Remember, self-confidence is attractive. Don’t let a few scars or stretch mark on your body make you loss of confidence. You’re more than that! So don’t afraid to express yourself sexually.


If you’re not confident, start your dirty talk via text

If you are not comfortable to start talking dirty to your partner, you can start off by sending text messages. Start with a simple naughty joke with your partner. Another term that they used for talking dirty by using text messages is ‘sexting’.

Sexting can be a great way to build up your talking dirty experiences in person. There’s no pressure because you’re not actually with that person, you just sent him a text. You also get a lot of time to think about what you are actually going to say.

So it’s important for you to learn about dirty talk using text. Honestly, simple text messages can excite your man, you just to know which words are the most effective to use. Here you can check my other article 100+ sexting ideas to blow your man mind.

Timing matters

Remember the one who used dirty talk a lot and said it’s not working anymore?

Because she went overboard and use it all the time. Let say you tell your partner that you want to be taken right now in the middle of breakfast? How should he respond to that? Maybe he just laughing because he thinks that you just make a joke.

But it’s doesn’t mean that you need to limit your dirty talk to your bedroom. It’s can be anywhere, you just need the “right time” to do that.

That why timing matters, it’s not hard to tackle your man with dirty talk. You just need to know to use it at the right time. As an example, try sending him a suggestive text a half hour before he leaves works. My partner loves to that, and I’m always excited when I got her text messages.

She will play around on what she wants to do with me, she will prepare a little surprised, sexy lingerie and a lot more. When first time she doing this for me, I am shocked, speechless and at the same time very excited! Suddenly she’s become very hot and sexy.

She is the reason why I do a lot of research on talking dirty, men psychology, how man brains function, man hero instinct and etc. Because for me, she gets the result on what she wanted.

At first, I’m very curious, how come she suddenly become so expert in this ‘things’. So after a lot of detective works, I found out that she actually learns that kind of tricks from the Language of Desire by Felicity Keith’s.

It was created in order to be able to understand the sexual psychology of men. And how to unlock the secret erotic language of the masculine mind. The author, Felicity Keith’s also found that once she was able to do this, she could give her man more intense, connected and erotic experiences.

Dirty Talk Jazzed Up Your Sex Life

I hope this article shed some light and spark some ideas for you to get started. It can be a little uncomfortable at first, but the best thing you can do is start with something easy, and just gets your lips to move on.

The journey of a thousand miles begin with one step. – Lao Tzu

Start small, practice, and ask your partner opinion if they have any particular words that he dislikes or loves to hear. Depending on what stage of your relationship, you will probably have a different level of comfort and ideas on how these things work.

So the best option is to start and slowly increase your level as time goes by. Always remember, the purpose of talking dirty is to stimulate and please each other.

Overall, getting into dirty talk with your partner or husband can be very sexually satisfying experiences. It’s can strengthen your relationship and bring you closer. No matter what your perspective about talking dirty, most of the men can’t resist it. It is one of the best ways to seduce your man.

Try sending one text message to check how your partner feels and see the difference it makes in your love life.

If you love reading this article on how to talk dirty to your man, then you’ll also love this powerful video presentation here, if you wish to learn the true power of talking dirty.

Why Men Love Dirty Talk? Based On Science

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Talk dirty to me. This is something that you’ve probably been asked to do in your relationship, correct? No matter how you personally feel about dirty talk, you can’t deny that men love that. Well, it’s pretty fair to say that men love sex.

But they do not only enjoy sex, but they also love all the element associated with sex. One of them is dirty talk.

Dirty talk is the practice of using an explicit word to heighten sexual excitement before or during physical sexual activity. It’s commonly a part of foreplay. You could use dirty talk by whispered into your partner ears, spoken over the phone or put it into text.

“Keep going harder! Don’t stop..”

“Yeah…You like that baby?!”

As forced as it sounds when you read it, we all love to hear that in our bedroom. It feels like we got good feedback from our partner to push harder. I wonder if this a kind of motivation phrases? 😛

There is a lot of article out there that can teach you how to talk dirty to your man. But have you ever wondered why men love dirty talk so much? Is it compulsory to talk dirty to your man? Or you could just ignore this topic and hoped he didn’t ask again.

Before you made that decision, first you need to know why is dirty talk is so arousing to him. And you need to understand the psychology behind it.

It’s start with the brain.

The brain is considered a more powerful sexual organ than our genitalia because it’s where the sex drive steams from. That’s why all the sexual relationship guide out there will talk about sexual fantasies. Their main objective is to excite your mind.

That is the same function as dirty talk. Whether you whispered directly to his ear, talk through and even text messages, all of it will excite your man brain.

According to one study published in the journal Hormone Research. There are two areas in the hypothalamus, the preoptic area (involved in a mating area) and the suprachiasmatic nucleus. Men preoptic area is over two times larger and contains two times more cells than women.

The hypothalamus is a small region of the brain. It’s located at the base of the brain near the pituitary gland. Event hypothalamus is very small, it’s plays a crucial role in many important functions including releasing hormones and managing of sexual behavior.

hypothalamusImage Credit: Lila Medical Media

Larger hypothalamus for men means more circulating testosterone to stimulate the desire of sex. Man brain is also responsible for determining both sex drive and sexual pleasure. This is why dirty talk can be so arousing to man.

Daryl Cioffi, specializing in couples, relationships, sex, neuropsychology, and owner of Polaris Counseling & Consulting in Pawtucket, R.I. also shares a good information Medical Daily.

He said that “People very much enjoy dirty talking because it activates all regions of your brain while your body is also getting stimulated. Similar areas of the brain are touched upon during dirty talk as when we curse. So, very often as your brain sees it, the dirtier the better.”

Your man brain plays the largest role in sexual pleasure. So if you want to please your man, start with his brain first. The main function of dirty talk is to turn him on and ignite the spark in his brain to dramatically enhance the experiences.

When you talk dirty to your man, it shows that you are 100% present and in the moment. It feels like you’re answering to his sexual desire. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re enjoying yourself.

That level of engagement between you two validates that he’s pleasing you. Men’s are hard-wired in their brains to please a woman sexually. All of this reason activate different chemicals in his brain and are hitting some of the big triggers for his sex drive.

Communicate your sexual fantasies

One of the important aspects of a healthy sexual relationship is to communicate about your fantasies to each other. Ask your partner if he has his own fantasies that he may want to do it with you.

If you’re both comfortable with them, it is great to actually play out these fantasies for an exciting sexual experience.

According to the researchers from a 2012 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that the more comfortable you talking about sex, the more satisfactory your sex lives will become.

The research also stated people who communicate during sex were more likely to experience sexual satisfaction. Especially when you engage in dialogue that feels good with your partner, it can heighten the sexual experience.

Dirty talk can be very powerful if you know how to use them correctly. You can make your man to sexually obsessed with you without even touching him.

Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets

dirty talk for himWhen women display her ladylike persona in public but then can express herself with sexy dirty talks in bed, the contradiction gives a man a big charge of excitement. He knows that he is the only one who gets to see this naughty side of you.

He feels like he’s the chosen one. Seeing you transform from a “good girl” into a dirty little vixen for his eyes only really give him a thrill. This heightens all of his sense and makes everything much more arousing for him.

Men love dirty talk because they could see your reaction. Dirty talk rule of thumb is to tell him what you want before sex and tell him what you like during sexual contact. Basically, you just show him how much you love what he’s doing.

You need to take control of the word and use it on their own term. Your unbridled expressions of bliss tell him that he’s rocking your socks.

Your confidence slays him

As a man, I could say that a woman who can confidently use dirty talk to get what she wants in bed is damn sexy. Mostly men are drawn to women who aren’t afraid to express themselves sexually. So he doesn’t need to play guessing game on how to turn women on, dirty talk cuts right through all the gray and speak to him clearly.

You can turn him on by just showing how confident you’re in yourself and your sexuality. It’s definitely can makes his endorphins go wild. Endorphins are hormones that are released to make you feel good, emotionally.

Dirty talk isn’t for perverts, it gives you permission to surrender to your deepest and wildest fantasies. It’s about vocalizing your sexual wants, enhance your sex life to be more dirty, erotic and most of all FUN.

Three simple ways to ease into naughty talk

Of course, it’s not easy to start talking dirty to your partner if you were never done this before. You might not feel comfortable, confuse and afraid. Or maybe you’ve thought “I’m too shy to talk dirty!” or “I’m too old for this thing”.

Well if you’re already read this article, it’s never mean that you’re too late to learn about dirty talk.

1# Start by texting

Build up your confidence first. Try to send him a simple sexy text message.

“I want to kiss you so badly right now.”

Or you can go with something like,

“What do you want me to do with you tonight?”

“Can I be a part of your favorite fantasy?”

These help you get to your point without being totally explicit. If this not enough you can check my other post, 100+ sexting examples to blow your man mind.

Sexting is the best way to start talking dirty to your partner.

2# Be naughty

When you’re having sex, describe aloud how much you enjoy what he’s doing.

Rule of thumb: Before sex, tell him what you want, during sex, tell him what you like.

Tell him how good it feels

Tell him you don’t want him to stop

Take a lead, give him direction on what to do next.

3# Take a deep breath and fly hard

Try getting into the character. Depending on what stage of your relationship, you will probably have a different level of comfort and ideas on how this thing works.

Start small, get into the role and just go with whatever sexy words may come out of your mouth.

My only advice is don’t go overboard or pretend to be someone else. Just be yourself and go with the flow.

This is just three simple steps, if you want to go deep with dirty talk, you can check my other guide, how to talk dirty to your man for a beginner. It’s a long guide but I can promise that it worth your time to go through with all the step.

Overall being able to talk dirty to your man will make him feel more attracted to you. Dirty talk can be so arousing to man, so it’s kind of a waste if you don’t practice this skill.

It may not be so comfortable at the beginning, but as you go through the process, you can work on becoming more comfortable, letting loose and enjoying the dirty talk yourself!

sexting ideas

100+ Sexting Examples To Blow Your Man Mind

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Have you been flirting with someone and want to blow his mind even he is not in the same room as you? Or it could be that you’re in a long-distance relationship, but you still want to keep your partner happy? Here we compile 100 plus sexting examples for your man.

Well, texting plays a big role in this modern romance. And there’s a lot of ways to enjoy the relationship even though you’re part away from each other. Through texting, you can heighten intimacy, being close to your partner, and multiply the sexual energy between both of you.

Talking dirty is not an easy task to do for someone who’s not used to it. But it is important to keep your relationship fun and exciting. It’s also important for you to learn and try something new to keep your relationship interesting.

If you’re new to this kind of topic, you may need to check my other post, why do men love dirty talk. Basically, it’s all start with his brain. Man brain is responsible to determine sex drive and sexual pleasure. The main objective of dirty talk is to excite your man mind.

Sexting examples for your husband

Honestly, a simple text message can excite them, make him want you and blow his mind. He will be crazy for you, trust me! But don’t overuse this idea, read this list carefully and use it to your partner in a smart way. And don’t forget to bookmark this page for your future references.

  1. If I were with you right now, where would you want me to touch you?
  2. Guess what I’m thinking? It involves my tongue and … without pants.
  3. I’m just lying in bed bored. Do you have any idea better than sleeping?
  4. I’ve had so many dirty thoughts about you today. Wanna hear some of them?
  5. I really miss you between my leg.
  6. I love how naughty you are. Do you have any more surprise for me?
  7. I’ve had a long day today. And all I could think about today was your sexy body and what I want to do with it.
  8. I’m just lying in bed without my bra.
  9. People playing football on the field, then what should we play on the bed?
  10. What do you want me to do with you tonight?
  11. Have you ever fantasize about me sexually? Be honest and tell me…
  12. What’s your best sexual fantasy about me? Mind to share?
  13. How was your day? By the way, just wanted to tell I am alone tonight.
  14. I didn’t know someone could turn me on so much as you do.
  15. What’s one thing that you want me to do to you? Anything…
  16. I want to kiss you so badly right now.
  17. Guess the bra color that I am wearing tonight?
  18. I will be your prisoner tonight.
  19. Let me be your slave tonight.
  20. Can I be a part of your favorite fantasy?
  21. I know what you want and I think I am ready.
  22. I really like your tie, let us use it tonight.
  23. My clothes are coming off the moment I am thinking about you.
  24. I want you to go deep inside me as hard as you can.
  25. Show me how bad you can be. I want to see how naughty you get.

Learn how to seduce your boyfriend over text.

It could be to your boyfriends or your husband. You can send him some sexy text message that will turn him on. It doesn’t need to be XXX to excite him, sometimes being less explicit can actually tease him more. You just need to play with his secret fantasies.

Sexting ideas for him

  1. I would love to put my tongue all over your sexy body right now.
  2. What you do if I was in your room right now?
  3. Don’t work too hard. I want you to have plenty of energy for me tonight.
  4. If you can guess my underwear color, you can take them off.
  5. Tonight, let me do all the work. We’re going to take it slow and you’re going to scream.
  6. I want you to lie back and let me take care of you tonight.
  7. I am going to make you come so hard.
  8. I want you to tease me until I can’t take it any longer.
  9. You may look at it, but you cannot touch it, YET.
  10. How do you feel about whip cream? or Chocolate syrup?
  11. The thought of you gets me so horny…
  12. I’ve been lying on my bed naked, thinking about how you feel and what you gonna do.
  13. Nothing gets me wet, but the moment you touch me, I get wet inside…
  14. You’re not very good at pretending you don’t want me.
  15. Where do you want to touch me the most?
  16. I’m watching a sexy video of a guy who looks just like you.
  17. I’ve been a bad girl today, and I need someone to punish me tonight.
  18. It’s so hot to imagine that you’re tying me up.
  19. I keep getting this dream of you trying to undress me, are you really want to do that?
  20. I want to lick your ice cream so badly.
  21. My roommates are gone this weekend. We can be as loud as we want tonight, and I want to be loud.
  22. I’m touching myself right now, wish you were here to please me.
  23. Today is your birthday, want me to serve you tonight?
  24. If you want to serve me on my birthday, I really wish every day is my birthday.
  25. Do you know how to turn me on?
  26. It doesn’t matter where I am. I’m yours tonight.
  27. I’m lying on my bed, waiting for you with my legs open.
  28. I thought of something I want to do to you tonight.
  29. I can’t control myself when I am thinking about you.
  30. Did you want to choose what should I wear tonight?

Bonus Content: Change from sexting to phone sex

If you’re already done a lot of sexting, you can try this method.

Get yourself turned on and aroused and ready to go for more.

The perfect time to do this is when you know he will answer the phone, and he’s alone.

When he picks up the phone, you can straight away get to business using this detailed in sexting examples.

Tell him that you need to hear his voice. And let him know that you’re so turned on and already touching yourself. Invite him to your sexual fantasies, describe how you wish he was there what you want him to do to you.

Ask him to wear a blindfold. Then you need to detail with the situation, tell him that you will tie him up, use different items on his skin. As an example, an ice cube, a feather, or massage oil.

Create a story based on your sexual fantasies.

Ask him to follow whatever you say.

Taking control and telling him what he is going to do is very erotic. Make sure he response everything you ask.

You can ask him something like this:

1- Tell him to undress

2- Ask him to undress you

3- Inform him how you want he seduce you

4- Direct him to kiss, suck and nibble various body part

Instruct him the position or speed that you want.

Give him the feedback if you want him to go harder, or don’t stop!

Tell him that he’s been a bad boy and this is the time to punish him.

Give him permission to orgasm.

This is so much of excitement. Especially for a long distance relationship, this is one of the ways to enjoy your relationship.

If you really enjoyed this, you must try the Language of Desire by Felicity Keith. It’s an awesome program that focuses on ways to overcome your shyness, lack of confidence that you may enhance your sexual life.

More dirty texts idea to turn your man on

Sexting has also been viewed as a prequel to foreplay. It’s like foreplay before foreplay to turn your partner on. Do not go overboard with sexting because it may look weird and lost his magic. All you need is just a hint of sexual explicitness.

You just need a basic idea on how to sexting, then you can play around with this list and generate your own sexting style.

  1. What are your favorite fantasies of us in bed?
  2. Here’s a riddle for you. What is cute and nice and sometimes hard all over?
  3. I just got out of the shower. You should come over and help me get dirty again.
  4. Did you want to lick my mountain?
  5. What else will you do to me? Please tell me more.
  6. I miss feeling you inside me.
  7. Why I can’t take your wet kisses out of my mind?
  8. I can’t stop thinking about my lips touching all over your skin.
  9. Nobody home tonight, I don’t mind scream as loud as you want.
  10. Try wearing nothing below your waist tonight, my finger is getting anxious to feel you there.
  11. I have a dream with you last night, but it’s stopped halfway leaving me horny and unsatisfied.
  12. I love to see your beautiful face while you feel the climax.
  13. You make me so slippery between my legs.
  14. Are you alone tonight? Because I am ready to play.
  15. Can you be my slave tonight?
  16. Sometimes I can’t help to touch myself when I think about you.
  17. Sucking on a blow pop right now and wishing it was you…
  18. I am going to sleep right now, and I will need help taking my bikini off.
  19. If you got any problem please let me know. I am here for you, and I can give you a hand…and my mouth…
  20. Tonight I’m wearing easy-to-remove clothing.
  21. What’s the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had about me? I love to hear it right now.
  22. Can you make me scream tonight?
  23. I want to bury your face in between my legs.
  24. I can’t stop thinking about tasting you in my mouth.
  25. I’m thinking about you… completely naked.

Use things that you like to fantasize about.

Sexting can bring a lot of sexual tension between a couple. It creates an atmosphere of sexual desire but there still exist physical boundaries. It looks like you can feel it but you can’t touch it, YET. This is very tempting and men’s love this!

  1. I’m not wearing any bra, can I wear your hand tonight?
  2. I want you to sit back and relax while I lick that cute nice thing.
  3. I love how soft your balls are.
  4. It is so long and big, plus it really hurts when it goes deep in me, still, I am desperate for it.
  5. Every time you make a visit in my dreams, I wake up wet in the morning.
  6. I am waiting for the day to be with you in the shower.
  7. I’ve been listening to some really naughty music and it immediately reminded me of you. Want to act out the lyrics with me tonight?
  8. Tell me what you think about when you masturbate, or should we do it together?
  9. You had no idea how much I want you inside me right now.
  10. I want you to tease me until I can’t take it any longer.
  11. Good morning. I dream of you being naughty with me. But when I woke up, I still feel horny and unsatisfied. What should I do?
  12. I love thinking about you spanking me and pulling my hair.
  13. You want me to ride you tonight?
  14. Did you love to hear me moan? Because that is what I’m gonna do right now.
  15. I love the way you slowly whisper into my ears when you bang me.
  16. It’s an amazing feeling I get when you bite my neck, squeeze my boobs, grab my waist, penetrate me deeply and treat me like a bitch.
  17. I want you to hold me tight in your arms and do whatever you want.
  18. Do you have any idea on how to please me without using your both hand?
  19. Stop thinking about me naked! Because I am right now.
  20. Just wanted to let you know that I find you very attractive and sexy…. and I just want to put my mouth on your mouth
  21. What is the one sexual fantasy you always wanted to try? I am ready to hear you out.
  22. How do you feel when I kiss your lips and neck with my hand inside your pants?
  23. I know what’s going in your dirty mind, guess what? I am ready to be part of it.
  24. I can’t believe how good it feels when you are inside me hmm…

Before you sexting, make sure your partner comfortable with this first. Ask his opinion first even though I am 99% sure that he will love it. When you’re sexting, use the words you and your partner typically use. Put any inside jokes or personal memories that both of you shared, to make it more interesting and fun.

If you don’t know where to start, simply start talking about your favorite sexual memories. Or you can refer to this guide, how to talk dirty to your man.

Sexting is the same as talking dirty. You need to try and practice. Read this list for a few times to get a basic idea and be creative!

And don’t forget to download our free guide on How to win a man’s heart. In this guidebook, we cover a specific topic that most women overlook. You might need to check that as well.

12 Ways How To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Reading Time: 7 minutes

The longer you in a relationship, the more likely your sex life is going to suffer. There’s a lot of reason why your sex life is going down. You’ll have the baby, your life getting busy, you’re getting tired and etc. Sooner or later, it will affect your relationship. So in this article, we will talk about how to spice things up in the bedroom.

When it comes to sex, even the most deeply committed couples will likely go through this situation, where intimacy happens rarely or not at all. Lack of physical closeness can put a significant strain on your relationship.

Worst case, it could lead to breaking up and divorce. We know that build up a family is never going to be easy, sometime you’ll feel stressed and exhausted. That is why both of you need to put an extra effort to manage the situation.

No matter what the situation or circumstances, you need to come up with a few simple ways to spice up your sex life. Here are some of the ideas that have worked for other couples who are facing the same problem. Feel free to adjust the idea that can fit with your own sensibilities and lifestyle.

1- Dressing up for him

Maybe some of you think that this is outdated and just won’t do the trick. Well, it’s true that this is just a simple trick, but it’s still WORK. Be creative! Don’t afraid to try something new, ask your partner, discuss with him about his preferences. Get a new idea.

It could be that you wear sexy lingerie, a superhero costume, anime cosplay, sexy nurse cosplay and more. If you don’t want to wear any costume or any type of slutty clothes, you can wear something provocative.

Make it something that will make him look twice. Maybe a type of dress or skirt that can remind him of why he likes you so much. As an example, wear a skirt that’s a little shorter than usual. A top that shows your curve, or anything that can highlight your good points.

2- Build Anticipation

Take a few steps back and check, which area you’re lacking. Sometimes sex life can be dull and boring because there’s no accretion, no anticipation, no excitement before you have sex with your partner. It looks like it’s one of your essential routine for your married life.

You’re not waiting for it, and there’s nothing special about sex. So, why not you try something he’s not expecting coming from you. If you’re working, text your partner and let him know how much you missing him, use a language of desire techniques, tell him how horny you are and how much you want him now.

Tell him in detail, what you’re planning to do with him when you return home. You’ll not believe how excited your partner when he received a text like that. He will be coming home sharp waiting for you!

3- Talk dirty and sexting

No matter how you personally feel about talking dirty, you need to accept that most of the men love dirty talk and sexting is a huge turn-on for men, any men.

Basically, men are not attracted to women who are afraid to express themselves sexually. So, you should confidently use dirty talk to get what you want in bed, and men love that. Dirty talk also can be used in a text message.

Let me give you examples that you can try it straight away. Take your phone and send a text message to your partner like this “I can’t stop thinking about the time on the beach (something similar to this). You didn’t know how bad I want you inside me right now” with an emoticon. And see his response.

4- Explore his fantasies (and yours!)

Everyone has their own sexual fantasies. The only problem is, they didn’t share their fantasies with their own partner. Maybe because they’re afraid or feel ashamed of their partner.

According to the sex researcher, Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., a sociology professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, the most common men’s sexual fantasies are about their partner doing things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.

So there might be a certain fantasy that can make your partner turn on, as well as you. But you didn’t have a chance to experience it in real life. So explore it.

5- Tie his hand

Tying your partner hand to the bed, then tease him. It’s a no hand rule. Your partner can’t touch you for the entire session. You can take this chance to explore his body, use your hand, your lips, skin, and breath to turn him on.

Change the role anytime you want. He would love to explore your body also. Both of you will have a great time.

6- Blind oral

blindfoldTo increase the excitement, combine this technique with point no. 5 above. While tying your partner hand to the bed, add blindfold before performing oral sex. Inhibiting your partner sight will make all their other sense in hyper-alert mode.

Plus, not knowing what you will do next will heighten the anticipation. This could be one of your partner sexual fantasies. So if you are never done things like this before you need to try. It’s fun, and both of you will enjoy it.

7- Keep your clothes on

If you always making sex naked, maybe you need to try something new. You can just remove a key piece of clothing, or unzip his fly instead of removing his pants, or push your underwear to the side instead of removing.

As long as you’re comfortable with, just try it. It may seem silly, but that kind of need-you-now urgency can make your session seriously hot. You also can combine this trick with point no. 1, dress up and keep the clothes on.

Add a role-play to act out your wildest fantasy, you could become a teacher, cowgirl or anything you love to be. There is no limit. As long as you and your partner enjoy it, this can provide hours of entertainment.

8- Learn a new sex position

This is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to keep your sex life interesting. Normally people tend to stick to a few positions only when they’re making love. Because they know this is what makes their partner happy and they also enjoy it.

But, even though you already have a few amazing tricks, it never hurts to switch things up and try something new. Trying a new position is a great way to get a new experience that you might like. Plus, if your man was not eager to try out a new sex position, then you will be the one who takes action.

There’s no need to tell your man which position first that you would like to try. Instead, just take the position and help to guide your man. If you never take a lead in your bed before, maybe this is a good time to try out something new. Your man definitely gonna enjoy this!

Here a list of sex position that you should try. Thanks to Women’s Health for the list.

9- Put sex on the calendar

Planning for sex can bring your sex experiences to a different level, and it’s fun! You and your partner will have a feeling of waiting for the perfect moment to strike. So a lot of things can be prepared, such as go to the salon, buy a new sexy dress and etc.

Don’t just choose a date and time, instead, make more specific plans. As an example, choose a place, a room, even a sexual fantasy or role play that you might want to try. By setting the stage as best as you can beforehand, you definitely can achieve a better result.

10- Say goodbye to the bedroom

Explore new areas at your own home. Instead of waiting on the bed, you can shake things up by having sex in a different place. Start with your home, it could be in the living room, bathroom, kitchen area, store, garage or anywhere you think possible.

Or maybe there’s a nice clearing in your backyard, plus a small garden and fish pond. And you’ve always wanted to straddle your partner in the long chair in front of your fish pond. Make a plan (point no. 9), ask him to meet you outside and enjoy your fantasies.

11- Avoid sex routine

Avoid the same old bored sex routine. You need to do something new if you want to spice up your sex life. All the point explains above can be used for you to generate a new idea. Bored routine not only mess up your sex life, but it’s can affect your relationship.

So if you want to keep your sex life and relationship fun, and satisfying, you can follow the tips we share above. But I do recommend you to start with something simple, something that you can reach and apply as soon as you can, as an example, foreplay or talking dirty to him.

12- Jump in the shower

This simple step is just for the add-on to the list. I believe many of you already done this. But if you already in a relationship for more than 2 years and you’ve stopped doing this. I think you need to reconsider this option.

This simple practice can give you a good result. Next time your man goes for the shower, follow him in a minute later. You can make him happy by:

  • Scrub his body and wash his back.
  • You can give him BJ (He will ask you to shower together next time).
  • Anything possible, including S.E.X

As a conclusion, there’s a lot of things that you can try to spice up your sex life, the only things that you need to remember are, ask for your partner consent before you try anything new. Good luck!