Common Long Distance Relationship Problems That You Need To Avoid

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Long-distance relationships can be quite challenging, but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. If both of you are willing to put in extra effort and hard work, a long-distance relationship can totally work. So in this article, we’re gonna talk about what are common long-distance relationship problems that you need to avoid?

Most of us will experience a long-distance relationship at a certain stage in our lives. It either we have a long-distance relationship from the start or our partner needs to travel because of pursuing higher studies or career growth.

From my own experiences, I could say that a long-distance relationship is indeed tricky and have their own unique set of complications. If you are not prepared, even a small mistake can ruin your relationship.


Common Problems With Long Distance Relationships

The main problem for long-distance relationships is the distance itself. The distance itself can make a small problem becoming a bigger problem. Why? Because the way you communicate with each other is not gonna be the same as normal couples.

Most of the time, you will communicate through text messages or phone calls. So there could be a lot of misunderstandings that can happen along the way. Text communication can be easily misrepresented because you can’t rely on body language or facial expression to explain certain issues.

It is true that the internet and video calls do help a lot making a long-distance relationship easier to manage. But it still lacking in terms of direct human-to-human connection such as hugging, touching, or kissing.

A relationship that missing all those connections will definitely become more fragile than normal relationships. That is why it is important for you to be more prepared for the problems that might arise when you are living apart.

1# Trust issues

Every relationship starts with love, but love alone cannot survive without trust. According to the experts, you need to put effort to build trust in your partner, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. No healthy relationship can exist without trust.

Trust will hold your relationship together and make you both grow stronger. Trust will allow you to feel safe enough even though you are far apart from each other.

Be transparent and address any issues that arise together with your partner. If you had any doubt about their activity, their friends, or anything that caught your attention, talk to your partner. It is important for you to tell your partner these worries so that both of you can work on them together.

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Never ever let your past experience haunt your new relationship. No matter what happens in your last relationship, you should be aware that you actually dating a different person. Do not treat or assume that he will be like your previous partner.

This is clearly unfair and you should stop hurting each other this way. Give your new partner and yourself a chance to prove that not everyone is gonna be the same. Who knows, maybe he is the one for you. Be open and enjoy your new relationship.

2# Too much talking

This problem is pretty common for couples who have just begin their long-distance relationship. As a new couple, you might be spending hours and hours every single day talking to your partner. It is either through text messages, phone calls, or video calls.

It is true that communication is essential for a long-distance relationship. But having too much conversation with your partner will only hurt your relationship in the long run. If you are doing so, you should stop doing this before it becomes your habit.

As the relationship matures, this habit will be one of the annoying long-distance relationship problems. If you aim for a lasting relationship, it would be best if you can keep things balanced.

Yes, you can communicate with them every day to establish a consistent time to talk or to catch up with your partner. It doesn’t need hours and hours of chattering, just a short and meaningful conversation should be enough.

And if you want to make things more special, try to plan out your next video call. Instead of having the normal video call, maybe both of you can wear a nice dress to impress each other. Or you can cook together while on call.

3# Jealousy

As human beings, all of us can sometimes feel jealous. A bit of jealousy may even give your partner a new appreciation. But uncontrollable jealousy can be lead to a destructive combination of distrust, possession, fear, rage, and shame.

In a relationship, inconsistencies and misunderstandings also can lead to jealousy. They occur even more often as you go through with your everyday life. It could be because of the cute secretary that your boyfriend works with or the nerdy classmate of your girlfriend.

Jealousy is an instinct that may arise in any relationship due to a lack of trust and a feeling of insecurity. If you keep feeding your jealousy then there is a very high chance that it will consume your thinking and make you do irrational things.

To avoid this problem to go out of control, you should avoid feeding your jealousy. Get back to point number 1, if your partner has never given you any reason to think that they are unfaithful, then trust them.

4# Avoid pointless argument

Please avoid unnecessary arguments as best as you can. Because if you don’t, this problem might kill your relationship. The rule of thumb to avoid unnecessary arguments is never ever argue and get into a complicated conversation with text messages.

As we have discussed before, things can be easily miscommunicated when texting. So, there is a huge chance that your problem will lead to another problem. Then both of you will start having a pointless argument.

If you are not solving the real issues, this pointless fight will keep on happening. Every day is something new, a small little problem getting bigger. As an example, there will be an issue where you think that your partner is not paying enough attention. Or their tone was off in a text message. Or they did not call you back within 15 minutes and more.

When you start fighting every single day, you will start feeling tired. And when it is tiring, you will start to question whether the relationship is worth it or not. Once you start thinking that way, it is almost the sign of a bad relationship.

5# A sense of appreciation

Appreciate your partner, the big, the small, the silly, and the imperfect of them. This practice teaches you to be grateful for everything you have, it creates space to feel enough for the little things that happen in your life.

One of the major emotional needs for every human is the want of appreciation for all their effort, no matter how big or small it is. And this ‘appreciation’ becomes more crucial for long-distance relationship couples.

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I still remember one of the stories that I read online about this one long-distance couple. There is one girl who shared her story. She said that one day her boyfriend come to surprise her. She was so happy but then she said something like this to her boyfriend.

“I thought you’re at least bought me a bouquet of flowers.”

Her boyfriend’s face suddenly changes, he was kind of shock and feels sad. Then he said something like this.

“I think you are the one who should buy me a flower.”

That girl did not really get it and ask him why she should buy him a flower.

Then her boyfriend said, “I across thousands of miles to be here just to see you. Did I not deserve some flower?”

From the story, that girl learns that her boyfriend does not really ask for something in return. He just wants her to appreciate his effort. That’s all.

Couples who are physically living away from each other need tons of appreciation from each other. Ongoing appreciation is essential for you to satisfy the emotional needs that you both have. Appreciating someone makes them feel goods and indirectly strengthening your relationship.

If you are interested to learn more about appreciation in your man, I suggest you check out our article: Man’s Hero Instinct. In that article, we talk about men’s deepest desire for meaning and purpose. You will also learn why men crave appreciation from his girl.

How to survive the distance?

Being in a long-distance relationship is not easy because not many people can cope with the challenge, the stress, or the distance. That is why things like trust, communication, appreciation, compromise, and understanding are very crucial in a long-distance relationship.

Trust me, if you can give your best to understand how this kind of relationship works, this long-distance relationship can be one of the best relationships you have ever had. Remember,  when two people truly love each other, distance is just a small issue. This is because you know that what you have is far greater than the distance between you.

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Relationship life can be a lot better when couples have a strong understanding of each other. If you are in a true love relationship, you should understand this. That is all from me, I wish you all the best in your long-distance relationship.

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