Things You Should Know Before You Start Dating A Capricorn Man

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Capricorn is an earth zodiac, with the sign of the goat. If you thinking of dating a Capricorn man, invest your time to learn about their personality traits, what they want in a relationship, and how to get their attention. The good news is, all these topics will be covered in this article.

Capricorn man is ambitious, calm, determined, and down to earth. He likes to work hard and also has a great sense of responsibility. He is the type of person who’ll take the blame whenever things go wrong, even if it’s not his fault.

You can easily recognize the Capricorn man when you see him. If he is in a crowded room, he loves to stand at the back while listening to a conversation. He is the type of person who doesn’t speak too much and doesn’t want to be in the center of attention.

Success is his end-game, he wants to be successful in everything and loves to enjoy the rewards. He is competitive and always wants to win. Once he set his objective, he will work hard to achieve his target.

Some people even say that a Capricorn man is a gift from God. With their smarts and charming personalities, a Capricorn man can be your knight in shining armor. He doesn’t like to be in a relationship for fun, once he decides to be in a relationship with you, he will try his best to make you happy.

So if a Capricorn guy already caught your eyes, maybe it’s time for you to make the first move.

Capricorn Man Personality Traits

Knowledge is power. Thus, getting all the information you need before you meet him will give you a lot of advantages.

Capricorn man is generally among the harder signs to understand. He is self-motivated, self-discipline, and often reserving his fun and wild side to those who are very close to him. So he might make his partner a little confused at the early stage of a relationship.

He is also very cautious by nature and doesn’t like to rush into anything. But don’t worry, he’s still romantic and emotional like anyone else. You just need to be patient if you want him as your partner.

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Capricorn man’s greatest strength is his ability to set goals and pursue them until he succeeds. He will plan his every move and he doesn’t like taking shortcuts or cheating, because it will devalue his satisfaction.

He loves to challenges his own self and works hard to succeeds. That’s why respect, recognition, and praise are important to them, as their own public image.

Are Capricorn’s Loyal In Love?

If you’re seeking a quality long-term relationship, then a Capricorn man is a wise choice. They have a great asset that benefits your relationship such as reliable, determined and faithful.

When Capricorn decides to commit to the relationship, they will put their time and effort into it. They didn’t like to be in a relationship for fun. It is because of their nature. If they decide to do something, nothing can stop them.

Capricorn man is loyal, but not to someone who seems to be wasting their time. When they give their best to the relationship, they will expect their partner to do the same in return.

Dating a capricorn man

What Does A Capricorn Man want In A Relationship?

Unlike many other signs, Capricorn is actually quite hard to get. They don’t like to rush things and very cautious by nature. They tend to choose a slow and steady approach rather than entering a relationship right away.

Capricorn’s are simply shy and reserved. They do not speak too much and do not reveal their feelings to just anyone. Usually, they will mask their feelings because of the fear of exposing too much of themselves.

They will look through the situation first before they start involved in it. Capricorn man is not the type of person who solely trusts their potential partner. They want to have some control over what is going on in their life and won’t begin a relationship until they trust that person.

However, once they start to enter into a relationship, they will give their 100% trust to their partner and they’re completely loyal. Capricorn men value security and relationship, and when they decide to make a commitment, they tend to stick with it.

Here are the few tips that will give you an idea of what Capricorn men really want in a relationship:

1# Respect and Consideration

A Capricorn man needs someone who can respect his goals and gives him plenty of support to do it. This is due to the fact that they are so career and business-minded. So they need someone who can help them achieve their goals.

In order to fit in with his busy work lifestyle, you need to show him that you understand his hard work. Don’t accuse him of cheating if he always left you alone and working until late at night. Because a Capricorn man takes pride in his ability to earn money and financial support for his family.

He needs someone who’s can understand his craving for success and be around him when he can relax and enjoy his rest mode.

2# Loyalty

As I mentioned above, a Capricorn man is one of the most loyal partners. In return, he also needs his partner to be 100% loyal to him. If you can show him that you’ll be there for him in the long run, he will do everything to provide you a space that is comfortable, safe, and protected.

Because they see life and a relationship as a serious business. So they treat it like one. They know a relationship means lots of work, effort, and compromise. That is why they want someone who’s loyal, so they can spend their quality time with someone who worth their effort.

3# Sexually Open-Minded

Get ready to be pleased by this lover if you like an extra adventure in your bedroom. You can start by sharing your own fantasies with him. He’ll love to watch you squirm with pleasure and be the one who caused it.

A Capricorn man is someone who always wants to please his partner. He will do everything he can and sometimes go beyond just want to make sure that you’re satisfied in the bedroom. Bear in mind that he may have a freaky side that loves to do things “differently”. Who knows, maybe you’ll have your own version of “Fifty Shades of Grey“.

As long as you are open to trying new things in bed, you’ll be surprised at how creative he can be.

How To Attract A Capricorn Man

A Capricorn man can be the most difficult one to convince to be in a relationship. He will not easily open his heart, so you need to have patience if you want to be his partner. Don’t be too direct with him, cause he won’t be responsive.

Instead, learn how to behave around him. It may be quite difficult to flirt with him, so choose your words and your appearance wisely. This type of guy likes someone who’s natural and honest. Here are a few tips that can give you a better idea:

1# Be Patient

If you really like him, you can make your first step by inviting him out. No need to wait for him to do it because he might take too much time to start.

But be careful with your approach. Don’t be too pushy because a Capricorn man doesn’t like to be rushed. Give him some time to get ready with the idea of a new relationship. This way, he will be more relaxed when you’re going out with him.

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Other than that, a Capricorn man is known as someone who likes to become friends with a woman before he decided to date her. This where your patience will probably be tried. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself about this.

Just be yourself and show him that you support his endeavors. As you spend more and more time with him, sooner or later, he will come to his own conclusion and open his heart for you.

2# Pay attention to what you wear

Wear something that “too much” sexy is probably not the best way to attract a Capricorn man. They are pretty reserved and don’t like too much attention. As an example, you wear something sexy and make every man in the room watching you, he’ll definitely feel uncomfortable.

Instead, go for a classy look with a touch of femininity. If you want to wear a skirt, make sure it hit just above or below the knees. Or you can wear classic straight trousers with a gorgeous blouse. Check out this amazing example.

Most of the Capricorn men favor greens, greys, and blacks. And if you want to look a little bit of glamour, maybe you can try indigo or violet.

3# Trust him

Most of the time, a Capricorn man will probably not be the cheating type. Because he is known as someone who takes his love life very seriously. Once he has fallen in love with you, he will work hard to keep the relationship going.

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Do not accuse him if he spends some late nights at the office by working overtime. It’s not because of him losing interest in your relationship. They are just known as the workaholic of the zodiac signs.

It will be much better to show that you trust him and support his career. He’ll appreciate that.

4# Respect his private life

When you go out with him, you can ask questions about him, but don’t be too intrusive. He might not really like it. He needs time before letting someone else go into his private life.

A Capricorn man doesn’t like having their private lives become public knowledge. This also includes gossiping about him with your BFF. If word got back to him that you’re sharing or exposing any secret about him to someone else, he might feel betrayed and lose trust in you. So please be careful.

5# Be honest with your feeling

Capricorn men are attracted to women who are honest and natural. Do not play mind games with them. If you are into a Capricorn man, make it clear and then give him some time. He will decide whether he wants to be in a relationship or not.

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No need to try to make him jealous by going out with another guy in front of him. You will just ruin your chances to be with him. Also, don’t play “hard to get” with him. As you read above, a Capricorn is a man with a plan. If he thinks that you’re wasting his time, he will move forward without a glance back.

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