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his secret obsession program

Welcome to my His Secret Obsession Review. This review is based on my personal opinion and I hope it’s can help you to decide whether this program is worth to buy or not. You can use all the information here to get a clear idea of what to expect from this program.

What You Should Know About His Secret Obsession

His secret obsession is a 217-page relationship guide by James Bauer. It’s a comprehensive guide book that teaches you how to understand your partner needs, get his attention and connect you to each other to experiences exciting romances.

Honestly, a relationship can be very tricky. It requires more than your time and effort, and sometimes it needs seduction.

This book share with you the special art of seduction, and some of the vocabulary tricks that you can use to make your man obsessed with you. It’s a good guide if you want to improve your relationship, especially if you’re facing these kinds of problem:

  • You feel like you’re just a placeholder
  • You think a lot about him, but he only thinks of himself
  • He says he loves you, but isn’t in love with you
  • Why won’t he commit to you?
  • Why does he so quiet? What is he really thinking?
  • Why does he start ignoring you?
  • Does he really love you? Or he just wants to be alone?
  • It’s already over, but you want him back.

his secret obsession member area

After you purchase the product, login to your member area to download your ebook. You can either access all the materials online on the membership page, or you can download the PDF manual right to your phone or personal computer. They also provide the audio-book in MP3 format if you prefer to listen other than reading.

This book can help you understand the specific trick and phrase that can catch his attention. Of course, it does not teach you about a magical spell or whatsoever. But it focuses more on the concept, a relationship concept that acts as a bridge that can connect you to your partner.

Other than that, this guide shares a lot about male psychology and explain why some of the phrases they used in the guide book can trigger most of men emotion. Basically, they use a phrase that focuses on the importance of emotional experiences to awaken your man’s hero instinct.

By understanding what exactly men are craving, you can easily give them a type of “needs” that they wanted. The process might look simple, but it has a hidden power to control human psychology.

Man’s Natural Competitive Drive

We have been told that men are a simple creature. As long as they have food, sex, and place to sleep, they will be happy. But after you’ve been in a relationship with ‘that’ simple creature, you realized that it takes more than that.

The truth is, men are actually quite complicated in their own way.

Ask yourself, did you find it’s more difficult than you think it should to tackle your man heart and interest? Well, it’s definitely true, without proper knowledge on how to go inside your man mind, your percentage of success is almost zero.

Actually, there’s something that can drives men wild and invites them into a deeper level of connection, it is known as Man Hero Instinct. It’s the biggest secret for you to become a man’s deepest passion and priority in life. His heart will be yours, and he’ll do anything just to make you happy.

Men adore those who admire his courage and see him as a Superman, a dependable man in all things. So if you learn how to tackle your man hero instinct, he’ll go to the ends of the Earth just to be with you.

Introduction To Man’s Hero Instinct

We all know women nowadays very independent, and maybe doesn’t need a hero in their lives, but that doesn’t stop the biological urge that men have to be their hero. It’s something that men’s need in order to feel women’s love.

Hero instinct is a Biological Drive, just like thirst, hunger, and sex. It’s a man desire to be important, and to show how strong, effective he is among his peers. These hero instincts inspire men to become better and push forward to maintain the status that was created by themselves.

So why did the author has introduced the Man Hero Instinct concept?

James Bauer has worked as a relationship coach and counselor, discussing issues with thousands of women for over 12 years. Not only does he have professional experience, but it’s his expertise in relationships that make him so credible.

He has documented so many causes and effect in a relationship within romantic partnerships, helping him come up with this comprehensive, highly interesting guide.

He believes that no matter how in love that man is, if the women he’s with doesn’t bring out his Hero Instinct, he’ll feel like something is missing. It’s based on his experience over a decade listening to hundreds of couples.

As a relationship coach, he has observed the core issues within the most partnership and designs a program to solve their problem. The concept of Hero instinct is not a new concept, but it’s a pretty great one.

James Bauer: “Based on my personal experienced when I coached men, I already heard over and over again that they (men’s) wanted to feel like they were important and special to their women. In other words, they wanted to feel like their hero.”

It’s has been theorized that women who know about their men’s hero instinct can keep peace and respect in their relationship.

What Else Included In This Guide?

James Bauer has put a remarkable collection of tips and create a guide that really can make a difference in your relationship. He comes with something more realistic, the way he encourages you to take a step-by-step action will help you make a real change.

his secret obsession review

This is their table of content.

As you read through each module – 17 module in total, you will understand men’s psychology and how men usually thinking. I love the way James describe his concept, he didn’t blindly give you a simple phrase that you can directly use to your partner.

But he teaches you the concept, the theory that you need to understand in order to use it in a way that you needs. Not the same phrase that will be used over and over again. So if you know how to relate this concept with your own situation, you’ll find a way to improve your current relationship situation.

This guide is easy to understand and implement. There’s a lot of real-life examples for you to relate and compare it with your current relationship situation.

It’s also related to our modern society nowadays, which is we often to communicate using text (smartphone, social media), so it’s important for you to understand how phrase works.

Because when you texting with your partner, did you say the right things? Are you creating a feeling of desire? Did your phrase awaken his hero instinct? All of these questions will be answered in this program.

Regardless of all your romantic goals, this program can be an eye-opening for you to achieve a long-lasting result in your relationship.

Endless Honeymoon eBook (Included)

This extra eBook is quite long and a bit boring. But it still provides you with extra information. One thing that catches my attention is “how to encourage him to surprise you” technique. Even though there is no hype in this technique, it still very straight forward and fun.

Here is the list of chapters that have been covered in this eBook (I just list some of it, not all the topics):

  • How to make your wish lists
  • How to get him addicted to making you happy
  • The secrets of the endless honeymoon
  • Merging Honeymoon mentality with reality
  • Making it work in the current phase of your relationship

7 Day Workbook (Included)

This workbook is designed to get you to start moving. It helps you to start taking action after you finish reading his secret obsession book. Because most of us, love to drag things out.


When you read the guide book, you will start to think “this is a good idea, maybe I should try it tomorrow“, but when tomorrow comes, you will say “I quite busy today, maybe I should try it the day after tomorrow”. And it keeps happens again and again.

Before you know it, it’s already a months after you buy this program. So to prevent that from happening, I strongly suggest you print out this workbook. And try to finish all the task in the workbook.

Bonus Contents

James also provides other free bonuses for those who are interested to purchase this program. When you log in to your member area, you will see these ebooks:


You also can access to super-short guide by Amy waterman on how to uncover your man deepest desire with easy “Relationship Detective” methods. This guide shows you how to get inside his head and discover what he wants most from a relationship.

If you know what your guy thinks of how a relationship is supposed to look like, you will always one step ahead of him.


Another thing that catches my attention is the Hero Instinct case study. It is a “must-read” section. James shares his client story and how his concept helps them improve their relationship. Every case study will be review with:

  • The problem
  • The solution
  • Moral of the story


These case studies will be more useful if you can relate it with your current relationship situations. You can definitely get a clear idea of how hero instinct works on men.

Who Is This Program For?

His secret obsession has been shown to work in a huge variety of situations. This is because the guide itself is based upon a deep primal desire (biological drive) found in all men. But personally, I still believe this book is not for everyone, some may produce a good result, some may not. I’m just being realistic, there’s no product work for everyone.

Let us be more specific about the product. Here are some of the relationship stages and situation where it’s has been proved very effective according to the author.

Attraction stage

  • This is the stage where you’re trying to win the affection from the guy who doesn’t see you that way yet.
  • You want to get him to see you as more than a friend.
  • Maybe you face a problem like this. Why do guys show interest to you then just drift away?
  • He likes you, but why won’t he just admit it?

Dating but Falling apart stage

  • At first, things started great, but then he’s just drifting away.
  • Why won’t he commit to you? You want him to choose you and stop seeing other women.
  • He just starts ignoring your text, suddenly!

Re-Spark stage

  • You’re together, but it looks like something is missing. You need to re-spark the relationship.
  • Your man ignores you. Why won’t he return your call?
  • Suddenly he has grown cold and distant.

Ex-back stage

  • It’s over! But.. you want him back.
  • You’re trying to start over with your ex.
  • You want things to be like when you first met.

Click here for Official Website – His Secret Obsession

Pros and Cons of His Secret Obsession

Before you decide to buy this product, please read the pros and cons of the product. It’s may change your buying decision.

The Pros

It’s easy to follow

This guide book is well written and easy to understand. Since this program is instantly accessible, you can begin to implement all the technique right away. You can view the program no matter where you are. In case you face any difficulty in this program, you can directly contact their customer support.

Applies to almost every relationship

Of course, there is no perfect system. Thankfully this system is focused on man deepest passion (a biological drive which is called hero instinct) that may work on every man. By learning on how to ignite your man hero instinct, you can create a happy long-lasting relationship.

60 days Money Back Guarantee

If this product doesn’t help you at all, not even produce any result after you follow all the step in this guide book, you can ask for a full refund. You can test drive this program for 2 months. And I strongly believe if you really follow all the step, you will see a good result for less than 2 months. If you still not satisfied, you drop them an email and ask for a refund.

For me, this money-back guarantees will make it easier for you to try this program without any risk.

The Cons

The result may be vary

Different people will produce a different result. There’s a lot of factors need to be considered to make this program successful. I can’t guarantee a 100% success if you choose to try this program, but you can increase the possibility of success by understanding the technique mentioned in this guide.

Digital product

There’s no face to face session for this program. It’s only available for download. If you prefer a physical book or want to have a private session with the author, this product may not suitable for you.

Overall Conclusion

Altogether, we strongly believe that His Secret Obsession is worth to try. The book is all about men psychology and men mind. It also gives you a glimpse of idea on what men’s really want. All the information you received in this guidebook may change the way you see your men before, and it really does have the power to make your relationship stronger.

Some of you maybe have a mindset that men’s are strong, no need to go that detail for his personal needs. Well, it’s true that men’s look strong, but that on the outside, basically they also have their own weakness and their worry-points.

This book promise to help you understand how men think and give you the ability to influence your men emotions. It explains what’s really going on in the male mind and how can you tap his deeper psychological needs that can make him feel amazing whenever he is with you. That expensive!

You can learn a lot of words and phrase that you can combine with your own style. So then you’ll able to say just the right things to make your man more interested with you and make your relationship stronger.

Overall we strongly believe that His Secret Obsession is worth to try. With the 60 days, money-back guarantees, you have nothing to lose to try this product.

Follow this link for instant access to the program.

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  1. Avi
    Avi says:

    I didn’t find this useful because it was already intuitively obvious to me as my personal obsession fantasy is being rescued … I did appreciate that it was based on connecting authentically and not mind games… but the women coaches in the forum were negative and dumb.

    I have this intense desire to be injured and for the man I like to somehow baby me or help me… in a superficial way… I don’t want to lie to him. I was considering texting him my fantasy of being washed up injured and naked on a deserted island and he’s the only other person and he rescues me… but maybe thus will seem 1. Too long and 2. Weird.

    I don’t want to lie and say I broke my arm or something like that. I was diagnosed with lupus and he’s a doctor but I really don’t want to divulge medical stuff or overly personal stuff…. trying to keep it fun

    Any thoughts?


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