How To Attract Your Husband And Get His Attention

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Today’s topic is quite simple, yet so many people overlook this in their own relationship. The question is, how to attract your husband and get his attention? Why you need to get their attention and how it can benefit your relationship.

Every woman dream of a happy ending in their love life. One way to pursue their dream is by getting married. Unfortunately, in real life, not everything goes as planned. Sometimes a marriage can end up with a divorce.

Divorce can happen for various reasons. And one of the common reasons is the lack of intimacy between couples. Intimacy is not always about sex, it is a feeling of connection between you and your partner which sweetens your relation.

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So in order to become intimate with your husband, you need to make him have eyes only for you. You need to attract him and get his attention. If you ask me how to do it, here are the 5 simple lists to get your husband’s attention with minimal effort.

1# Be gorgeous

Women tend to take a lot of effort to look good during their dating days. She wants to show how femme fatale she is. Start from nice hair, full face makeup, sexy dress, and aromatic perfume will surely lure him.

Unfortunately, after years of marriage, your look has not become your priorities. You may create a lot of excuses to look grubby and shabby. A “grandma” nightgown now becomes a nightmare and a major turned off for your husband.

5 magnetic ways to attract your husband

Not to mention some women who think that they are not really into the “latest” fashion or just only dress nicely when they are out with their girlfriend. Be careful, as men can recognize how frumpy you are without you realize it.

In order to prevent all those things, you should show the gorgeous side of yourself to your husband. It might not easy for some of you because of kids or your busy work schedule. To overcome that problem, you should develop a beautiful ‘habit.’

You can start by maintaining your basic hygiene and basic appearance. As an example, always brush up your appearance by smelling nice, go for a facial, let your hair done, and also waxed your arms and legs. Don’t hesitate to spend some money on beautiful lingerie to show your figure as well as to boost your confidence.

Slowly make all these simple things your habits. It might hard to start, but once it becomes your habit, you will look gorgeous naturally.

2# Make him smile

You are the only girl I love right now. But in about ten years, there will be another. She will be calling you “Mommy”.

How do you feel after reading this quote? I bet you’re smiling by yourself because you think it is sweet. Same as our husband they also like sweet and romantic things just like we do. Thus don’t stop flirting with him.

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Express your love every day. Tell him how much you love and value him. I’m pretty sure that we commonly do not have much time to think or say something just to get his attention. But there is a lot of other ways that you can do it.

For instance, you can leave a small note with his lunch telling him that you love him or think of him. Or you can express it through action by care for him in sickness.

Here’re some extra tips, if you have zero ideas on what to do, you just think again what you did back when you were dated. There’s must be something that will make him flatter back then. Who knows, maybe he’ll still flatter it today or maybe even more.

3# Put on the apron

Cooking is an effective way to win your man’s heart and get his attention. My mom always says that, if you want to win a man’s heart, start with his stomach. I personally think there was some truth to that quote.

Food can create memories, forges friendship, and make our hearts grow fonder. It also can build the mood for good table conversation. On top of that, food is one of the ways to show someone that you care for them, and men love that.

Men want you to cook for them because they want to feel loved. The same dishes that he bought outside will not be the same as you prepared. Because dishes prepared by you are filled with love. It does not matter if you’re not an expert or a chef. The effort that you put in when you making of his favorite meals will be highly appreciated.

4# Greet him

Sometimes, your husband might stressed out with his workload at the office. He will feel drained and fatigued when he returns home. So what you can do is greet him at the front door with your brightest smile. Take his bag and serve him with a cup of coffee.

Avoid nagging or whining over something you feel dissatisfied with during this critical hour as it’s can lead to an argument. Let him rest first physically and mentally. If you can do that, he will surely feel loosen up and happy because he has a really great wife.

Greeting him when he comes home is one of the signs of respect. And men are powerfully attracted to women who trigger a feeling of respect and admiration in them. This feeling can make him appreciate you more.

5# Get interested in his interests

If you have your own career and don’t have much time to spend at home, maybe you can follow these tips. As a couple, like it or not, you should get involved in your partner’s interest. You need to spend time taking part in his hobby or interest.

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Relationships thrive when two people share companionship and activities. Sharing interests is a great way to learn about each other and strengthen your relationship. By doing this, you can spend quality time together.

From there, your partners will feel really close to you and appreciate you for being next to him, as a friend and life partner. Overall, in a relationship, we need to try to be supportive of each other. The more you show interest in his interest, the more he will be attracted to you.

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