How To Become A Much Better Wife – 6 Simple Steps

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secrets for a happy and loving relationship“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is a conversation,” said Oscar Wilde. Effective communication is the best way to show your partner how happy you are. However, being a perfect life partner for your loved ones is not easiest.

Because in most situations, wives are being blamed. The fact is, we women have a different way of seeing reality, from a man’s point of view. This article will sum up the main answers to the question of how to become a better wife and the best partner to your husband.

1- Tell his strengths.

No matter how rough a man is, he will always love hearing compliments from his loved ones. Reminding him about his strengths will make him feel confident. Tell him how great he looks and what he is good at definitely is what a wife is for! If we don’t tell him that, who else will? 😛

2- Be honest.

In order to become a better wife for your husband, you need to learn about the truth as a man. Tell what’s on your mind even it would be hurtful, don’t polish the truth. Because man will respect a sincere conversation far more than your efforts to hide the truth.

Man is a simple creature, you just need to know where to tackle them. Right spot on the right time!

become a better wife

3- Respect him and his sacrifices.

You can determine the happiness of a household by the number of scars that each partner carries. Show some appreciation for how grateful that he works hard to provide for your family. Make him happy that you are proud of him and thankful for everything he does.

4- Give him some space.

Once a while, guys need to be guys. They usually won’t confess that they need time for themselves. Yet, understanding his needs would make him more comfortable. They should hang with his friends and if we are too controlling, they will be unhappy. At the same time, use that moment for yourself too!

5- Surprise him.

Make sure the love doesn’t fade in your relationship. Plan something on special days such as birthdays or anniversaries and take him on a romantic evening, just the two of you with having a smile on your face. Furthermore, be enthusiastic and try your best to make him smile every day. Make him feel proud of you.

6- Please him sexually

When your sex life is lacking, the other aspect of your relationship usually falls apart too. Of course, sex is not everything, but it is a major part of intimacy. Knowing to please your husband sexually will increase his desire to you.

Well, it’s not hard to please your husband sexually, you just need to know what he really wants in bed. It could be something like to figure out his sexual fantasies and dress to impress. Or you could also increase the anticipation by sending a naughty, flirty sexy text while he’s at work. Here my 100+ sexting ideas that you may need to check.

Knowing that you’re thinking dirty thought about him can really excite him and crave you even more. If you had no idea where to start, you can refer to this guide: how to talk dirty to your man for beginners.


A couple that prays together stays together. So have a concern for him and that you truly want to be the best wife for him. As you focus on your relationship and do these simple steps for your husband, for his happiness, he will catch on and will give back. Work on these simple steps to become a better wife and make your love to increase for that man by your side.


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