How To Keep Your Man Happy In A Relationship

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It’s not an easy task to keep our man happy in a relationship right? Many times we feel like our partner’s mind is full of mystery. Sometimes we just don’t know what they’re thinking and feel affected by their action.

Simple Secrets To Keep Your Man Happy in a relationship?

Luckily, if your partner is a guy, then keep him happy is a lot simpler than you might think. You just need to pay close attention to his needs and know when to give him space. For most of the part, men have a few essential needs in a relationship, if you know how to fill that need, it easy for you to keep him happy.

how to make a guy happy

What most important is, are you feeling happy while you’re pleasing your man? If yes, you can follow the tips below. Because, if you’ve got a good man to love, he deserves to be happy being in a relationship with you.

1- Keep him happy in bed

Out of many ways to keep your man happy, this one can easily give you the most mileage. In fact, most of them will be perfectly happy if you just do this and ignore the rest! Sorry, I’m just kidding. ;P

You can get an extra point if you find a way to make your sex life more interesting, adventurous, and bold. Don’t be afraid to try something new and add variety. As an example, you can try new sexual positions or learn how to talk dirty to your man.

There’s a lot of things that you can try together as long as you feel comfortable doing it. But keep in mind, not everything you try will feel great. Try to be open to the process and switching around until you get your favorite bedroom activity or something that can make it more exciting.

As an example, maybe you can try to hook up at different places. Try to move around your home by exploring every nook and cranny with your bodies is a good idea. Or you can just go check-in into the hotel or romantic location to have fun with your man.

secrets to a happy marriage from man's perspectiveApart from that, try to be bold in your sexual activity. Let your man know what you want and take a lead, this definitely can make them feel excited.

Sometimes, your man wants you to take the lead. He wants you naturally want it as bad as him. Show your enthusiasm overly and he will more than happy to serve you!

2- Keep him happy emotionally

Just like women, men also can be a moody creature (some of them even have a period mood, seriously). If you want to make your man happy emotionally you need to pay attention to his needs, get to know his moods, and take action based on it.

The more time you spend with your partner, the better you’ll get to know about his mood and how to react to the situation. Learn how to read his body language, it will show you whether he’s upset or wants to be comforted.

If he’s feeling upset, or annoy after getting back from work, just take it easy with him. It’s may not the right time to have a “serious talk” with your man. You can wait until he’s in a good mood to continue with your discussion.

Because it is not a wise decision to bring up a serious subject when he’s stressed, trust me, you will not get the result that you wanted.

Instead, if you have something important to discuss, pick a reasonable time and place where both of you can focus on the conversation. Keep your voice calm during the conversation, even if you disagree with his point of view.

3- Know when to leave him alone

Don’t be too clingy, learn how to be there for him when he needs you and how to back off when he needs some space. Being clingy means that you want to hang out with him 24/7, checking in every minute to ask him where he’s going, what he doing, or who is he talk to.

It is true spending time together as a couple is important, but you can’t always stay together. You need to spend some time apart. That’s why we always talk about spending quality time together, it’s about quality, not quantity.

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Let your partner take some time off to hang out with their good buddies, or watching their favorite football game, or spend time with their hobbies. Respect that, try not to be offended by their “me time” request.

You also can be proactive about this by offering them their space, it could be even better because he will feel less guilty to ask for it. This is a good way to keep him happy in a genuine way. Sometimes they will be happy by just being alone, and that’s totally fine.

4- Appreciate him and what he does

Appreciate him the way he is, appreciate what he does to you, your family, and your future. If your partner works outside from home, let him know that you appreciate what he does.

secrets for a happy and loving relationshipBecause even if he does love his job, there’s always a day when he thinks about quitting his job, yelling at his boss, or take a few days off. But he doesn’t do it, why? Because maybe part of the reason he didn’t do that was because of you.

Maybe he working an extra hour just to make sure you and your kid get enough food and have a comfortable place to stay. He even settles all the utility bills. It’s okay if you are not helping him in terms of financially, but at least, you need to recognize their effort.

If your partner working from home with kids, he’s also sacrificing for your family. As much as he loves being at home with the kids, he also needs his own “me time”, he wants to spend his time to do anything that he wanted. But he didn’t do it, it all because of his family.

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We all know, it’s not easy. Tell him that you know how hard it can be to do that. Tell him that you appreciate everything he does and you see his commitment. It might sound simple, but it is about acknowledging something that people usually take for granted.

5- Support him

Men do not open up as easily as women do. So don’t expect a deep pillow talk conversation with your man, even though he’s going through a rough phase in life. Support him, tell him something as simple as he’s doing a good job, or prepared his favorite meal after a long day is good enough to make him feel cared for.

Understand your partner’s personal goals. Even he does not openly state them to you, pay attention to his comment or his action. It maybe reflects his desire for his dream for his life and your family. Give him plenty of support for him to pursue his goals.

Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman.

Support his works by offering positivity and word of encouragement can instantly boost his self-esteem because he knows that someone is proud of him and has his back. You also can show him how supportive you’re by admiring and respecting him in front of his/your friends and family members.

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Basically, there’s no magic formula to keep your man happy. At the end of the day, it really depends on both of you.

You can try to follow these tips to keep your relationship healthy and make your partner happy. But, if you still have a problem despite all the effort you put in, it could be a deeper problem lurking underneath.

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