How To Move On From Your Past Relationship

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Figuring out how to move on from your past relationship is not gonna be easy. Some of you might be thinking that you will never be happy again. Well, it’s normal to feel down after a breakup. No one can bear the pain of the break-up. But don’t let the breakup break you.

They are a lot of reasons why couples break up. It could be because your partner was cheating on you, not ready to commit to the relationship, or maybe because there is no understanding between both of you.

Whatever the reasons are, no matter who was right or who was wrong, you need to learn to accept that your relationship is already in the past. I’m not going to says that moving on from a past relationship is easy, but it is doable.

how to move on from your ex

Useful Tips You Can Take That Will Facilitate The Process

People used to say that time is the best healer, which is I also agree with. But if you combine it with the tips that I’m gonna share down below. It will speed up the process, let go of your past, and help you embrace the future.

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When you need to walk away from your past relationship, motivation and advice can at least lead you to positive outcomes. It can help you avoid taking negative action against others and yourself. Healing might take time, but you will get there.

So here are the tips on how to move on from your ex-boyfriend which may be helpful for you:

1# Practice self-care

Breakups can be awful, but self-care will make you feel better. Taking care of yourself is one of the important parts to learn how to move on. Do not spend the whole time crying on your couch, instead go out of your house and do any activities that you want to do.

If you don’t take your time to get right with yourself first after a breakup, any new relationship you enter into is more likely to be doomed from the start. That’s why you need to practice self-care and recover from your past relationship first.

Being single wasn’t so bad. You can use this opportunity to follow your personal needs and permit yourself to try something new. For example, going to the salon to get a new haircut, shopping for new apparel, or you can start finding a new hobby for yourself.

Do something that will help you by getting your mind off of him. For example, going to the gym, exercise is a perfect way to help you heal. It releases endorphins that function as painkillers for the broken heart.

If you didn’t like extreme activity, you can learn how to cook your healthy recipes, or just attend a dance class, or go get a spa treatment. Remember, you’re incredibly precious. And that guy had no idea how amazing you are.

2# Cut off contact with him

Keep yourself away from anything that will hurt you. If your ex is active on social media, and it hurt you to see him recover from your past relationship, then you should just unfollow him. You don’t need to see what he’s thinking, doing, or saying.

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If you still follow him on social media, it might be difficult for you to move on. Every time his photos go through your feeds it will bring back memories together which it becomes hard for you to forget about him.

You should just cut off contact with him and delete all the old messages and photos so that you don’t need to spend any time going through them. This may look like an immature move, but it is better than spending hours staring longingly at the past.

3# Avoid yourself from being alone.

Depression is a common effect of heartbreak and you definitely don’t want that to happen to you. To stop getting depressed, always surround yourself with people who make you happy. Don’t stay alone in your own house, find a person who’s going to stay with you for a while.

Or if possible, go back to your family, they will surely understand your condition.

How To Move On From Your Past Relationship

4# Keep yourself active

After break up, we usually have the feeling where we want to be lonely and separate ourselves from others. We need time alone to heal our broken hearts and reduce our pain. My advice is, you can be alone, but don’t overdo it.

Once you feel a little bit better, go out there and enjoy outdoor activities. Go socialize with your friends or make your schedule full of your works. Doing this will give you less time to think about your ex.

One of the activities that you should consider doing is to become a volunteer. This activity will remind you of what you’re good at and help contribute to the well-being of people less fortunate. You also can meet new people, engaged in their community, and learn strong values.

5# Get rid of things that are reminding you of him

Get rid of anything that reminds you of the memories you have created such as photographs, a gift from him, or souvenirs from any vacations you enjoy together. But of course, you still can keep something that you personally treasure.

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Put all the stuff in a container or box and return it back to him promptly. Or you can pass it to your friend to deliver the things if you don’t want to meet him. If he was not interested in that item anymore, you can just give it to someone else.

6#Have fun with your girlfriends

Maybe a little fun with your female friends is the best cure for your broken heart. This will help you to feel much better and ease the healing process. No matter how frustrated you are when your relationship is over, having fun with your friends is always a good idea.

You can go to the shopping mall, karaoke, play bowling or anything. And one thing that you should try is a short vacation with your friends. Having some fun and have a good conversation with your friends will make you forget about him.

If you don’t mind, use this opportunity to be open with your friends. Share with them about how you felt, and let them cheer you up.


Moving on from your past relationship is a difficult process, but it’s not impossible to do so. Always remember that there’s the sun comes out after the rain. One breakup doesn’t mean that you will be unhappy for the rest of your life.

Plus you don’t need to beg someone else to love you or to take care of you. You need to take care of yourself first. Be happy and open up yourself to the possibility that this ending is the beginning of something far greater in your future.

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