How To Respect Your Partner In A Relationship

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A great, successful, and healthy relationship is always based on love and respect. Couples who are less accomplished in this area will be struggling to maintain the relationship. So, to prevent those problems, in this post, we will discuss how to respect your partner.

Solely love will ensure you a passionate relationship, but it does not assure you a healthy and long-term relationship. Besides, to love each other dearly, you need to build a strong foundation in your relationship, part of it is respect.

Respect comes along with admiration and honor which showed for someone who you think they have good qualities as well as important. Respect is celebrating each other’s differences without imposing your beliefs. It is earned and not given.

If both of you are able to have mutual respect for one another, it will be much easier for you to overcome relationship conflict and crisis. You also can understand each other better because you can see things from each other’s perspective.

how to respect your partner

How Do You Show Respect To Your Partner?

Respect in a relationship is absolutely necessary, even love should not be the reason to tolerate disrespect. If you start disrespecting your partner, sooner or later, he will start to lose respect for you as well.

So pay attention to how you react to your partner. There are a lot of actions of disrespect that are so small, thus they can easily go undetected. That simple gesture or phrase of disrespect can make your partner feel like you don’t appreciate them.

We did not want that to happens, and that is why we create this article. We want you to learn how to respect your partner and recognize them as a whole person. We want you to know that respecting your partner will give them the value of their presence in their lives above all else.

Here are some tips on how to respect your partner in a relationship :

1# Accept who they are

You need to accept the fact that you are living with a ‘stranger’. It means that your partner coming from different family background, education, or culture. They have their own style, behavior, and preference that might be totally different from yours.

Instead of arguing over a toothpaste that needs to be squeezed from the bottom or middle, you need to be mentally prepared for the differences between you and your partner. Start to learn to discuss things to achieve an agreement from both parties.

2# Be considerate and tolerate

Lower your ego and find a solution to every problem in your relationship. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, at the end of the day, you want happiness in your relationship. So it will be much better to learn how to be considerate and be tolerant of each other.

If you’re always want to win in an argument, you are most likely being a selfish person in your relationship, and your partner may be exhausted from it. Be more considerate of your partner’s feelings, ideas, and decisions.

You may not win your argument, but maybe you’ve won your partner’s heart.

3# Don’t compare

This point is a red flag in any relationship. You should never compare your partner to someone else. The comparison can lead to the bitterness of relationships. Comparing your partner also means that you are not respecting your partner.

If you always comparing your partner to your ex or to your friend’s husband or whatever, stop doing that immediately. It is not helping your partner to become a much better person, it just harming your relationship.

4# Do not make any decision by yourself

No matter a big or small decision you’re going to make, make your partner involves in it. A successful relationship needs teamwork and trust, so do not ignore your partner’s opinion. Ask them, discuss with them, and let them know that you care for their opinion.

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Do not belittle your partner. Even if you’re a woman with a nice job and financially stable, you should not think that you are more powerful, or brilliant, or more capable compare to your partner.

The fact is, no matter how great you are, your partner is still the one who gonna help and take care of you when you are in trouble.

5# Be careful with your words and irritate tones

There is one quote states that “Harsh words can hurt a person more than physical pain”. Although it’s just a word, it may remain scar towards someone else. Therefore, be careful of what you’re going to say despite how angry you are.

Remember, hurtful words may be forgiven but not forgotten. So try to learn to control your tones and use gentle words to express your dissatisfaction. It will be much easier for them to accept what you are saying.

This practice not only helps you solve the problems but it also shows your respect for them. Good communication skill is the key. If you have a bad experience with your communication and irritate tones, you may need to learn how to improve your communication skill with your partner.

6# Listen to your partner

Listen actively to your partner’s needs, concerns, and desires. If you think you are the one often doing the talking, maybe it is time to focus on the listening part. Give your partner some space to voice out their needs.

Pay attention and be responsive to their needs. Do not interrupt your partner until he finished talking. Some people are too busy to give their opinions when someone else talking. You shouldn’t be like that. Their subject is just as important as yours.

To be a good listener, you should hear and understand what the other person is saying. If not, you might overstep their words and completely miss their points.

7# Appreciate your partner

Instead of complaining that your partner isn’t what you would like them to be, you can just appreciate and celebrate your partner for who they are. It is true that people can change a bit to suit each other, but they can’t change completely.

Part of what makes relationships awesome is the differences themselves. If you accept that, it might help you see the world from a new perspective. So you must learn to accept and appreciate the differences if you really want to respect your partner.

8# Acknowledge your partner contributions

Always acknowledge your partner’s contributions towards you and your family. It could be on financial contributions, family expenses, and emotional needs. Let them know how much they mean to you.

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Tell your partner that you are overjoyed with the partnership and you are pleased to have a partner who is worth your respect. Because if you never acknowledge all the nice things your partner does for you, they will take it as a sign of disrespect and start feeling you are taking them for granted.


If you think that your relationship lacks respect, start practicing respect for yourself first. A truly selfless act always sparks another. Your partner is the most important person to you, so treat them as such. Show your most respect to them and they will do the same thing in return.

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