How To Start Dating – 5 Proven Method For Success

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Where in your 20’s, you may not worry too much about dating. But when you’re already 30’s or above, this topic will start to hit your head. At one point, you’ll desperately look for a partner so you could settle down, build up your family and have kids.

Dating is a great way to meet your potential future partner. You also can have a good time meeting new people. But, to start dating again is a daunting task. Life is not a fairy tale, you can ‘t just waiting for the shiny armor prince to pick you up and become your perfect partner.

Reality doesn’t work that way, if you want a successful relationship, you may need to learn how to start dating. So you can figure out what you really want in your future relationship. Finding your significant other on this day can be quite challenging, but it’s not impossible.

how to start dating

In fact, dating does not have to be stressful, it’s supposed to be fun and adventurous. In order to meet your significant other, a few preparations must be made. Here I will share 5 proven method for successfully dating.

Rule No.1 – Take care of yourself.

Learn to take care of yourself before you looking for other people. Build up your self-confidence, such as taking care of your body, diet, go to the gym for exercise, and more. Looking presentable can definitely boost your self-confidence. It also shows that you’re ready to meet your future partner and capable of having a serious relationship.

I’m not trying to tell you that this is for your partner sake. It’s actually for your own goods, you need to love yourself before you can healthily love another. If you already reach this stage, then move on to the next step. But if you’re not, maybe you need to spend more time on yourself first.

Remember, you’re not trying to force someone to like you, or trying to become another person according to their standard. What you really want is upgrade yourself to become a better version of ‘you’.

Rule No.2 – Make your own list

It’s all about you and it starts with you. So don’t miss this step. You must have a clear view of your own choice, you can’t just start dating a random guy that want to have you.

Make a list of a general idea of what you like from your future partner, no need to list on every detail. Because the more detail your list, it’s will become harder to find your significant other. So just make it simple and clear.

As an example, write something about how you like them to treat you? What did you like them to do? What did they do for a living? What type of relationship that you’re looking for? Physical appearance? Personality? Income, education, and interest? Anything that you can think of, just write it.

But don’t make a list with negative statements. As an example, I don’t like a man who’s blah blah blah. It’s been proven that negative statements produce negative results. It’s called the law of attraction, if you focus more on the negative list, you may get someone who’s in your negative list.

Rule No.3 – Be more open.

Be more open to your potential match. Have you ever realized that when you start taking interest in a specific car, you’ll always see that car on the road? Why? Because your mind already set that this kind of car is important, so your eyes will capture it and send that picture to your brain.

Same things happen to your potential partner. Don’t be too strict about what you’re looking for, you’ll run the risk of letting great people go. You’re already making the list, so be playful with your list. Never let your pickiness get in the way of finding someone truly amazing.

Next, be open with your life. Did you have the same routine and you stick to it like every day? Well, if yes, you need to start to update your routine. You need to make room for another person. Hanging out with your friends, explore your city by yourself, or go travel.

You never know your opportunity to meet your potential dates out there.

Rule No. 4 – Get out from your dating comfort zone

I think people is always talk about this, get out from your comfort zone. The same routine will not produce a different result. So if you want to achieve a different result or a better result, you need to get your ass up and start doing something different.

Do something that you never have done before, you might want to put yourself out there, it could be an online dating site, matchmakers, single events and etc. I know it’s hard, but if you really want it, there’s always a way to make it happen.

If you’re a type of people that love to stay home, maybe you need to put more effort into meeting new people. Start saying yes more will give you new opportunities, if your friends invite you to a party with people you don’t know, say yes.

Resist your habit of saying no. Be confidence, talk to as many people as possible. Even if you don’t meet a man, you can expand your experiences, and that will make you an attractive woman.

Rule No. 5 – Change your mindset

If you’ve been hurt before, you may want to protect yourself from future pain. You may be cautious and afraid to fall in love again. Or you actually might not realize that your mindset already been blocked.

You’ll always think that when you start dating, you will date the same narcissistic asshole, or maybe you did believe that love doesn’t exist. Your minds will tell you all this kind of thing to protect you from future pain.

No pain no gain, you always see this type of poster in gym right? It’s actually the same concept about our life. In order to find the long lasting love that you’ve been dreamed of, pain is the part of it. That pain literally teaches you how to become a stronger person, and train you to be prepared for bigger challenges in your life.

So you need to believe in love again, be optimistic about love. Don’t base your opinion about love on the guy who broke your heart, you’re not being fair to yourself. You might be grateful because now you’ve freed yourself and are completely open to finding your real true love.


If you want a successful relationship, you need to learn how to start dating, what to text a guy you like and don’t rush things. Take your time to meet a new prospective partner. Slowly getting to know them will give you a clear view of whether you should have started dating them or not.

The most important part is to be yourself and enjoy the process. Being fake is never an option, but upgrade yourself is a must. If you have any other tips that work for you, please leave your comments below.

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