How To Tell If An Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

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Lately, you’ve been thinking a lot about your ex-boyfriend. You both are on good terms and always keep in touch with each other. He also showing positive signs of getting back together, but you are not really sure about it. So in this article, we will talk about how to tell if an ex-boyfriend wants you back.

Having a failed relationship in the past doesn’t mean that you’ll never have a successful relationship in the future. Sometimes, a failed relationship in the past can actually be successful in the future.


Because having a successful relationship with humans depends on a lot of factors. As an example, it could be because of the timing of the relationship, having more common goals, commitment, age, and maturity levels.

Apart from that, a failed relationship in the past also helps both of you to have some self-reflection. It makes you realize what you have been doing wrong in the past. A change in circumstances will help you grow up and probably give you a chance to make things work for the second time.

how to tell if an ex boyfriend wants you back

What Are The Signs That Your Ex Want You Back

So if you found yourself in the situation of getting back to your ex but not sure whether he wants to be together or not, make sure to read this post until the end. It is good to know what are the signs before you decide on what to do next.

Every person will act differently depending on the situation. Thus, there is no guarantee that these signs will tell you whether your ex wants you back or not. But still, you need to believe in yourself. You are probably the best person to interpret their behavior.

1# They are waiting for your text.

Did he reply to your text right after you are texting him? If yes then maybe he is waiting for your text. But if he is not, pay attention to how he is texting you. If you have high-quality communication with him, there is a good chance that he is actually waiting for your text.

He just wants to look cool, that is why he delays the communication. Plus, it will be even better if he is the one who initiated communication by calling or texting you.

2# They find a reason to meet you.

If your ex suddenly wants to meet you, he probably caught you off guard. But don’t worry, you need to remain calm. In this situation, you are in a prime position.

You need to stay cool and be smooth. Give yourself some time before you make any decision.

If he simply wants to meet you, talk with you or be with you, most likely, he is missing you. And missing you is a strong sign that he wants to be back with you. But here’s the deal, you don’t need to show your card too early.

3# They ask about your dating life and act jealous.

Did he ask about your dating life? If he seems interested to know whether you have a new partner or not, it could mean that he is trying to be in a relationship with you again. He asking because he wants to know if you’re available or not.

But don’t depend on this question solely. You need to see his reaction also. If your ex is bothered by your newfound attention, it could mean that he is still interested in you. So pay attention if they show any signs of jealousy.

4# He frequently shows up where you are

Lately, your ex keeps popping up in the same places that you just happen to be. If this happens to you, it is a sure sign that he wants to keep an eye on you. He might be interested to know how you’ve been doing or he just went to check if you already going out with someone else.

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You will be able to tell how their feeling if you look at their body language, expression, and eyes. He may not say anything, but everything will be written on their faces. These encounters are a great sign that they want you back.

5# They’ve been asking about you

Did both of you share any mutual friends? If yes then he probably keeps asking about you from your friends. The common question will be like,

  • How are you feeling nowadays?
  • Did you already have someone else?
  • Where do you work?
  • How is your life?
  • What you’re up to?

Deep down inside, they’re curious about you, but their pride won’t allow them to ask you by themselves.

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6# He acknowledges his role in what went wrong

If your ex slowly admits to you about things they did wrong and that is what led to the relationship ending, he definitely showing a positive response.

Well, he might acknowledge his own fault because he doesn’t want any hard feelings between you. But if you have seen any other positive reactions that I’ve listed above, he might be thinking about where the two of you to get back together.

Because if he wants that to happen, he needs to make sure that the two of you have made peace.

7# They act differently around you

Did you notice any different changes in behavior when your ex is around you? Well, some changes may be hard to notice, while others might be noticeable right away. So pay attention to your ex’s behavior when he is around you. If you can spot these changes, it could be that your ex wants to rekindle your relationship again.

You can combine this sign with point number 4. If he keeps showing in the same place where you happen to be, and he is happy to see you, then he probably misses you a lot, and he is probably waiting for you.

Remember, showing friendliness doesn’t mean something, but your ex behavior changes around you is a radical one.

8# His friends are suddenly interested in your life

Did you remember that he is asking your friends about your life? Well, men are quite funny in general. They are interested in something, but their pride won’t allow it. That something includes you!

So when someone who previously didn’t show much interest in your life, suddenly becomes very inquisitive, asking about your life, your job, your partner, or anything, it could be because someone is asking him to ask that question.

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Your ex might be the one who sent that person. He probably wants to know if you’re thinking about him, or either you’re already thinking about someone else. So be careful with your answer to his friends.

If you do interested in getting back together, you can make his friends report something positive about your situation. Maybe you can give him any hints that will make your ex make his move. But don’t be so obvious about it.

#9 He’s still contacting your friends and your family

If your ex still contacting your friends and your family, he might be interested to get back together with you. Because when you date someone long enough, the bond that you create can be extremely meaningful.

Maintaining communication with your circle of people shows that your ex is having a hard time letting them go. And maybe that is the only way for him to get an update on what you’re up to these days.

10# He can’t look straight into your eyes

If you pay close attention to how he looks at you through your eyes, you can tell how much he still feels about you. Because if he can’t look you right in the eyes, it means that he’s still feel something conflicted about you.

He is not sure whether he’s still loving you or not, and this is a good sign. Usually, if he doesn’t care about you anymore, eye contact would be simple. But if you find out that he can’t look straight into your eyes, he’s either regret letting you go or didn’t know what to say to you.

Overall conclusion

If you notice that your ex is doing any of these things, it could be that your ex is still interested in getting back to you. They are checking your feeling and think that it might be worth giving the relationship another shot.

So if you’ve been in this situation, it’s good for you to figure out how you feel first before you jump to any conclusion. Because getting back into a relationship after a breakup can be a tricky business. Maybe you need to ask yourself these questions first.

Or you can check this short article on how to start dating again.

If you are still not sure what to do about your ex, you can get help from a professional. I recommend you check with Brad Browning, one of his best programs is The Ex Factor Guide (this is my full review about the program).

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