How to Text Your Crush and Keep a Conversation Going

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Texting with your crush can be incredibly exciting and make you over the moon. However, it also makes you question your own thoughts, feel a little bit stressed, and anxious. You’re not sure how to text your crush properly without being boring.

Knowing how to text properly, or communicate properly through text messages is important in this digital era. Because, when you are at the early stage of dating, most of your communications are probably happen through text messages.

So if you really want to have a successful relationship with your crush in the future, pay attention to how you communicate with them. Your main objective is to get to know your crush by keeping the conversation going.

Sadly, many girls are over-excited about this and as a result, they push that man away. It’s okay to fall over a guy as hard as you want, but at the early stage, you don’t want it to become too obvious. You need to maintain your standard.

Showing the right signs to him will help you win him over. And hopefully, he would be all over you, chasing you, trying to please you, and stay by your side forever!

what to text a guy to get his attention

How to Get Crush Attention over Text

As we all know, texting has become our main way of communication these days. Given that, we basically have access to one another at all times, which can be a blessing or a curse. For me, it totally depends on how you manage it.

Even though texting can mesmerize someone, it also can make someone feel annoyed. And I believe, you don’t want to annoy that “someone.”

Fortunately, there are several articles and tips on the internet which really come to the rescue for people who don’t know how to text their crush. And you’re here at the right place. Today we will share with you some simple texting tips that would help you text your crush and keep the conversations going.

1# Hold a little bit back

If he doesn’t reply to your text, don’t attack him with phone calls or other texts. He will get in touch with you when he has time for it. If you keep on texting, he won’t do it any sooner. You will just annoy him.

You need to hold yourself, this is so important in the early phases of knowing each other. Control your emotion, don’t make yourself look so desperate.

Just remember this, if he doesn’t answer right away, it doesn’t mean that he’ll never answer you. So play it cool and give him some time to respond back to you.

2# You need to stay positive

Always keep a positive vibe. Men don’t like women who keep being negative towards them. They will feel offended by your action. Down below is a good example if you want to relate to the situation above.

When they are not responding to your text message, don’t fill your mind with negative thoughts. If you do that, you might bombard him with negative questions such as:

“What happened? Did I do something wrong? Why you didn’t respond to my message?”

“I’m sorry if I made you mad, I’m so stupid. Please respond”

“I might not be the perfect girl for you, but please reply to my message.”

Come on, you’re better than this! Don’t downgrade yourself with your own thoughts. He might be busy, so give him some time and stay positive.

After one or two days, you can follow up with him in a more mature way.

“Hope everything is okay from your side, please let me know if I can be of any help”

Or, you can just share your exciting moment or your fascinating plan with him.

“I’m going hiking with my friends today, wish me luck!”

Men love women who are understanding and mature. They feel like it is easier to talk to women who behave like this than to women who’re clingy and desperate.

3# Follow up with interesting questions

It is normal for a man to start and ask all the questions about you. However, you can’t keep that happening all the time. Men love women who’re not so passive, they’re hoping to be asked questions back. So that they can keep the conversation running.

Asking the question proves that you are interested and concerned with them. They will feel like you really want to get to know them as a person.

In fact, men enjoy talking about themselves, which ensures that if you can get them to start being open, you will have higher chances of building a relationship.

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But, in the early phases, please don’t go too deep with your question. It should be enough if you just ask about his hobby, his job, or his interest. No need to check about his family background or his ex-girlfriend.

4# Ask about his day

If you don’t know where to start, you can ask about his day. This question is a great conversation starter. It also shows that you’re interested to know him better.

Rule of thumb, if he’s having a good day, you can share about yours too. But if he’s having a bad day, you show him your support. As a man, having someone by his side during a hard time can really catch his attention.

5# You should compliment him

Men love compliments more than anything in the world if it comes from the person that they loved or were interested in.

It’s not wrong when you said something nice to him such as “you look handsome today” or “how can you be so sexist even in that simple shirt?”

Believe me or not, men will get all flattered when you keep raising about him more and more. But be careful, don’t ever, ever, and ever OVERDO it. Because when you overdo it, he will start to think that you’re not being honest.

6# Stay true to yourself

It is important to be yourself but never stops being a better version of yourself. This is worth mentioning because men prefer a woman who is proud of being herself.

Being yourself doesn’t mean you need to show all your flaws to him. But it is more about how you treat him, how you treat yourself around him.

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Don’t pretend to be someone that you are not. Men hate lies as much as women hate lies. So always be true to yourself. If he does not interested in your true self then you will have a clear answer.

Don’t waste your time trying to change his mind, as that ain’t going to happen. Instead, find the right guy that is able to love you being yourself.

How To Text A Guy To Make Him Want You More

7# Don’t write an essay

Keep your message short, simple, and enjoyable. Text messages are designed for fast conversation. It gives you the opportunity to have a back-and-forth conversation. So you need to fully use it as two-way communication.

If you have something to discuss (long discussion), consider switching to a phone call or face time. Because when you write it into text, there are way too many things that can go wrong. As an example, there is an absence of voice, tone, facial reaction, and body language.

Without all of these things, your message can be easily misinterpreted.

8# Keep your text short and sweet

Similar to the point above, men don’t like women who keep sending long paragraph texts to them. They prefer a simple and short text message for them to read.

This has happened to me so many times, in front of my very eyes, when they received a long text message from their female friend or girlfriend, they will easily scroll it and didn’t reply back.

When I ask them why they didn’t reply, the answer that I got is also almost the same for each of them.

“I really feel annoyed with this long message. I’m not interested and not sure how to get into that kind of conversation.”

Texts are not email addresses. They are supposed to be short. If you want to have a long discussion with him, consider switching to a phone call or Facetime.

Keeping text messages short offers the opportunity for the conversation to go back and forth. If you have plenty to say, break it up into several lines and give him a chance to read and react.

9# Grammar and spelling matter in texting

You obviously didn’t want him to think that he is chatting with teenagers. When you’re chatting or text messaging with a grown-up man, it will be much better to use proper English in your initial text. Avoid using shortened like “l8r,” “2day,” “b4,” “plz,” and “Luv” at all costs.

All these words might be fine with your friends, but if you use them with someone you’re romantically interested in, it might give him a bad impression. Moreover, shortened words also can be easily misinterpreted if the receiver doesn’t understand the abbreviations you use.

So my advice is, to stick to correctly-spelled words and clear language, at least in the early phases of knowing each other.

10# Don’t send a boring message, excite him!

Men are so easy to turn off when women started to send boring text messages. There are a few types of text messages that can be considered boring, and it is quite subjective.

Let me give you a simple example. You try to start a conversation with him but you just sent “Hi” or “Hello“ in your text message. Is that acceptable? Definitely, NO.

Men love to hear something more excited from you, not just simple text messages. Simple text messages will make him bored and tend to leave you hanging on conversations. So, make sure every text message you send to your man is filled with joy and excitement.

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When men are starting to get more interested in you, they will try to capture your attention and they will be more desperate to want you.

11# Flirting messages

Flirting text messages is the best way to get men’s attention. But please be careful, don’t make it so obvious that you have already fallen for him. Be smooth and control your feeling. If you are too excited, he might think that you are just desperate.

Here are some examples of how to flirt without being obvious:

“Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to get to know you… But whatever the reason is, I’m sure glad I did!”

“Has anyone told you that you have the best eyes?”

“I’ve been really enjoying getting to know you and am excited to keep learning more.”

“I’d really want you to come over this weekend, but I am not sure I can keep my hands on myself.”

“Ugh, I’ve got a problem. Okay, I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“I don’t know why you got into my heart, but I know I don’t want you to leave.”

 “You’re clearly the best thing that ever happened to me.”

12# Memes

Relationship memes are funny and relatable enough to give both of you a seriously good laugh. In the modern society we’re living in today, relationship-related memes can be a useful thing to try out.

Memes can make things more fun and enjoyable. You can use memes to express what you want to mention, your feeling, joy, excitement, and curiosity, as well as his attention. You can use memes in your conversation, just make sure that it doesn’t go overboard.

Try to use it occasionally when you feel right. Do not spam him with every meme that you found online.

13# Insanely romantic text messages.

Once you know how to use the right words at the right time, even the toughest of hearts have the ability to melt. You can drive him crazy and obsessed with you. Romantic messages are a great way for those who are in relationships and couples who want to rekindle passion and fire in their relationship.

Here are a few crazily romantic messages you can send to your boyfriend:

“I wish I could describe how I am amazed by your eyes and the sound of your voice makes me feel happy. How your smile makes my heartbeat off and how I feel complete every time I’m with you.”

“I don’t think anyone would make me laugh the same way you do. You just make me feel like the world’s luckiest girl.”

“Every minute you seem to capture my mind. There will never be a second when I don’t think of you or miss you. Your love still holds me in control.”

“I’d do anything right now to be able to curl up next to you, bury my head in your chest, and lock your fingers. I want to be able to look up and smile at you whenever I want.”

If you want to learn more about this type of message, or to understand more about men psychologically, I highly recommend you to check this Text Chemistry Program. It is a texting technique that could help you capture your man’s heart.

14# Occasionally send him a photo

This depends on your current status with him. Did you both comfortable with each other? If yes, then occasionally sending him a photo shouldn’t be a problem. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So try it out.

You can start by sending him your selfie. Your photo will make him think about you.

Or, you can send a photo of your current activity with a little caption, “Wish you were here!”

It shows him that you do not forget about him even if you’re far away.

And don’t forget to ask for his photo in return. Having him share his own photo is a great way to keep him engaged and bring the conversation to a whole new level.

15# Avoid texting him first all the time

Sometimes, let him initiate. It might be hard for some of you, but be patient and wait for him to send the text first. Because it is important to keep a balance in communication, do not let your texting communication be completely one-sided.

If you always text him first, stop doing that for a while. Give him some time and let him initiate. After he knows how to text you first, you can initiate it again. This shows him that you like him, and you also know that he is into you. So it is a win-win situation for both of you.

16# Don’t try so hard

Keep everything under control, don’t try too hard because it might work oppositely. Men are not interested in women who are being desperate to get their attention. They will think that women are being pushy and clingy.

So just be yourself, do your own thing, give him the space, and keep everything under your control. He will respect you because of that. Who knows, maybe that could be the reason he fall for you.

17# Know when to end it

Yes, you’re interested in him and you want to get his attention. But still, you need to be able to realize when the conversation starts receding. If you think that he’s starting to send one-word answers or taking too long to reply to your text, it’s probably time to call it quits.

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If you face this situation, you need to end the conversation but leave it open for another opportunity. He might have his own problem and maybe respond back to you after he manages to solve it.

Love is an unforgettable experience. It is one of the biggest experiences that life has to offer. And it’s something that everyone should enjoy and feel aspire to.

Final Thoughts

Texting can be a great medium to get to know a guy you’re dating. But it also comes with challenges. In the early phases of knowing each other, you have to figure out what to text, when to text, and how often you should text them.

Sometimes it can make you feel overwhelmed. But it doesn’t mean that you should give up. Keep calm and try to give your best shot. Whether you texting your lifelong crush or hottie from your office, I wish you all the best.

Hopefully, these simple guidelines will help you manage to text your guy. Remember, be yourself, be cool, and be confident!

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