What Are The Most Important Things In A Relationship

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Love is a strong feeling that we have for another person. We may need love to start a relationship with someone else, but can love alone survive the real challenges in a relationship? Did love is the most important thing in a relationship?

Honestly, I do think that love carries some weight in a relationship, but love alone can’t make the relationship long-lasting. Love is just a feeling that we feel inside of our hearts. It does not contain any skills and actions that are needed to sustain the relationship.

As human beings, we all have our additional needs and personal preferences. Plus, the practical elements of a relationship such as compatibility, flexibility, compromise, and tolerance are just important for a long-term partnership.

If those elements, needs, or preferences aren’t being met, sustaining the relationship can be quite challenging.

That’s why so many experts emphasize that love alone can’t keep the relationship healthy. Love is just one of the puzzles in our relationship. To make it complete, you need all the other pieces. And that other pieces are what we are gonna discuss in today’s article.


What’s Really Important In a Relationship?

Fairy tales teach us that relationship is all about romantic love. A superhero daring enough to face danger with his life is being risked just to save his girl. A knight in shining armor saves a princess from the bad guy then they live happily ever after.

All of these scenes create a romantic memory that we all want in our relationship. Who is here doesn’t want to meet their knight in shining armor right?

But as you grow up, you will realize that love is not as simple as saving a person dear to you from danger. It’s getting more complicated and get shaken by many problems. In order to keep your relationship strong and healthy, you need to have a strong foundation.

Without them, your relationship will start to crumble at the smallest of troubles. So in this post, we will share with you what is the most important things in a relationship.

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1# Trust

Every relationship has to be built based on trust. It is a foundation for any relationship. Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, character, ability, and truth of someone. Without it, the relationship will be shaky and eventually will fall apart.

Trusting your partner means that you can rely on them, confide in them, feel secure and feel safe with them. When you are trusting each other, there will be less misunderstanding. Your arguments with your partner also will be more healthy.

With trust, you will not be attacking each other, you will understand that every decision must come with reasons. You trust your partner’s reasons, you understand why he works until late at night, you don’t doubt them even if they need to go outstation.

All of these might look simple to some of you, but without trust, it can become a bigger issue. Many couples fighting over these issues every single day. They are not trusting their partner enough to leave them on their own.

If you think you are one of them, it is time for you to learn to trust your partner. When you trust them, you know you’re their priority. Even when differences or challenges occur in your relationship, you know you can overcome the problems together.

2# Respect

Respect is as important as trust. There will be no healthy and long-lasting relationship without respect. Some people even say that respect is the greatest expression of love. It is the way you behave and express yourself to that person.

Respecting your partner means you deeply admire their abilities, accepting their flaws, and treasure their qualities. As a partner, they will feel safe, secure, accepted as they are, and feel encouraged. All of these feelings are important to go through any hardships in a relationship.

Based on my experiences, when I talked with married couples on how they keep their marriage last for a long time, the word respect is often mention rather than love. Love has the tendency to go ups and downs and fade over time.

But respect won’t. Even though you both grow out certain attitudes and feelings for each other, respect will make you learn to accept some harsh realities about your partner and your relationship. From there, you will be able to stick together and find ways to make things work.

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3# Loyalty

Loyalty is faithfulness to commitments or obligations. Love with loyalty is a pure and long-lasting feeling. Being loyal to your partner means that you being faithful in all your promises, keeping your words, and sticking with your partner till the end.

In relationships, loyalty is all about trust, faith, honesty, and commitment. But it doesn’t mean that you should accept abuse or mistreatment. As a matter of fact, people who are abuse or mistreat their partners are considered not loyal.

Loyalty is a two-way street, both of the partners need to have a clear picture of how to be loyal. Because no matter how loyal you are, if your partner is not loyal to you, your relationship won’t hold long enough.

4# Communication

This point is often shoved aside as a cliche, but personally, I think communication is truly essential for your relationship. In fact, how you communicate with your partner can lead your relationship to a “good relationship” or “bad relationship.”

If you are not communicating with your partner, you will easily get caught up in misunderstandings that lead to cyclical arguments. You had no idea what your partner thinking, you don’t know what they are facing, it could be problems, health, or stress.

When you are not communicating, basically, you don’t know each other at all. That, in turn, will lead to frustration and resentment.

On the other hand, being able to speak your heart and share your thoughts openly with your partner will make your relationship grow stronger. You both use communication to express your love, fix problems, and talk about your needs.

All these types of communication will make things work long-term. Trust me, having good communication with your partner will help you go through the all challenging times.

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5# Forgiveness

We all make mistakes at some time in our lives, that includes our partners. So if they make some regrettable mistakes followed by apologies, we should learn to forgive and move forward. If you don’t practice forgiveness, you might be the one who pays the most.

Even though your partner’s act might hurt or offend you in any way, forgiveness can help you lessen the burden. Learn to forgive will bring peace to your relationship. It is also can lead to feelings of understanding, empathy, compassion, and a healthier relationship.

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As long as your partner didn’t abuse you, cheat you, and physically harm you, it is okay for you to practice forgiveness. As an example, you partner might hurt your feeling saying something unnecessary. So, instead of feeling grudges for what they said, you should learn to forgive them.

I know it is easier said than done, that is why I use the phrase practice. You know what is your relationship better than anyone else. So you are the one who needs to decide whether that situation or partner is worth the forgiveness or not.

Here I share with you what is the benefit of forgiveness psychologically. The article is from Mayoclinic.org.

These Are the Most Important Things In a Relationship

There are many other things that are important to relationships such as affection, honesty, security, kindness, commitment, and more. But as the title states, I only focus on the most important points that are based on my personal opinion.

Relationships are challenging, there were ups and down, happy and sad. But that is the true meaning of relationships. You were not really in a relationship if you are not facing any problem.

Love is important in a relationship, but it is not enough to keep it strong. If you really want a long-lasting relationship, you need to figure out how a relationship truly working.

Practice that and you will find your own path. I hope this article helps you think about your relationship from a different perspective. Don’t forget to leave your comment below if you had any questions about your relationship.

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