James Bauer Relationship Consultant – What You Should Know?

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James Bauer is a relationship consultant. And if you had come across this name, you might be searching for something related to the relationship. To name a few, it could be because of the hero instinct, what men secretly want, or his secret obsession.

He is known for his “technical relationship theory” and you can find it all over the internet. He also the author of the bestselling His Secret Obsession and What Men Secretly Want courses.

Who is James Bauer?


James Bauer is a relationship coach who has been actively providing consultations to men, women, and couples who had problems with the relationship. He has worked with thousand of the client for over 12 years.

According to his website, for the past years, James’s job is to study the inner working of a man’s mind and how man experiences a romantic relationship. He also put his time to study psychology, influence strategies, and both male-female perspective on romance.

Other than that, he put so much effort to write down and record all the problems he faced when he tried to solve his client’s problems. These experiences give him the knowledge and expertise that he needs to help others.

I personally heard about him when I dig information about man’s hero instinct. Psychologically, this theory is about men’s desire to feel important. They want to show how useful, strong, and effective he is among his peers.

James used this theory to relate it with our modern society. Nowadays, wealth and other great accomplishments are gained to show whether one man is capable or not. It becomes preferable and attractive for a man to have this quality.

I find this theory is very interesting. That why I started to read more about James and his program. His approach is quite different than any other relationship expert. His idea is very straight forward and he shares a lot of case studies. So depending on what type of person are you, you might find that his book is quite boring.

Is James Bauer Real?

I personally cannot answer this question. Because I don’t have any solid proof of whether he is real or not. I never have seen his picture and I never saw his video. He is quite a mystery to me. Maybe he is someone who doesn’t like to reveal himself to the public.

But I can promise you that his advice is real, his program is real, and his support is real. I personally had a few conversations with him through email. So don’t worry too much if you are interested to buy his program, he will not scam your money.

Based on what I know, James is an offline relationship consultant. He starts to consult people within his reach first. But then, he finds out his unique technique works on personal transformation and relationship success.

He had so many word-of-mouth referrals and his waiting list is growing. And keep getting longer. So, in order to reach more people, he starts leveraging the power of the internet to magnify his reach potential. That is why you find the article about his program all over the internet.

James Bauer Relationship Programs

As a relationship consultant, James teaches women how to tap into their intuition and make it guide them through the dating process. He has learned that women can get better results when they listen to their own intuition.

Other than that, his program teaches women what to do when their man starts to get distant or withdraw. By knowing your man’s psychology, you can understand what he wants and his needs even though he is unwilling to sit down to talk to you.

But first, you need to know that James Bauer had a few programs. I know sure how many total programs that he had, but these two programs are what I’ve been personally used to.

1# His Secret Obsession

his secret obsession member area

This comprehensive program teaches you how to understand your partner’s needs, get his attention and connect with him to the deepest connection. It contains the special art of seduction and some vocabulary tricks that you can use to make him obsessed with you.

This program also helps you understand the specific tricks and phrases that can catch his attention. Other than that, James shares a lot of information about male psychology. Which can be used to trigger most of the men’s emotions.

By understanding what exactly men are craving, you are definitely one step ahead of him. This process might look simple, but it has the hidden power to control your man’s emotions.

There are 17 modules in total as you go through the guidebook. Here some of the modules:

  • The unspoken desire that he’ll never admit
  • Make him see the light
  • The fascination trigger
  • The private island signal
  • The X-ray question
  • Text message formulas

Because James Bauer is a relationship consultant, there are also a lot of real-life examples that you can read to compare it with your current relationship situation.

This is only the synopsis and if you are interested to read my full review, you can check it here: His secret obsession review.

2# Relationship Rewrite Method.

relationship rewrite method review

The second one is the relationship rewrite method. This online guide by James Bauer focuses on women taking control of their love life. It contains all the dating techniques and relationship advice that you need to repair your relationship.

This guide explains the “magic ratio” theory, which is the same concept discover by science. It is actually a theory that used the number of positive experiences in ratio to the number of negative experiences. The result can predict how successful your relationship is going to be.

James used this concept to rewrite your man’s emotions. This method works well no matter how long you’ve been together. By learning this, you can literally control your man’s emotion to an impressive extent.

Other modules that will be cover here are:

  • Movie trailer method
  • The power of extended time horizons
  • Why compliments work when other methods fail
  • Optional techniques
  • An idea is like a virus

Then you will also receive the 6-steps method to winning your man back, even he is already your ex. Including a few more bonus contents. Here is my full relationship rewrite method review that may be worth checking.

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