The Key To Strengthen Your Relationship is Respect

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Solely love will ensure you a passionate relationship but it does not assure you a healthy and long term relationship. Besides, to love each other dearly, you need to have a strong basis that will become a baseline in your relationship, which is one of them is respect.

Respect come along with admiration and honor which showed for someone who you think they have good qualities as well as important. It is earned and not given. How crucial respects in your relationship?

Absolutely important, even love should not be the reason to tolerate disrespect. Girls need to know what’s their partner desire in relationships. Here are some tips on how to respect your partner.

the key to strengthen your relationship

  • Accept who they are

You need to accept the fact that you are living with a ‘stranger’. It means that your partner coming from a different background, family, education or culture. So they have their own style, behavior, and preference that might be totally different from yours.

Instead of arguing over a toothpaste that needs to be squeezed from the bottom or middle, you need to be mentally prepared for the differences between you and your partner and discuss it to achieve an agreement from both parties.

  • Be considerate and tolerate

Lower your ego and find a solution towards every problem in your relationship. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong or who’s always right or wrong, the most important thing is that you and your partner were happy with the solution.

If you love your ego and always want to win in an argument, your partner may be exhausted from it. Consider your partner feeling, idea or decision, do not let your desire dominate everything.

  • Don’t compare

The comparison can lead to the bitterness of relationship and loss of respect towards your partner. For instance, if you’re a woman with a nice job and financially stable, you tend to think that you are more powerful, brilliant and capable compare to your partner.

As a result, you might feel that you didn’t respect him because you think you’re better than him. And you might think that you can make a better decision. The fact is, no matter how great you are, it’s better to ask your partner opinions.

  • Do not make any decision by yourself

No matter a big or small decision you’re going to make, if it involves your partner, do ask them. A relationship needs teamwork. This is because you might miss something about your loved one.

As an example, you want to buy a cat but your partner allergic to it, or you prefer a cup of coffee for breakfast but your partner like heavy meals due to many workloads. These petty things if accumulating might end up to quarrel.

  • Be careful with your words and irritate tones

There is one quote state that “Harsh words can hurt a person more than physical pain”. Although it’s just a word, it may remain scar towards someone more than you think. Therefore, be careful of what you’re going to say despite how angry you are.

Hurtful words may be forgiven but not forgotten. Control your tones and use gentle words to express your dissatisfaction, it shows that you still respect them. It is also easier for them to accept what you are saying. Just taste your own words first before you spit them out.

Good communication skill plays an important role in this situation. If you have a bad experience with your communication and irritate tones, you may need to learn how to improve your communication skill in a relationship.

  • Give your full attention

People like to have attention as they feel needed and important. Whenever your partner tells you about how bad their day, try to give attention and be a good listener. Always try to respond towards their request, desire, as well as their need in a timely fashion.

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