How To Manage Money Issue In Relationship

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Money is a familiar source of nasty arguments among many couples. Typically, each couple has arguments about finances on their own pattern. Nevertheless, most of the time, money isn’t the real problem. Yet, having different financial values and behaviors is actually a real problem.

This article will guide with the main necessary steps for couples to look at the problem from a different point of view. Besides, I will explain how to have a more conducive conversation about finances and money issues in a relationship.

Money and Relationships

money and relationships

Make a plan together and take each other’s feelings into thought.

Don’t let money continue giving you a negative effect on your relationship. Keep your financial values as first and look back to them whenever you make a decision with your priorities. Most important, take each other’s feelings into consideration.

Work on the budget together.

Practice to not be financial nerds and don’t keep the money details all to yourself. When you don’t have a plan, you’re going to be depressed and that takes all the fun. And if you’re the smothered partner, don’t just nod your head all the time.

You have to vote yes or no in the situation of budget meetings in your relationship.  In that case, giving feedback, comments, and encouragement will adjust your budget each month as things change.

Especially if you’re a married couple. The most common financial problem is after the childbirth. You will spend a lot of money on the diapers, baby clothes, breast pump and more. So for the preparations, work on the budget before the baby born.

Discuss with your spouse on how to manage your expense, start to save money earlier, prepare what to buy list for your baby and create a separate account.

Equality, are one of the most important things in a relationship.

“Nevertheless, it’s vital that both make an effort to contribute to the running of the house with peace”, says Dr. Berman. Get to know where each person does his or her fair share of housework, take charge of paying the bills, make a decision among needs and wants of both and make a fair contribution to the running of a home. When opinions differ, sit with that conflict rather than immediately trying to smooth things over.

The ultimate symbol of a financial union for many couples is a joint bank account. For example, it can be used for taking shared responsibility for monthly expenses or establishing joint savings goals.

One of the main advantages of this way is that there’s a smaller chance of confronting financial issues. Because both of you can see the money flow in and out on that account. Somehow, this technique doesn’t mean it’s a practice that works for all couples.


Finally, we can’t deny that manage money issues in a relationship is challenging. But a financial crisis doesn’t mean you should live your life without enjoyments. Communicate respectfully and honestly with your partner.

And if your relationship is healthy, you have every chance of reaching accommodate on each other’s values and beliefs. Manage your differences by starting these steps and make a healthy living life.

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