Why is Patience in Relationships is a Good Thing?

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Every relationship needs love, trust, loyalty, commitment, and much more. But how about patience? Do you really need patience in relationships? Can your relationship hold longer without patience?

Well, I think patience is one of the important keys in any relationship. If you want a long-lasting, meaningful, and fulfilling relationship, then you need to learn about patience.

Patience is not about overlooking your partner’s flaws or sweeping them under the rug. It did not make you look weak, and it doesn’t make you lose either. Instead, patience will make you look calm and mature enough to handle the situations.

Aristotle once said that patience is a bitter thing, but the fruit of it is sweet.

Practicing patience in a relationship will help you communicate healthily with your partner. Your communication will be in the form of discussion instead of argument. Patience makes it easier for both of you to open up and accept each other willingly.

Every relationship grows and changes. To go through the process, you need to practice patience. Without it, your relationship will easily crumble. There will be a lot of problems that can happen down the road but you don’t have the strongest pillars to maintain it.

patience in relationships

Patience in Relationships is Just as Critical as Love

Patience is undeniably good for the relationship. Being patient gives space, breathing room, and making sure that communication can flow thoughtfully. It helps you develop tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness for your partner.

These traits indirectly encourage you and your partner to open up and accept each other more willingly. It makes you understand your partner better because you know the reasons behind their action. If they know you’re being patient with them even though you don’t like it, they will begin to meet you halfway.

Practice patience in a relationship helps you keep your relationship meaningful and inspiring, it also lets you see the best in each other. Basically, you’re allowing your partner to be themselves and at the same time learn to adjust and compromise.

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There are a lot of positive things about being patient. Unfortunately, to practice it in a real relationship is something much easier said than done. Nowadays, we were living in a world of technology. Almost everything is available at the click of your finger.

Our technology continually presents us with countless ways of doing things efficiently and faster. And without being aware, we have been trained to expect instant gratification. Whether you like it or not, this instant gratification will lead to unrealistic expectations in our relationships.

So down below, we will share with you further explanations about how you can have more patience in your relationship.

How to Have More Patience in a Relationship

When one is not having patience, it is impossible for the relationship to hold longer. A good, healthy, and long-lasting relationships don’t just happen. Instead, it needs to be built, tendered to, and nurtured.

Practice patience teaches us to be more humble. In other words, it helps you be more grounded so that you will begin to see your partner for what they are. It helps you realize that your partner is just a regular human being with good and bad qualities.

If you’re able to accept that, you will grow closer to your partner and love them as a whole. Healthy relationships are not just about positive traits, but it is about how you recognize each other strengths and weaknesses to work as a team.

This is something you can look back and learn from your parent or grandparent generation. They really know how to hold on until the end. They never ran out of patience, no matter how bad things got, they never left. Even in tough times, they stay and work together with their partner.

If you want to be able to do the same, here are a few ways that you can learn to improve your patience in a relationship. These tips will help you strengthen your relationship and have a deeper connection with your partner.

1# Begin with yourself

The best step for changes is to start with yourself. Sometimes, you can’t control something beyond your reach, that includes your partner. That is why it is always a good idea to start something new with yourself first.

So, if you want to practice patience, make yourself a patience-building subject. Start with the small thing that happens within yourself first. As an example, if you have very minimal patience on the road, you keep horn the car that makes small mistakes and stresses yourself out, it is time to change.

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Take a step back and practice deep breathing. This process can slow down your heart rate and cool down your body. The oxygen intake from a deep breath will enter your brain and clear out your thinking, freeing you from a momentary rage and annoyance.

The more you practice patience in your daily routine, the more natural it will be applied to your relationship life. Patience builds character, gives you more self-control, and eventually showed your loved ones how much you value them in your life.

2# Get to know your partner

Your partner is the most important person in your relationship. In order to tolerate, compromise, and have patience with them,  we need to learn more about their character. Both the good and the bad, the pleasant and the flaws.

By knowing them in and out, you will understand the reason behind their action and their intentions. Understanding this will help you become more patient towards their action, at the same time helps you deal with them.

During the process, you need to accept the fact that nobody’s perfect, you and your partner are no exception. So, it is important for you to accept them wholeheartedly. Learn to realize that your partner has their own limitation and you can’t push them beyond this line.

Accepting this will help you understand your partner. When you know and understand your partner, you naturally will have more patience towards them.

3# Lower down your expectation

Expecting too much from your partner is an act of selfishness. Well, it is true that we all want the best for our relationship. Hoping for the best is not wrong, but to keep doing that without any effort from your side will make things unbalanced and unhealthy for your relationship.

The thing is, if you are not setting a realistic expectation, then you are setting yourself up for frustration. Down-to-earth expectation helps you realize and recognize your partner’s natural self. Learn to love their true self, not the ones you imagine them to be.

If you really love and care about the person you choose as a partner, you should quit the idea of changing them. Expecting them to be your dream partner will not teach you to be patient. But accepting them as a person will help you build patience.


4# Stop and give your partner some space

There is always a time where your partner gets really mad and throws out a tantrum. When this happens, sure it can get into your nerves also. But joining them in their tantrum never was a good idea, it will only make things worse.

Instead, things will be much easier if you give them some space to breathe and talk to them calmly after everything has cooled down. When you stop interfering with their tantrum, you are basically teaching yourself to be more patient.

As for their part, the space will let them go of any unnecessary emotions and return to their rational selves to resolve the particular issue. Trying to solve anything during anger will force you to do something that you will regret later on.

So always keep in your mind that you should stop and breathe whenever things start to get worse. When someone needs space, it means that somebody needs to back off. Leave them alone for a while could be the best thing to do before unnecessary hurtful things are said and done.

5# Don’t take your partner for granted

This might be the most cliche point, yet it still happens a lot in most relationships. Taking your partner for granted means that you are taking advantage of your partner with no feeling of appreciation and undervalue them.

In easier terms, it will look like that you are using your partner in your life, but you’re not interested in being involved with your partner’s life. Sound unfair right? Well, it is totally unfair, one-sided, unbalanced, and unhealthy for a relationship.

Gratitude on the contrary builds more patient and helps strengthen the relationship. Gratitude means that you’re feeling thankful, it is an emotion that has a deeper appreciation for someone and is able to produce longer-lasting positivity.

According to this research, gratitude increases people’s self-control and their ability to wait. It basically helps people become more patient. So if you’re able to practice gratitude in your relationship, you will be able to have more patience in your relationship.

6# Listen and Communicate

Listening to your partner can be very difficult, it is a skill that you need to learn and master. Even though you might not become a good listener, you need to at least hear your partner out. Learning the art of listening is a part of practice to be patient.

When you listen to your partner, you don’t listen because you want to answer their concern, but you listen to understand their concern. It might sound the same, but it is actually not. When you listen to the answer, your mind is actually busy thinking about how to respond to the issue.

On the other hand, when you listen to understand, you will give your 100% focus to understand their main concern. You don’t have to agree with their concern, you should just patiently wait, listen, and trust their choices.

And the last one will be communication. If you really want to practice patience in your relationship, you should talk to each other about the importance of patience and how to work on it. Because it is important for both of you to ask each other opinions.

Discussing and listening to each side will develop more patience and tolerance for both of you. That is why it is important for you to listen and communicate with each other. Love is patient, by being patient, you are showing your true love and appreciation to your partner.

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