Why Being In Relationship Makes You Gain Weight, Based On Science

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Ever heard that being in a relationship helps to gain weight? Ice cream dates, romantic dinners, and late nights pizza become part of your regular routine, once you get in a relationship. So, it’s not something to be shocked that weight gain is sure to happen.

However, now science has proved that everyone has to admit to that fact. If we all aware of these kinda issues, there is a number of articles was published that relationship is the reason you are getting fatter.

A new study conducted in Australia, where researchers studied 10 years-worth of data from thousands of people and found that happy couples weighed an average of 13 pounds more than single. Besides, their records had an average weight gain of 4 pounds per year. Isn’t it surprising?

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relationship makes you gain weight

Where does it begin actually? Trying new foods together on meet-ups becomes a frequent activity. According to human psychology, when you are in a relationship with someone for a while, you don’t really have an incentive to go to the gym.

Next, studies also found that people in relationships have healthier habits overall. They smoke less, eat less fast food, and consume more fruits and vegetables compared to singles. Anyhow, most couples being overweight and are more likely to be overweight.

Have you ever read or heard that stress may also cause weight gain? But, what’s to stress about when you’re in a happy relationship? Good, stress, known as eustress, actually results in your relationship in weight gain. Even you’re happy, stress feelings can make you turn to the fridge in almost half a day. The most common way people handle stress is, eat.

Isn’t a healthy body image what we all imagine to have? But when you enjoy living a judgment-free life, you forget your goals. So, you stop worrying over how your body looks like and you realize that you’re fine just the way you are for your partner. This is the common excuse for the possible relationship weight gain.

Your relationship is going good and you don’t care about anything else? Remember, don’t eat mirror image meals because a man will burn more calories than a woman. Love has the ability to make you feel special, no matter how much weight you gain, especially when your partner doesn’t care about your body changes.

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So, does this mean if you’re in a relationship, you should forget your health goals? Absolutely not. In point of the fact, if you and your partner support each other’s healthy habits, relationships can actually help you maintain your health goals.

In other words, having someone to support you can actually make you more likely to hit your goals. It may be challenging, but it will likely increase not only the longevity of your relationship but your life.

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