Why Men Love Dirty Talk? Based On Science

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Talk dirty to me. This is something that you’ve probably been asked to do in your relationship, correct? No matter how you personally feel about dirty talk, you can’t deny that men love that. Well, it’s pretty fair to say that men love sex. But they do not only enjoy sex, but they also love […]

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100+ Sexting Examples To Blow Your Man Mind

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Have you been flirting with someone and want to blow his mind even he is not in the same room with you? Or it could be that you’re in a long distance relationship, but you still want to keep your partner happy? Well texting plays a big role in this modern romance. And there’s a […]

12 Ways How To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Reading Time: 6 minutes

The longer you in a relationship, the more likely your sex life is going to suffer. There’s a lot of reason why your sex life is going down. You’ll have the baby, you life getting busy, you’re getting tired and etc. Sooner or later, it will affect your relationship. When it comes to sex, even the […]