7 Signs Of Strong Physical Attraction When You’re In Love

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When two people feel attracted to each other, there will be signs of strong physical attraction. Look around you, did you ever feel “something” when the person you like coming to the same room as yours?

Even when words are not spoken, their presence itself makes you feel restless. Well, it’s basically a sign and a signal of love.

Love can just happen, especially when you least expect it.

And the only things that matter right now are how he feels about you? In order to know that, you need to look for signs of strong physical attraction between both of you. It could be easy, it could be not. Which is dependent on that type of person.

signs of strong physical attraction

But, if you look hard enough, you can see the sign of physical attraction spotted on just about any person. So today we will talk about the obvious sign of physical attraction between couples. The tips below will help you to get a better idea of what to look out for.

1# You Look At Each Other A Lot

According to Zick Rubin, a Harvard psychologist, “people who have a stronger love connection tend to hold eye contact for a longer period time than those who’re a weaker love connection.” He also said, “normal people in a conversation usually give each other eyes contact is between 30-60%. But for those people who are in love, their eye contact will be around 75%. They are also not easily be interrupted.

When someone is attracted to you, they can’t control their eyes. They will look at you a lot, unconsciously. When they got caught, they got embarrassed and look away. I guess the same things also happen to you right? If yes, it’s a clear sign that you are interested in that person and you want something more than just a quick look.

When your eyes are all over him, it means that your full focus is on the person you like. It’s a strong sign of a physical attraction.

2# He Always Smile

A smile can be a big hint if someone is feeling physical attraction towards that person. Close your eyes and think, have you been noticed that you smile a lot when that “someone” talks to you? Or being close to you?

Yes? That is why a smile can be a sign of unspoken attraction as it means that seeing this person actually makes you happy. It’s almost impossible to contain your smile when you’re with someone who’s attractive to you.

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The only downside of a smile is, it can be easily misleading or misunderstood. So you need to combine it with a few other signs to make sure that you are 100% correct.

3# You both seem nervous

Your heart is racing like it’s gonna explode. Especially when you are first time talking with each other. You feeling like you have butterflies in your stomach.

Because when we’re around someone we find attractive, we may feel insecure and less confident.

I remember the first time I talked to my wife on our first date. We met online, so we never had a conversation face to face before. It’s not easy, we both feel nervous. I feel hard to breathe and lost of words, and she’s worse than me, her hand is shaking all the time when she talks to me. LOL

If you pay attention to his reaction, you’ll find out that he will play with his hand, or cellphone, or his clothes. His body actually telling you what his heart desires.

4# You share a comfortable silence

Silence is also a good indicator of some physical attraction. Well, it could be awkward when you sit silently with another person right? But you don’t feel that when you are with him. And he also feels the same.

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If the two people seem comfortable together, even in silence, then there could be an attraction. Because you can only share a comfortable silence with someone that you want to keep around.

People who are mutually attracted have no problems in sharing silence because they enjoy each other’s company already. If you have a calm feeling when he’s been around you, maybe he’s the one for you.

5# He tries to impress you

This is quite obvious, right? In my opinion, it’s good to impress the person you find attractive. We do it because we want their attention. My advice, don’t fall for the type of people who are trying to impress you using their body, career status, or money. They may not serious about you, and in the worse case, that is the only thing they cared about.

Instead, pay attention to something more specific and more detailed. As an example, you told him that you love a cat. After a few days when he texting you, he also sends a picture of a cat or talks about his neighbor cat. It shows that he is serious about you, listens to you, and cares about your passions.

Another example, if you mentioned how much you looking forward to driving a Lamborghini and he bought that car for you. Marry him! :P

6# Blushing and shyness

Blushing and shyness can be possible signs of physical attraction. This sign is common for women, but also can be seen by men. When men approach someone that he is highly attracted to, he will start showing these symptoms:

  • Blushing
  • Stuttering
  • Suddenly acting shy
  • Or suddenly become extremely confident
  • Pay attention to his face or his ears.

When blood rushes to their face because they are blushing, his face becomes red. How cute!

7# He stares at some inappropriate part of your body

Man is always gonna be a man. You must be noticed that he love to stare at your cleavage or your butt. I’m sorry, but we as a man can’t control that. We love to stare at women’s assets from the day we were born. No offense!

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Here good tips that you can try for your man. When you have dinner together at a restaurant. Ask him permission to go to the bathroom, then turn around to see if he’s checking you out from behind or not.

If you’re lucky enough, there could be a mirror for you to see straight to his face. If his eyes are following you, it shows the signs of strong physical attraction.


Now we already know that this guy is really into you. So what you should do about it? If you really like him, it’s time to make a move. But don’t rush, take your time to prepare. Jumping into a new relationship is a big deal.

Maybe you need to ask yourself these 7 questions to ask before you start dating. Especially if you have a past relationship that continually failed. It might be best to reflect on your dating habit first. Take a few steps back and evaluate yourself before you start developing feelings.

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  1. Angie Alison
    Angie Alison says:

    Hey, I’ve just come across your blog, this is actually a nice set of tips! I agree with them. I think one important thing for men to keep in mind is that women get nervous too. Men tend to get wrapped up around their own anxiety and emotions in the early stages of dating that they forget that women do in fact also feel vulnerable. And often more then men! Also, women tend to think and make connections between everything constantly, so they will be highly attuned to the smallest of clues a man sends. Men should be aware of this I think :) Again, a nice post!


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