Signs She Wants To Be In A Relationship But Scared

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You have a close relationship with a girl and you show your interest to her. Yet what makes her stop from getting closer to you? The biggest obstacle to a relationship’s success is a feeling of afraid, and that is what most of the girls felt. So if this happens to you, try to look at signs that she wants to have a relationship but is too scared.

I know it can be pretty stressful and exhausting to try to find out what a girl thinks about you. You will have mixed feelings, not sure what to do and maybe, almost give up.

Most of the guys fail to recognize and interpret the nonverbal signals left by the girls. Remember, when a girl is concerned about you, it will be shown through her actions. All you need to do is pay attention to those little hints.

Signs She Wants A Relationship But Is Scared

1# She Tells You What She Likes About You

She spends a lot of her time with you and loves to do everything together. But she won’t mention anything about falling in love with you, instead, she just telling you what she likes about you.

She’s going to notice your nice clothes, your new hairstyle, and even your new perfumes. Well, she might be your best secret admires.

If she keeps telling you what she likes about you, she might be in love with you.

In general, it’s much easier to say what she likes about you than to say she loves you.

2# She Cares About You

How many times when you go out with messy hair and she comes running to you to ask you to fix it?

For your information, when a girl loves you secretly, she wants to take care of you and make sure you look fine.

She’ll even remind you to take lunch and get enough sleep. And if you need some help, she will be the first one to help you. If she went out of her way to care for you, then she must be in love with you, she just afraid to tell you.

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Even though she’s not going to express it, you must feel something about it. Sooner or later, her feeling will reach you.

If she can take good care of you she is certainly a keeper. I mean, I want someone like that too.

3# She Always Says ‘’YES’’ When You Ask Her Out

When there is the slightest interest implied, the answer is always a yes.

She wants to spend more time with you. That’s why whenever you ask her out, she will agree with it.

For her, this might be a good opportunity to learn more about you and get to know each other. Her level of determination tells you how much she actually wants to spend time with you. Because girls can be quite aggressive when it comes to a man they desire.

4# She Tries To Impress You

Did you notice that she suddenly look different than usual? Maybe she changes in the hairstyle, makeup, or dressing style?

If yes, then she must be trying her best to look beautiful just to catch your attention.

She wants to impress you and perhaps fishing for a compliment.

Don’t waste her effort, maybe you should make her day by giving her a compliment!

5# She’s introduced you to her friends and family

Girls usually have their friends and family as their top priority. So, if she tries to introduce you to them it means you are also has become her top priority. She wants the people around her to like you as much as she likes you.

It shows that you’re mean a lot to her.

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Signs She Wants A Relationship But Is Scared

6# She shares her love songs with you

Nothing is more classic than expressing your love to someone with dedicated love songs. Music is the universal language. Through music, she can genuinely express how grateful and happy she is because of your presence in her life. All those romantic lyrics might be the signs of her love for you.

Her music will tell you about her feelings, affection, and love.

She might end up asking you whether you like the music or not, did you understand the lyrics, all of these are important to her because she wants to know what you think about her.

7# She wants to know about your past

She aspires to know what is your personality before both of you meet. She tries to describe where you got your accent or what kind of family are you from. Furthermore, she will try to know about your past and something that you didn’t like from your past.

She wants to know all the little joys you’ve had in your life and the person you’ve been before you met. Trust me, if a girl trying to know about your past, that’s means she wants to be part of your life.

And she takes this chance to get to know you better before allowing you into her life.

8# She talks about her personal life when you are alone

Most people are not easily sharing personal information with just anybody. But, if a girl starts to talk about their personal life with you, it’s a sign that she trusts you and feels comfortable talking to you. It is also a sign that she is interested in you and gives you a chance to know her better.

In other words, she giving you the opening to form a deeper connection. She gives you permission to look at her private life.

Sharing personal information can be scary because you are at risk to be judged, teased, and rejected. But when she feels safe around you, she will start sharing her personal life. And this is a clear sign that the girl thinks about you more than just as a friend.

9# You make her smile all over her face

Whenever you come to her, you will see her smile reach her eyes. She looks very bright and happy.

Your presence warms her heart, melts her soul, and keeps her happy.

That is a genuine smile meant only for those who deserve it.

10# There’s a rumor that she loves you

Did you see her friends nudging and teasing her when you come over? Yes?

If that girl loves you, she is most likely to share her feelings with some of her close friends. And they may end up giving you clues about her feelings.

Her close friends know how she feels about you, but she’s too scared to tell you the truth.

Some girls are aware of their feeling but choose to keep them for themselves. They hide it because of certain reasons, it could be because of her past relationship, trust issue, or lack of experience.

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Regardless of those reasons, their true feeling is trying to reach you.

But there’s a wall in front of her, that stops her from coming over to you.

If you want to overcome that wall, you need to fight for it. Try to learn more about her and make her trust you enough to deeper the connection.

Once she trusts you with all of her heart, she going to love you more than anyone else in this world.

Maybe she is too scared of love because she hasn’t found the right one yet, and that “one” could be your responsibility.

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