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Hello everyone! Welcome to my The Ex Factor Guide Review by Brad Browning. This is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for women or men who wants to get back together with their Ex. Based on the content, I wouldn’t say that this is just a simple getting back your ex guide, but it covers much more than that. I will try to cover up all the important points about the guide on this article so that it would help you to get a better idea of what to expect from this program.

Getting Back Your Ex

Break up with someone you love is hard and painful. Nobody wants to experiences that. Unfortunately, most of us already been in that situation. And we know exactly how it feels, we will have mixed feelings of sadness, anger, low self-esteem, depression, and confusion for a week or more.

However, break up is not necessarily bad for a relationship. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes, break up might be the best decision you should make for a better future. But it all depends on your choices, what did you want in your relationship?

Whatever your choices, just make sure that you don’t feel regret about it. But, if you have personally experienced this kind of heartbreak and do regret it, then this post is definitely for you.

If you want to repair your relationship and get it back to what it once was, then I believe The Ex Factor Guide can offer a solution. This guide will definitely teach you a thing or two about why breakups happen and what are the common reasons for the breakup.

Other than that, Brad also shares tips on how to get your ex back and give your relationship a second chance. Pay attention to the product details, it might help you to decide whether this program is worth your money or not.

About The Ex Factor Guide

The Ex Factor Guide is fully written by Brad Browning. This guide is created based on Brad’s experience when he helping men and women who want to get their ex back for the last 10 years. It’s a comprehensive step-by-step online guide with 220-pages (as for this review – The author maybe adding more content in the future).

Here the member area for you to download the product.

Brad’s split up the guide into several topics that deal with almost every situation. His technique based on numerous psychological tactics that will break down your ex-partner defense mechanism and make him/her forget all the negative feelings in their minds.

The Ex Factor Guide not only focuses on how to win’s your ex back. But it also helps you seem less desperate, give you advice on what you should do in your recovery times, and help you if you decide to move on from your previous relationship.

This guide also helps you in your interpersonal aspect. You need to learn what you do wrong in your relationship and improve it. Because Brad’s believes there’s no point of getting together with your ex if you going up to end up breaking up again.

If you know nothing about Brad’s, you can watch this video. In this video, he shares his 5 golden rules if you want your ex back.

Okay, if you are done with the video, let’s us continue with his program.

What You’ll Learn From The Ex Factor Guide?

From this program, you’ll learn how to deal with breakups, mend your relationship and get back with your ex. To make this guide is suitable to almost everyone, this guide has been designed separately for men and women:

There are several chapters in this guide, and I will break down the chapter for men and women separately. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn from the program:

The Ex Factor Guide For Men’s

Click the image below for a larger view:

Brad’s designed this program separately because he hopes that everyone can get benefit from this program. Please refer to the chapter detail below (for your information, I will not list all the subtopics, I only list the subtopics that I feel important).

For men, you need to pay extra attention to chapters 2, 4, 5, 8 and 10.


  • The introduction to The Ex Factor guidebook. What is your goal in a relationship and explanation about the science of being happy.

#1: Introduction

  • Forget about what you think you know
  • The real reason you’re alone

#2: Attractive Characteristics

  • Oxytocin: Your Secret Weapon

#3: Unattractive Characteristics

#4: Panic and Acceptance

  • Don’t pressure her
  • Some good news

#5: Start with “No Contact”

  • Why 31 Days?
  • “But I Can’t Wait That Long!”
  • What If You’ve Done Too Much Begging and Pleading Already?
  • Pick Up an Old Hobby (Or a New One!)
  • Lean on Your Friends
  • Start Exercising More
  • Focus More Energy on Your Work
  • What If No Contact is Physically Impossible?

#6: Start Dating Other Women

  • How to Let Her Know You’re Dating
  • What If She’s Dating Other Men Already?

#7: What If She Contacts You?

#8: What If She Doesn’t Contact You?

  • You Have Two Options
  • What Should You Text Her?
  • How You Should Call Her
  • When She Calls or Writes You Back
  • “What If This Doesn’t Work?”

#9: The “Date”

  • Body Language and Tone of Voice
  • Conversation Topics for The “Date”
  • How to Tell a Good Story

#10: Secure Her All Over Again

  • Seduction in a Nutshell
  • Rebuilding the Attraction
  • Your Physical Appearance
  • Tease Her!
  • Find an Excuse to Move Locations
  • How to Kiss Her
  • A Dirty Attraction Tip
  • My “6 Magic Words”

#11: Sex!

  • What to Do After Sex

#12: Preventing Breakup

  • Keep Things Interesting
  • Induce Jealousy

#13: Desperation Tactics

  • The desperation letter

The Ex Factor Guide For Women’s

Click the image below for a larger view:

Please refer to the chapter detail below (for your information, I will not list all the subtopics, I only list the subtopics that I feel important).

For women, you need to pay extra attention to chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10.

#1: Introduction

  • Forget about what you think you know
  • The real reason you’re alone

#2: Attractive Characteristics

#3: Unattractive Characteristics

#4: Panic and Acceptance

  • Don’t pressure him

#5: Start With “No Contact”

  • Why 31 Days?
  • “But I Can’t Wait That Long!”
  • What If You’ve Done Too Much Begging and Pleading Already?
  • Pick Up an Old Hobby (Or a New One!)
  • Lean on Your Friends
  • Start Exercising More
  • Focus More Energy on Your Work
  • What If No Contact is Physically Impossible?

#6: Start Dating Other Men

  • How to Let Him Know You’re Dating
  • Hang Out With Mutual Friends
  • What If He’s Dating Other Women Already?

#7: What If He Contacts You?

  • What if he calls?

#8: What If He Doesn’t Contact You?

  • You Have Two Options
  • What Should You Text Him?
  • The Pointless Text
  • The Good Reminder Text
  • How You Should Call Him
  • When He Calls or Writes You Back
  • “What If This Doesn’t Work?”

#9: The “Date”

  • Body Language and Tone of Voice
  • Conversation Topics for The “Date”
  • How to Tell a Good Story

#10: Seduce Him All Over Again

  • Seduction in a Nutshell
  • Rebuilding the attraction
  • Tease Him!
  • Kinesthetic attraction
  • How to kiss him
  • My “6 Magic Word”
  • A sneaky attraction tip

#11: Sex

#12: Preventing Breakup

  • Keep Things Interesting
  • Induce Jealousy

#13: Desperation Tactics

  • The desperation letter

The Ex Factor Guide Review Pros and Cons

Please keep in mind, there’s NO product that will work for everyone. Every product has its own advantages and disadvantage. Thus, it’s important for you to know what you really want in that particular product before you decide to buy it.

I didn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy this product. In my opinion, this product is great and can be very helpful to someone who’s recently split up with their partner. It gives you the idea of what you shouldn’t do when you’re emotionally unstable. The reason is, all your actions at that time will only make things worse and drive your ex further away.

The Pros

This guide teaches the right mentality and the correct action that you should take at the initial stages of a breakup. As an example, if you read the chapter list, you’ll found out that Brad’s have suggested you take a cooling-off period of 31 days.

It might seem difficult for you, but if you act based on emotion like constantly call your ex, tell your ex how much you miss him/her, or even worse blame your ex for leaving you. All these actions are just going to push your ex further away.

Instead, follow Brad’s advice to take your mind off your ex. He gives a few suggestions such as focuses your time on your works, hanging out with your friends, spend time on your hobby, and start dating another person.

The real reason for all these actions is to get on with your life and try to have as much fun as possible. If you manage to stop yourself thinking about your ex and not to keep in touch with him/her, then it will be much easier for you to plan your next step.

Personally, I think all this information is very important, that’s why I highly suggest this product to someone who’s recently split up with their partner.

However, there’s no rose without a thorn. Even though this is an amazing product. I still couldn’t agree with some of Brad’s point of view. I will explain it down below.

The Cons

I think this program needs some improvement in the issue of why a relationship breaks down. The breakup happens because of multiple reasons, nevertheless, this program makes it look like it all boils down to the fact that your ex is lost attraction for you.

That’s why Brad’s suggests you to start dating other women, he wants you to recreate your attraction by letting your ex know other women are interested in you. Well, it’s true that women are attracted to men who other women find attractive.

But, that might not be a real reason why you guys break up. Maybe the real reasons are because of the trust issue, financial problem, communication problem or something else. If you failed to address the main issues of your problem and directly follow the advice from this guide, you’ll just make the situation worse. Plus, you’ll ruin the chances of patching things up with your ex.

In my opinion, you definitely can use the advice from this guide. But you need to diagnose your main problem of why your ex is leaving you. Then use the information from this guide that is applicable to your situation. Do not follow all the advice blindly.

The Bottom Line

Above all, having a breakup is not the end of your life. There is always a possibility to reverse the breakup and get back with your ex once again. However, it is must be done carefully with proper planning.

First, get to know what is your real problems in a relationship. Find out why your ex was unhappy and what is actually she/he looking for in a relationship.

Basically, if you decide to get back together with your ex, I suggest you spend some time on yourself. It’s important for you to take a step back and look at your situation objectively. Take this opportunity to improve the area that you’re lacking and be a better version of you.

Use this program as your guide, but you need to know which one is good advice for you, and which one is not. It all depends on your particular situation and why your ex is leaving you. You know your situation better than anyone else.

That all from me, I hope this review can be helpful for you to decide whether this program is worth your money or not. And please leave a comment below if you have any questions or experiences about the product that you wanted to share.

Follow this link for instant access to The Ex Factor Guide.

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the devotion system review

The Devotion System Review – Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Reading Time: 8 minutes

the devotion system review

If you love to search for relationship advice online, then you must be heard about the devotion system by Amy North. It’s actually a program that can help women who’re struggling to find and keep a quality man. Please read my “The Devotion System Review” to get a better idea of what to expect from this program.

Introduction to The Devotion System

The Devotion System contains comprehensive advice on every aspect of dating for women. Starts from getting a guy’s number and sending him your first text message. It was designed to offer advice for every woman at any stage in a relationship.

It’s also a good program for someone who’re constantly facing difficulties in their relationship. Keep failing in a relationship is hard, it breaks your heart, lessen your self-confident and you’ll be emotionally disturbed.

So to avoid this keep happening, you need guidance from someone professional. I won’t say that this program will 100% works for every woman. But personally, I think it can open your eyes to see your own self from a different angle.

Okay, before we start, let me introduce you to the author of this program.

amy-northWho is Amy North?

Amy North is a dating coach and a relationship expert from Vancouver, Canada.

She has worked with both local and global clients for more than five years. She is an expert in dating, marriage, breakups, and divorce.

She believes that love is a dynamic lifelong process. It needs hard work, dedication, and long term commitment in order to survive. Her main objective is to help people around the world cope and grow with love.

How her program can help you?

When you log in to your member area, you will see the download button as per the image above. You can either download the eBook to read on your laptop or use the iPhone/kindle version. If you don’t want to download the eBook, you can read it directly with your browser, scroll down below the page for the link.


This guide book is divided into three important part.

  • Part 1: Letting go and moving on
  • Part 2: Men 101
  • Part 3: Stages of Love

I would say some of the content in this guidebook can be found online, and it’s pretty common knowledge. But I will give credit to the author because she really put the effort to structure all the information.

All the content is well structured and written in detail. She starts the guide with self-improvement and then continues it with other important topics. Let’s have a look in more detail explanation.

Part 1: Letting go and moving on

This is a very interesting part, maybe because her idea is quite common to mine. For me, if you want to solve any problem, you must start with yourself. Most of the time, the solution lies within you.


So in this chapter, Amy focuses on self-improvement. She talks more about how to move forward from your past (P.A.S.S System), and how to focus on personality instead of your look.

Amy emphasizes women inner beauty in her guide. She believes that inner beauty is far greater than outer beauty. It indirectly affects your self-esteem, your confidence, and your love. Have you ever heard this quote?

Good looks fade. But a good heart keeps you beautiful forever.

Well, this is definitely true. High-quality men want something more than beautiful look to become his long-lasting partner.

S.P.A.R.K Technique

This is the five fundamental personality and character traits that Amy wants you to develop.

  • Sexy and sassy
  • Playful and positive
  • Attractive and admirable
  • Radiant and real
  • Keen and kind

Each of these character traits is well explained by Amy’s. Read and apply all the information that you get here. If you really want to become a dream women of your future partner, then this is the step that you need to take.

You need to start believing in yourself and move forward.

How to become attractive?

This is section will be cover on “Six Steps to Embracing Your Inner Marilyn“. Amy will teach you how to boost the confidence that is hiding inside you. She thinks that it’s all start from your mindset. Changing the way you think about yourself will give you more confidence and feel more attractive.

So in this section, she talks more about the way to treat yourself. As an example, how to mentally photoshop your self-image, how to groom, how to do things that you enjoy and etc.

Instead of giving you the secret formula on how to boost your confidence, Amy method is just simple and realistic. In fact, she focuses more on the basic things that most women overlook.

Part 2: Men 101

This part is about “MEN”. To be more precise, it’s a guide on how to fully understand your opposite sex. It can help you break down some misunderstanding that usually happens between men and women. Here are some of the topic that will be cover:

  • Myths About Men
  • How Men Work
  • What Makes Men Chase You
  • What Pushes Him Away
  • How To Hook and Seduce Him
  • Etc

On average, this topic will give you a clear idea of what to expect from your man. It’s not too deep, and it’s not too light. Personally, I think it just enough for you to get a basic understanding of how “man brains” work.

If you want more detail explanation about men psychology, you need to read it from another book, which is just an option for you.

communicate effectively in relationship

Another thing that catches my attention on this topic is how to properly communicate with your man. I think this is a very important topic. It may sound simple, but communication is actually a complex topic, especially between couples.

Because when a partner didn’t communicate enough, they can’t express their thought and emotion. Which is can bring up negativity and misunderstanding, and eventually lead to the conflict.

That’s why it is important for you to learn what type of communication that men do response and do not respond.

Part 3: Stages of Love

This is the last section of The Devotion System. It covers a lot of different topics. Start from attraction technique, dating technique, how to make him addicted to you, what you should do on your date and more.

First, you’ll learn about the “Monogamy Message“. From my understanding, the basic concept of this technique is to let your man know how much you care and love him. Because in order to keep your man monogamous, he needs to feel safe and wanted.

After that, you’ll go through the “Phone Phrenzy Technique“. It’s actually a guide about phone etiquette. I would say that this is just a basic topic. Nothing special here, just the basic idea about how should you contact him through the phone.


You’ll also learn a sexual guide to satisfying your man in this section. As always, this guide will be focused on yourself first. You need to know which part of your body that will produce a great result, which area you’re more sensitive and etc.

Then you’ll learn more about his “Hot Spots”. You need to know which area he’s craving your touch. Amy’s explain it complete with an image. So it will be much easier for you to understand each of her points.

There are a few more topics will be covered in this chapter. You can refer the picture for each subtopic above.

Bonus Materials

The Devotion System comes with three more bonuses:

  • Textual Chemistry
  • Cheat-Proofing
  • Finding Love Online


From the three above, I would give credit to Textual chemistry. It focuses on texting, which is the most common way we use to get to know someone. So perfecting your art of texting will be a huge advantage to win your man’s heart.

This eBook will teach you a few tricks on how to texts a guy you like. Instead of sending him a common question, Amy will teach you a better way to communicate using text messages.

Pros and Cons of The Devotion System

Let’s go through about the advantage and disadvantage of the product. I’ve already shared what I’ve learned from this product. Thus, this section will be more like the highlights of the program.

The Pros

The content is well structured.

I would give credit to the author because this guide is very well structured. The flow of this program is easy to understand. You’ll learn how to get to know about yourself, how to treat and love yourself before you start to love someone else.

The program is highly versatile.

It can work for a different stage of a relationship. For a single woman, you can learn how to tackle the man of your dreams. Meanwhile, for those who’re already in a relationship, this program can help you strengthen the bond with your partner.

The program focus on yourself improvements.

This guide helps you build self-confidence and embrace your inner beauty. If you use all the knowledge from this guide, it can definitely produce a better version of “You”. Remove all the negative image about yourself and move forward for a better future.

The Cons

Some part of this book is just common knowledge.

If you quite expect in this “relationship topic”, you may found that some part of this guide is just general knowledge. But for a beginner, it can be considered as good already.

It requires a great deal of patience.

This program is not something that you can just purchase, read through it and expect results. It’s not gonna work that way. It requires your time and effort to make it work. You need to fully understand the idea of how this program works.

This is just a digital product.

This whole program is just a digital product. I need to mention this because not everyone is willing to read online or through their phone/tablet/ or computer. So if you prefer to have a physical copy in your hand, then this is might not for you.

Final Verdict

Overall I think this program is worth to read. There’s nothing hype about the program but it still gives you the knowledge that you needs, especially if you’re planning into a relationship or already in a plain relationship.

For me, if you decide to buy this product, you need to empty your cup first. Don’t be too negative, be open and read it from the bottom of your heart. This program will definitely give you an idea of which areas you’re lacking. So, look deeper within yourself, improve that area and be a better version of you.

Before I put an end to this article, I would like to remind you that this product is not about a secret phrase that would make any men fall in love with you. There are no such things as a secret technique or shortcut that can make a relationship magically work (even the video is kind of misleading).

However, if you are looking for a program that would encourage your self-improvement, boost your self-confidence, embrace your inner beauty, shape a positive self-image, and understanding the male mind, then this is definitely for you.

Follow this link for instant access to the program.

P/s: If you found this article helpful, it would mean a lot if you can rate this article. Your vote can help other users to decide whether this product is worth their money or not. And feel free to leave a comment below.


Full Review of Relationship Rewrite Method by James Bauer’s

Reading Time: 6 minutes

relationship rewrite method review

Relationship rewrite method is an online guide dating solution that focuses on women to take control of their love life. It combines all the dating techniques and relationship advice that you may need to repair your relationship. So if you’re looking for a definitive way to save your current relationship, or you just want to maintain your relationship in a happy healthy way, please read my relationship rewrite method review.

What Makes Relationships Work

Love is an emotion, that’s beyond our control. We may fall in love, start dating and have a serious relationship. But then something happens, and without you realize things start to changes. Your partner acting distant and become cold. And the worst part is when you face a sudden or unexpected breakup.

It’s has a huge possibility that you may end being messed up. This is particularly true for women who felt that they have lost the love of their lives, the one that they were meant to be with.

So in order to overcome this problem, or to prevent this from happening, you need to know what makes relationship works. Learn how to connect with your man deeps level of needs. Learn a number of helpful tricks and tips to make your relationship healthy and last longer.

One of the reasons why the Relationship Rewrite Methods work wells for so many different people is because this program focuses on the root of what most relationships work. It’s explained how to make your partner feel appreciated so they aren’t tempted to go to someone else.

Men minds can easily wander to other women, even when they are in a relationship. So it’s essential to make your man to always thinking about you. This guide has a lot of important tips that can teach you all sort of subtle ways to him addicted to you. The more he addicted to you, the healthier your relationship is going to last long.

The relationship ‘Magic’ ratio

This guide explains the ‘magic ratio’, which is the number of positive to negative experiences that can predict how successful your relationship going to be. Basically, you need to make sure that there is more positivity than negativity overall, which is very important. It’s the same concept that discovers by scientist to create a happy relationship, you can check the full article here – The Science Behind a Happy Relationship.


This is the scientific approach to improve and maintain the relationship. You’ll rarely see this kind of things in most of the relationship guide.

About Relationship Rewrite Method

Relationship rewrite method is a step-by-step dating guide that has been designed to help women to win back the love of your man and revitalize the love you both once shared. This guide is not about playing mind games or fake who you really are, but it provides you with expert advice on how to understand men desire, their craving over women.

With this system, you’ll able to learn the truth behind what went wrong, what started those long silences, why your man being cold, why he hardened inside and etc. By knowing all these things, you can prepare a good strategy to encounter those problems.

Touch Your Man’s Emotions

The basic guide of this program is how to rewrite your man emotions, by using the magical ratio discussed above. It’s work well no matter how long you’ve been together. Because this method works by doing things that will stimulate his production of dopamine, a chemical brains that cause a feeling of general well-being.

By learning how to do this, you can literally control how he feels for you to an impressive extent. In fact, this method has been backed up by science. It’s not just some made up method that depends on theoretical only.

Get rid of the past

Whatever happened in the past need to be clear, in a positive way. This guide will help you ensure that your man focus and his attention is completely on you, not at any women from his past. Which is very important, even for me, personally.

Rewriting the past with your man can help you maintain your relationship, and keep it healthy throughout the years. One of the most common reasons why people have a problem with their relationship is because they struggle with the feelings of their past.

Learn how to push his buttons

This is where you can hook your partner into you. It’s a kind of hypnotize where you are the one to control. By using this technique, you will make him commit and devote himself to you. This involves saying or doing certain things that will produce very specific emotional feedback.


Here’s a sneak peek at the topics covered throughout the program:

  1. Introduction
    1. Compounding Problems
    2. How This Course is Designed
  2. The Movie Trailer Method
    1. Why These Mini-Mental Movies Matter So Much
    2. Human Motivation
    3. Your Mission, Should You Accept It
    4. The Meaningful Moment Exercise
  3. The Power of Extended Time Horizons
    1. Lucky People
  4. Heuristics: Why Compliments Work When Other Methods Fail
    1. Pursuing Joy
    2. Compliments
  5. Optional Techniques
    1. The Humor Technique for Shared Emotional Release
    2. The Shared Enemy or Goal Technique
    3. The Disappearing, Reappearing Woman Technique
  6. An Idea is Like a Virus

You’ll also receive a 6-step method to winning your man back, even if he is your ex. Here the six steps to winning back his heart.

Step 1: Turn him around with the power of reciprocity.

  • How to Get His Attention
  • When You Ended on Good Terms
  • We All Want to Matter

Step 2: Use compliments to open new pathways of communication and gradually shape his behavior.

  • The Best That He Can Be
  • Start With This
  • The Five Goals
  • How to Control Behavior With Compliments
  • How to Make Compliments Sound Natural
  • My Secret Sauce
  • What If He Gets a Big Head?

Step 3: Use the power of story to touch his emotions.

  • Method One
  • Method Two

Step 4: Ask him for a favor

  • A Simple Request
  • Hold His Gaze

Step 5: Stand at the crossroads

  • He Should Never Feel Entitled to your Company
  • The Crossroads
  • A Curious Thing about Men and Freedom
  • Methods for Creating Scarcity

Step 6: Energy Transfer

  • Clearing Objections
  • Align Your Intentions

Is that wasn’t enough, you can expand your knowledge with three bonus programs that included with no extra charge. They are:

  1. Why Men Shut Women Out
  2. The 3 A’s of Effortless Attraction
  3. Uncover His Deepest Desires with “Relationship Detective” Methods

Official Website Click Here – The Relationship Rewrite Method

The Pros and Cons of the product

Let’s take a look at the benefits and the drawback of this product.

The Pros

The product is easy to implement and some of the methods are based on actual science. You’ll learn a lot on how to keep your man’s focus and attention. It’s an effective way to virtually guarantee a long and healthy relationship.

This guide also can be very helpful if you want to get your love back. It’s could be from your ex or from the cold relationship.

The Cons

This is an amazing program, but of course, it still comes with certain drawbacks. The main problem with this program is that it’s only available in digital format. If you love a hard copy book, then this is not for you. You may need to sit in front of the computer every time you want to refer to this program. But that problem can easily be solved using your smartphone.

Other than that, this program can be quite challenging to implement if you’re not a very confident or aggressive person. The method outlined in this guide will require you to take the lead and use every ounce of your strength to apply.

Overall Conclusion

As a conclusion, the Relationship Rewrite Method is a great guide for women to repair and spice up their current relationship situation. Unlike so many other relationship guides on the market, this program is actually based on science.

It’s has a lot of value to offer for the women out there, the tips and tricks work on a vast majority of men. There’s no need to change who you are, what you look like or standards that you have. All you need to do is follow and execute this specific technique that may help your current relationship situation.

Overall, this program is worth to try. With the 60 days, money back guarantees, you have nothing to lose. Feel free to test this program with the assurance that if it’s not good and never solve your problem, you can get 100% your money back.

Follow this link for instant access to the Relationship Rewrite program.

P/s: If you found this article helpful, it would mean a lot if you can rate this article. Your vote can help other users to decide whether this product is worth their money or not. And feel free to leave a comment below.

Language Of Desire Review – The Ugly Fact

Reading Time: 9 minutes

language of desire review

Welcome to my Language Of Desire review. This is a relationship program designed to help women to spice up the connection with their man to a whole new level of intimacy. This program comes with 10 modules, each module focus on a different section of flirtation techniques and the secret of dirty words. If you want to make your man absolutely crazy about you, I believe that this is a great guide.

Talk Dirty To Me

Talk dirty to me. Is this something that you’ve probably been asked to do in your relationship? And maybe you’re tongue-tied trying to come up with a response. Or you just changed the subject and hoped that your partner will not bring this up again.

No matter how you personally feel about talking dirty, you can’t deny that guys love dirty talk. It’s a natural characteristic for them. But have you ever wondered why dirty talk so arousing to them?

1- He’s the chosen one

He knows that he is the only one who gets to see this naughty side of you, it’s something that he’s been waiting for! Especially if you’re a ladylike public persona, but behind a closed door, you let him see the different side of you, the contradiction gives him a huge charge of excitement.

2- He feels like a rock star

The fact is, men brains are hard-wired to please women sexually. He always has a thought whether he’s done his job right or not, in order to make you satisfied. So dirty talk cuts right through all the gray and speaks to him clearly.

3- He loves your confidence

Self-confidence is attractive. Don’t let a few scars or stretch mark on your body make you loss of confidence! You’re more than that! Men are not attracted to women who are afraid to express themselves sexually. You should confidently use dirty talk to get what you want in bed, and men love that.

4- Dirty talk equal enthusiasm

Dirty talk is a huge turn-on for men, any men. It shows that you’re 100% present and enjoying the moment with him. Meanwhile, a quite partner can be misunderstood as bored and destroy the sexy mood.

So basically, dirty talk can be so arousing to your man. Let me give you an example that you can try it straight away. Take your phone and send a sexy text to your partner like this “You didn’t know how bad I want you right now” with emotion. And see what his response, if you don’t mind share his response in the comment section below.

You’ll not believe how excited your partner when he received a text like that. And that is just one phrase, imagine if you’ve learned 200 more phrases like that, what happens? Maybe you can be a female sex goddess XD

Okay enough laughing, actually all of this phrase can learn in the Language of Desire program.

So, what is Language of Desire?

The language of desire (LOD) created by Felicity Keith, is a program that focuses on ways to overcome your shyness, lack of confidence that you may feel about talking dirty. It gives you over 200+ dirty phrase that totally been done and tested for you.

language of desireThis program is well written with a step-by-step guide on how to talk dirty to your partner and get comfortable saying naughty things.

Inside of this program, you’ll receive 10 modules along with the worksheets and plan. This program teaches women how to deal with common relationship problem with the power of words and phrases. It’s full of tips and tricks on male psychology, plus how to talk with your partner intimately and make him sexually obsessed with you.

Not just dirty talk and sex

The language of desire is not just about dirty talk and sex. Well, it’s true that when you’re first to read it, it seems like it all about teaching you on how to talk dirty. But, as it goes on, you’ll learn more than what you just expected.

The program focuses on revealing the secret to a sensual relationship, it’s guiding you on how to make your man feels like he’s the king of the world, unlocking his secret fantasies and secret techniques of massaging his mental G-spot.

Honestly, this program is filled with a ton of information, you can utilize all the information here to relate with your actual relationship. The great things are, you don’t need any special skill to master all these techniques.

Here are 10 modules of the Language of Desire as per shown below:

  • The introduction
  • Become the sexual superwomen
  • Loving man’s best friend
  • Brain chemistry and sex
  • Create an erotic action movie
  • Desire intensifiers
  • For the single ladies
  • Getting your fantasies met
  • When ‘sex’ isn’t possible
  • Master class

All the modules come with different sections. And the good part about the program is, at the end of every module, you’ll find a worksheet that can help you to master what you’ve learned.

Who Is This Program For?

Let’s be honest here, have you ever felt undesirable? Or did you have a problem sustaining a relationship? As a woman, it really feels awful when your boyfriend or husband stop pursuing you sexually. Trust me, it’s not a good feeling, and sad to say, most of the women have been there at some point in their lives.

If you remember your early stage in a relationship, your partner usually couldn’t keep his hand off from you. But now things start to changes, he’s no longer crave to you the way he once did. Consequentially, women start to feel insecure, unloved and feeling unattractive.

And this is quite frustrating, especially for women with a high sex drive. She will feel unsatisfied! She thinks men are always wanting for sex, but now it looks like its just a myth. Actually, men often want something that they can’t have, the challenge excites them. That’s why at the beginning of the relationship he always chasing you badly.

The honeymoon stage is over

But then, when you’re committed to the relationship, and he can have you whenever he wanted, things slowly start to change. His excitement going down and his libido start to return to a normal state.

This is when the Language of Desire can be very useful. This program has a key to excite him again, with a little bit of flirtation, mystery, and excitement. Basically, your partner craves for women who are sexually confident and can tease him around.

In order to become that ‘women’, you need to learn from this program. The language of Desire contains a lot of valuable information to seduce your man all over again. As an example, The Tease Intensifier, which will teach you verbal ways to drive him wild.

Or Pavlov’s Erection Techniques, where you can condition your man to be wildly turned on whenever you speak a seemingly innocent phrase. This is just a few from many techniques that can be learned from this helpful program.

How this program can help you?

First of all, this is a digital product. You can easily access the program from your computer, tablet, and smartphone. It’s come with the MP3 audio file, so you can listen to this program wherever you like.

When you purchased the product, you’ll get access to their restricted member’s area. This member’s area is very well organized. You can get all the information about how to unlocking the secret to your man’s sexual psyche here.

From here, you can jump to any information that you feel related to your relationship situation, but it is advised to follow the module sequences.

This program pack with important information about sex and brain chemistry, why men enjoy pornography, and what you can do to become the main subject to your man desires and affection. The language of desire is not just about sex, it also touches on components of a healthy relationship, men psychology, and what they need to feel desirable and wanted.

Here is the list of techniques that you can learn from the program:

  • The Pavlov’s Erection Technique: Learn how to use a simple phrase that can bring him attention every time you whisper into his ear.
  • Erotic Telepathy: Learn how to get into your man mind, past his defense, and discover his most passionate fantasies.
  • Tease Intensifier: Learn a subtle way to slowly spice up your relationship until he just can’t take it anymore.
  • Oral Intensifier: Learn the next thing that you can do with your mouth after the verbal intensifier. It can drive him nuts.
  • Lust Mirror: Learn how to create a “feedback loop” of desire between you and your man. Basically, the process is the more turned on you are, the more turned on he gets. This is the best among the best.
  • Verbal Viagra: Learn the simple method that can give a sudden shot of adrenaline to your man libido.
  • The Madonna Moan: This technique received great successful feedback. By using a simple exercise, you’ll learn how to totally relax sexually, and open yourself to a new level of pleasure.

Along with all the module, you’ll also receive 3 pieces of bonus content. Which is completely free! These bonuses are:

Bonus #1: Good girl’s guide to texting naughty:

What type of women are you? Are you a shy type of women? Or the one who’s always taking care of your appearance and attitude? If you have a problem staring at your phone and wondering what text to your man, well this is definitely for you.

With this bonus, you’ll get a 200+ ready to use text message that you can instantly use to fire up your man. Felicity also shares a complete step-by-step method on how to make your man keep missing you.

Bonus #2: Silent seduction:

It’s about learning how to use your body language to capture your man attention, emotionally and sexually. In an intimate relationship, verbal and non-verbal language are very important, one can’t work with the other.

Bonus #3: Unstoppable confidence:

Over 90 minutes of deep conversation between Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold teaching you on how to build strong confidence with men. It also contains some secret about using your feminine body language to wrap any man you want between your finger.

Click here for official website – Language of Desire

Pros and Cons of the Language of Desire

Let’s go with the Pros and Cons of this product.

The Pros

Easy to follow

This is the first reason why you should buy this product. You can easily follow and understand the content to help you practice them. The author, Felicity Keith also narrates her story in this guide book to give it a personal touch.

Complete Audio Version

If you don’t like reading, this program already offers you another solution. It provides a complete audio version of this program without any extra cost. You can learn all the modules from this program wherever you want and whenever you need.

Spice up your sexual life

This is the main reason why you should get this product. Learn how to be sassy and sultry to get your man crazy about you. Stop thinking that you should be a “good girl”, at least not in front of your man. You should just go wild! This guide can help you rid the mindset that promotes sexual insecurity and gets you sexual confidence.

60 days money back guarantee

You have nothing to lose here. This program backed by 60-days money back guarantee. If this program doesn’t work for you after you finish all the module. Email them to ask for a full refund. No question asked!

The Cons

Not for timid women

Some of the methods suggested by this program may not suitable for you. Basically, this program simply not suitable for shy women. But if you’re a shy woman and willing to overcome the shyness, then you could try this program. Because as a shy woman, is better to seeking help online.

Not comfortable with dirty talk

Some of you may find that the dirty talk is not your things. Because it’s important to remember that not every woman is suited to do this, and it is okay.

Overall Conclusion

Make sure you’re mentally and emotionally prepare before you follow this program. Because you’ll become a dangerous woman. You’re going to release some crazy awesome power from your own self and drive your man wild.

But in order to do that, you need to step out from your comfort zone. It may feel silly, but don’t give up before you try. Remember, the same method will not produce a different result. So if you want a different result, you need to be ready to try new things.

With all the knowledge that you get from this guide, you can easily mold, change, and alter any aspect of the relationship that you currently have. You’ll realize how much power that women can wield when it’s correctly approached.

Overall, I highly recommend this program. It’s worth your time and your money. You’re free to try this product because it’s come with 60-days money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Follow this link for instant access to the program. Good luck!

P/s: If you found this article helpful, it would mean a lot if you can rate this article. Your vote can help other users to decide whether this product is worth their money or not. And feel free to leave a comment below.

text chemistry review

Text Chemistry Review – Read This Before You Decide To Buy!

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Text chemistry review

Welcome to my Text Chemistry Review by Amy North. All the information is based on my personal review of the product and collective feedback from other users. Please take note that the result may vary depending on the individual user. I hope this text chemistry review can help you decide whether this product can help you or not. You can use all the information here to get a clear idea of what to expect from this program.

Secret Text That Makes Men Obsessed

A text message has become extremely common for men and women to communicate with each other when flirting. It’s actually how deep love connection is made. Because, text messaging is a convenient, fast and reliable way to stay in touch. But if you fail to manage how you texting with your partner, it could seriously damage your relationship.

Frequent texting is not an assurance to develop a positive relationship. Well, it’s true that texting is a quick way to communicate with your partner, but it’s not so useful to share a deep thought and develop a deep connection without proper execution.

Text communication also easily misrepresented. This is because when we communicate, normally we rely a lot on nonverbal cues such as facial expression and body language. And this is not happening in texting, it’s could be a high possibility that your joke may come across as an insult or offensive to your partner. Especially at the early stage of the relationship.

Most women find it challenging to make their men stay interested in them. This is when text chemistry will guide you. There are many effective ways to make your man commit to the relationship, and this program will teach you how to implement that.

About Text Chemistry

The text chemistry program was written entirely by Amy North. It’s created based on her experienced learned about couples and how they communicate with each other in their relationship. It’s an online program that teaches women how to use a simple text message to make their men obsess over them.

Amy North: She is professional relationship counselor and best-selling author from Vancouver Canada. She specialized in helping women from around the world to find and keep the man from their dream. Amy north spent years researching the nature of relationship and this program is her ultimate result.

Text chemistry works like a magical text that makes almost any man psychologically addicted to you. These text messages have been proven to work on even the most distant and cold man. They will start craving for you all day night long.

Logically it doesn’t make sense right? Of course! I also have the same thought when I read about this program. Read on, I will try to explain to you how this program works.

text chemistry reviewBasically, there are a few important keys that make this program work. This program focus on capturing men’s full attention, so they constantly thinking about you, what are you doing, what are you thinking and etc. It teaches you how to use men’s “psychological triggers” which is called Attention hook to help you grab men’s attention.

This power attention hook will tap in directly to your man focus and make him think about you. As a result, it will create excitement and a desperate feeling of love, care and also an obsession for you. Text chemistry also highlights the science proven step for love and attraction. You can learn how those simple words can change your man mind and focus.

What Will You Learn From Text Chemistry?

With this program, you will receive The Main Book and 13 Videos. You also will receive three bonus e-books from Amy at no extra cost. These include:

  • Phone Game E-book
  • Why Men Leave E-book
  • Quality Men on Tinder E-book

As you read through the text chemistry guidebook, you will learn the basics of how to train guys text to you back quickly and consistently. It’s simple and easy to understand. You don’t need to spend hours on the internet again to find a good solution.

All you need to do is sit back, have a cup of coffee and send the messages. Here a short preview of what you’ll learn from the program:

#1- Do men ignore your messages?

Learn how to use Amy North effective technique that will make your man text you back instantly and consistently. It can lower your chances of feeling ignored or rejected again.

#2- E-Glow text

Learn how to hardwired your guy’s brain to love you and adore you no matter what hardship you will face by sending a text message. Once you send them these texts, his mind will always be thinking about you and just you.

#3- Get your ex back

Your ex said it’s already over. But you still want him back. Use the “Satellite text” that can make him regret the breakup. He will fight for a second chance to be with you.

#4- Your relationship has become stale and boring

Learn how to fill his body with the kind of nervous excitement that he felt when he first saw you. There’s a lot of practical advice to ignite love into a dying relationship.

#5- Make him passionate about you

Learn how to fill his mind with the thoughts of you all the time. This guidebook shares with you how to make your partner crave over your touch and hang on your every word.

#6- Simple cheat sheet

Learn the ability to analyze his text messages and figure out your man’s true feeling on what he really means. As I said above, text messages can easily be misrepresented. This section will provide you good advice on how to handle the problem.

#7- Getting him to propose

This guide is about the subliminal messages that can make your partner crave into marriage, family and lifelong commitment. Take advantage of this section if you are trying to get your partner to propose as soon as possible.

#8- Make him miss you

Learn how to improve your text messages to make him feel a burst of excitement and counting downs the days until he gets to see you again. You’ll learn the best secret here!

#9- Taking the right picture

We always send a picture to our partner right? And this is not about how to send your naked picture to your partner. Here you can learn how to send a number of silly little images that can make him feel even more lust towards you.

#10- Bang his head

As you go through this program, you will find out how to bang his head with the text that won’t easily forget. And he’ll start making up a silly excuse just to see you as soon as he can!

#11- How to talk to him on the phone

Are you feeling awkward when talking to a guy over the phone? If yes, then you definitely won’t miss this section.

#12- Shooting for The Stars

Learn how to make him focus on you and only you. He’ll be blind to every other woman in his life. Because every moment he spends with you will be the happiest moment in his life.

The man that you waiting for may be just around the corner. Don’t let him escape! You can use this program to guide your man into a happy, committed relationship that you always dream of. Here is the table of content that you need to check out first.

This program focusing on modern society as we live nowadays. So it’s not an outdated relationship program. Even if you are planning to date a man younger than you, this program still can meet that purpose.

Pros and Cons of the Text Chemistry

Let’s go through the pros and cons of this program.

The Pros

Increase your chance of finding love

This guide can drastically improve your chances to find your dream partner. It’s easy to follow and straight to the point. All modules and videos are super organized and clearly deliver important messages. It’s also cover most of the relationship/dating situation that you can relate to your own situation status. Apply their techniques to rejuvenate your love life and produce real results.

Remove insecurities

As you go through this program, you will learn a lot on how to speak to your man in a way that he’ll listen to you, sit up and take notice. He will feel different around you, feel freer and more comfortable. For your side, you’ll not be seeming ‘clingy’ or ‘needy’ to him. You also stop feeling jealous and your sudden lack of insecurities will make him want to spend more time with you.

60 days Money Back Guarantee

Most of the program that I write a review will come with 60 days money-back guarantee. It gives you the confidence to test the product. Whenever you feel like the product not worth your money, you just need to email them and ask for a refund, no question asked!

The Cons

This program is not for everyone.

This is based on my personal opinion, some of the modules may not work with you. It depends on what type of person are you. Some of you may dislike the method and not agree with the author. It’s totally your call. If you dislike the method, just proceed with the other module. Overall this is still a good relationship guide.

It can be perceived as ‘toying’

Some of the methods can be perceived as toying with men’s emotions. Which is need to be extra careful. You can relate back to my first point above. So it’s important to wield this knowledge carefully, because any positive effects that you get from this program may be undone if your partner feels like he has been played.

Digital product

This program is for online purchase online. Without access to the internet, you may not suitable to buy this product. If you don’t have any issues with the internet, I highly recommend this product.

Overall Conclusion

This is really a good guide to getting a men, and its something that every woman should have. Even if you just want to gain knowledge about the men, to be prepare for your future ;P

With this program as your guide, you can light up the darkness that surrounds so many relationships. Don’t allow yourself to continue to follow the same broken relationship patterns. Empty your glass, try to follow this guide, maybe it could change your life. Overall you deserve a happy, long lasting relationship.

Follow this link for instant access to the Text Chemistry program.

P/s: If you found this article helpful, it would mean a lot if you can rate this article. Your vote can help other users to decide whether this product is worth their money or not. And feel free to leave a comment below.

His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession Review – What To Expect From This Program

Reading Time: 10 minutes

his secret obsession program

Welcome to my His Secret Obsession Review. This review is based on my personal opinion and I hope it’s can help you to decide whether this program is worth to buy or not. You can use all the information here to get a clear idea of what to expect from this program.

What You Should Know About His Secret Obsession

His secret obsession is a 217-page relationship guide by James Bauer. It’s a comprehensive guide book that teaches you how to understand your partner needs, get his attention and connect you to each other to experiences exciting romances.

Honestly, a relationship can be very tricky. It requires more than your time and effort, and sometimes it needs seduction.

This book share with you the special art of seduction, and some of the vocabulary tricks that you can use to make your man obsessed with you. It’s a good guide if you want to improve your relationship, especially if you’re facing these kinds of problem:

  • You feel like you’re just a placeholder
  • You think a lot about him, but he only thinks of himself
  • He says he loves you, but isn’t in love with you
  • Why won’t he commit to you?
  • Why does he so quiet? What is he really thinking?
  • Why does he start ignoring you?
  • Does he really love you? Or he just wants to be alone?
  • It’s already over, but you want him back.

his secret obsession member area

After you purchase the product, login to your member area to download your ebook. You can either access all the materials online on the membership page, or you can download the PDF manual right to your phone or personal computer. They also provide the audio-book in MP3 format if you prefer to listen other than reading.

This book can help you understand the specific trick and phrase that can catch his attention. Of course, it does not teach you about a magical spell or whatsoever. But it focuses more on the concept, a relationship concept that acts as a bridge that can connect you to your partner.

Other than that, this guide shares a lot about male psychology and explain why some of the phrases they used in the guide book can trigger most of men emotion. Basically, they use a phrase that focuses on the importance of emotional experiences to awaken your man’s hero instinct.

By understanding what exactly men are craving, you can easily give them a type of “needs” that they wanted. The process might look simple, but it has a hidden power to control human psychology.

Man’s Natural Competitive Drive

We have been told that men are a simple creature. As long as they have food, sex, and place to sleep, they will be happy. But after you’ve been in a relationship with ‘that’ simple creature, you realized that it takes more than that.

The truth is, men are actually quite complicated in their own way.

Ask yourself, did you find it’s more difficult than you think it should to tackle your man heart and interest? Well, it’s definitely true, without proper knowledge on how to go inside your man mind, your percentage of success is almost zero.

Actually, there’s something that can drives men wild and invites them into a deeper level of connection, it is known as Man Hero Instinct. It’s the biggest secret for you to become a man’s deepest passion and priority in life. His heart will be yours, and he’ll do anything just to make you happy.

Men adore those who admire his courage and see him as a Superman, a dependable man in all things. So if you learn how to tackle your man hero instinct, he’ll go to the ends of the Earth just to be with you.

Introduction To Man’s Hero Instinct

We all know women nowadays very independent, and maybe doesn’t need a hero in their lives, but that doesn’t stop the biological urge that men have to be their hero. It’s something that men’s need in order to feel women’s love.

Hero instinct is a Biological Drive, just like thirst, hunger, and sex. It’s a man desire to be important, and to show how strong, effective he is among his peers. These hero instincts inspire men to become better and push forward to maintain the status that was created by themselves.

So why did the author has introduced the Man Hero Instinct concept?

James Bauer has worked as a relationship coach and counselor, discussing issues with thousands of women for over 12 years. Not only does he have professional experience, but it’s his expertise in relationships that make him so credible.

He has documented so many causes and effect in a relationship within romantic partnerships, helping him come up with this comprehensive, highly interesting guide.

He believes that no matter how in love that man is, if the women he’s with doesn’t bring out his Hero Instinct, he’ll feel like something is missing. It’s based on his experience over a decade listening to hundreds of couples.

As a relationship coach, he has observed the core issues within the most partnership and designs a program to solve their problem. The concept of Hero instinct is not a new concept, but it’s a pretty great one.

James Bauer: “Based on my personal experienced when I coached men, I already heard over and over again that they (men’s) wanted to feel like they were important and special to their women. In other words, they wanted to feel like their hero.”

It’s has been theorized that women who know about their men’s hero instinct can keep peace and respect in their relationship.

What Else Included In This Guide?

James Bauer has put a remarkable collection of tips and create a guide that really can make a difference in your relationship. He comes with something more realistic, the way he encourages you to take a step-by-step action will help you make a real change.

his secret obsession review

This is their table of content.

As you read through each module – 17 module in total, you will understand men’s psychology and how men usually thinking. I love the way James describe his concept, he didn’t blindly give you a simple phrase that you can directly use to your partner.

But he teaches you the concept, the theory that you need to understand in order to use it in a way that you needs. Not the same phrase that will be used over and over again. So if you know how to relate this concept with your own situation, you’ll find a way to improve your current relationship situation.

This guide is easy to understand and implement. There’s a lot of real-life examples for you to relate and compare it with your current relationship situation.

It’s also related to our modern society nowadays, which is we often to communicate using text (smartphone, social media), so it’s important for you to understand how phrase works.

Because when you texting with your partner, did you say the right things? Are you creating a feeling of desire? Did your phrase awaken his hero instinct? All of these questions will be answered in this program.

Regardless of all your romantic goals, this program can be an eye-opening for you to achieve a long-lasting result in your relationship.

Endless Honeymoon eBook (Included)

This extra eBook is quite long and a bit boring. But it still provides you with extra information. One thing that catches my attention is “how to encourage him to surprise you” technique. Even though there is no hype in this technique, it still very straight forward and fun.

Here is the list of chapters that have been covered in this eBook (I just list some of it, not all the topics):

  • How to make your wish lists
  • How to get him addicted to making you happy
  • The secrets of the endless honeymoon
  • Merging Honeymoon mentality with reality
  • Making it work in the current phase of your relationship

7 Day Workbook (Included)

This workbook is designed to get you to start moving. It helps you to start taking action after you finish reading his secret obsession book. Because most of us, love to drag things out.


When you read the guide book, you will start to think “this is a good idea, maybe I should try it tomorrow“, but when tomorrow comes, you will say “I quite busy today, maybe I should try it the day after tomorrow”. And it keeps happens again and again.

Before you know it, it’s already a months after you buy this program. So to prevent that from happening, I strongly suggest you print out this workbook. And try to finish all the task in the workbook.

Bonus Contents

James also provides other free bonuses for those who are interested to purchase this program. When you log in to your member area, you will see these ebooks:


You also can access to super-short guide by Amy waterman on how to uncover your man deepest desire with easy “Relationship Detective” methods. This guide shows you how to get inside his head and discover what he wants most from a relationship.

If you know what your guy thinks of how a relationship is supposed to look like, you will always one step ahead of him.


Another thing that catches my attention is the Hero Instinct case study. It is a “must-read” section. James shares his client story and how his concept helps them improve their relationship. Every case study will be review with:

  • The problem
  • The solution
  • Moral of the story


These case studies will be more useful if you can relate it with your current relationship situations. You can definitely get a clear idea of how hero instinct works on men.

Who Is This Program For?

His secret obsession has been shown to work in a huge variety of situations. This is because the guide itself is based upon a deep primal desire (biological drive) found in all men. But personally, I still believe this book is not for everyone, some may produce a good result, some may not. I’m just being realistic, there’s no product work for everyone.

Let us be more specific about the product. Here are some of the relationship stages and situation where it’s has been proved very effective according to the author.

Attraction stage

  • This is the stage where you’re trying to win the affection from the guy who doesn’t see you that way yet.
  • You want to get him to see you as more than a friend.
  • Maybe you face a problem like this. Why do guys show interest to you then just drift away?
  • He likes you, but why won’t he just admit it?

Dating but Falling apart stage

  • At first, things started great, but then he’s just drifting away.
  • Why won’t he commit to you? You want him to choose you and stop seeing other women.
  • He just starts ignoring your text, suddenly!

Re-Spark stage

  • You’re together, but it looks like something is missing. You need to re-spark the relationship.
  • Your man ignores you. Why won’t he return your call?
  • Suddenly he has grown cold and distant.

Ex-back stage

  • It’s over! But.. you want him back.
  • You’re trying to start over with your ex.
  • You want things to be like when you first met.

Click here for Official Website – His Secret Obsession

Pros and Cons of His Secret Obsession

Before you decide to buy this product, please read the pros and cons of the product. It’s may change your buying decision.

The Pros

It’s easy to follow

This guide book is well written and easy to understand. Since this program is instantly accessible, you can begin to implement all the technique right away. You can view the program no matter where you are. In case you face any difficulty in this program, you can directly contact their customer support.

Applies to almost every relationship

Of course, there is no perfect system. Thankfully this system is focused on man deepest passion (a biological drive which is called hero instinct) that may work on every man. By learning on how to ignite your man hero instinct, you can create a happy long-lasting relationship.

60 days Money Back Guarantee

If this product doesn’t help you at all, not even produce any result after you follow all the step in this guide book, you can ask for a full refund. You can test drive this program for 2 months. And I strongly believe if you really follow all the step, you will see a good result for less than 2 months. If you still not satisfied, you drop them an email and ask for a refund.

For me, this money-back guarantees will make it easier for you to try this program without any risk.

The Cons

The result may be vary

Different people will produce a different result. There’s a lot of factors need to be considered to make this program successful. I can’t guarantee a 100% success if you choose to try this program, but you can increase the possibility of success by understanding the technique mentioned in this guide.

Digital product

There’s no face to face session for this program. It’s only available for download. If you prefer a physical book or want to have a private session with the author, this product may not suitable for you.

Overall Conclusion

Altogether, we strongly believe that His Secret Obsession is worth to try. The book is all about men psychology and men mind. It also gives you a glimpse of idea on what men’s really want. All the information you received in this guidebook may change the way you see your men before, and it really does have the power to make your relationship stronger.

Some of you maybe have a mindset that men’s are strong, no need to go that detail for his personal needs. Well, it’s true that men’s look strong, but that on the outside, basically they also have their own weakness and their worry-points.

This book promise to help you understand how men think and give you the ability to influence your men emotions. It explains what’s really going on in the male mind and how can you tap his deeper psychological needs that can make him feel amazing whenever he is with you. That expensive!

You can learn a lot of words and phrase that you can combine with your own style. So then you’ll able to say just the right things to make your man more interested with you and make your relationship stronger.

Overall we strongly believe that His Secret Obsession is worth to try. With the 60 days, money-back guarantees, you have nothing to lose to try this product.

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