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the devotion system review

If you love to search for relationship advice online, then you must be heard about the devotion system by Amy North. It’s actually a program that can help women who’re struggling to find and keep a quality man. Please read my “The Devotion System Review” to get a better idea of what to expect from this program.

Table of Contents

Introduction to The Devotion System

The Devotion System contains comprehensive advice on every aspect of dating for women. Starts from getting a guy’s number and sending him your first text message. It was designed to offer advice for every woman at any stage in a relationship.

It’s also a good program for someone who’s constantly facing difficulties in their relationship. Keep failing in a relationship is hard, it breaks your heart, lessens your self-confidence and you’ll be emotionally disturbed.

So to avoid this keep happening, you need guidance from someone professional. I won’t say that this program will 100% work for every woman. But personally, I think it can open your eyes to see your own self from a different angle.

Okay, before we start, let me introduce you to the author of this program.

amy-northWho is Amy North?

Amy North is a dating coach and a relationship expert from Vancouver, Canada.

She has worked with both local and global clients for more than five years. She is an expert in dating, marriage, breakups, and divorce. Her top-selling product is Text Chemistry and The Devotion System.

She believes that love is a dynamic lifelong process. It needs hard work, dedication, and long-term commitment in order to survive. Her main objective is to help people around the world cope and grow with love.

How her program can help you?

When you log in to your member area, you will see the download button as per the image above. You can either download the eBook to read on your laptop or use the iPhone/kindle version. If you don’t want to download the eBook, you can read it directly with your browser, scroll down below the page for the link.


This guidebook is divided into three important parts.

  • Part 1: Letting go and moving on
  • Part 2: Men 101
  • Part 3: Stages of Love

I would say some of the content in this guidebook can be found online, and it’s pretty common knowledge. But I will give credit to the author because she really put the effort to structure all the information.

All the content is well structured and written in detail. She starts the guide with self-improvement and then continues it with other important topics. Let’s have a look at a more detailed explanation.

Part 1: Letting go and moving on

This is a very interesting part, maybe because her idea is quite common to mine. For me, if you want to solve any problem, you must start with yourself. Most of the time, the solution lies within you.


So in this chapter, Amy focuses on self-improvement. She talks more about how to move forward from your past (P.A.S.S System), and how to focus on personality instead of your look.

Amy emphasizes women’s inner beauty in her guide. She believes that inner beauty is far greater than outer beauty. It indirectly affects your self-esteem, your confidence, and your love. Have you ever heard this quote?

Good looks fade. But a good heart keeps you beautiful forever.

Well, this is definitely true. High-quality men want something more than a beautiful look to become their long-lasting partners.

S.P.A.R.K Technique

There are five fundamental personality and character traits that Amy wants you to develop.

  • Sexy and sassy
  • Playful and positive
  • Attractive and admirable
  • Radiant and real
  • Keen and kind

Each of these character traits is well explained by Amy. Read and apply all the information that you get here. If you really want to become the dream woman of your future partner, then this is the step that you need to take.

You need to start believing in yourself and move forward.

How to become attractive?

This is section will be cover “Six Steps to Embracing Your Inner Marilyn“. Amy will teach you how to boost the confidence that is hiding inside you. She thinks that it’s all starts from your mindset. Changing the way you think about yourself will give you more confidence and feel more attractive.

So in this section, she talks more about the way to treat yourself. As an example, how to mentally photoshop your self-image, how to groom, how to do things that you enjoy and etc.

Instead of giving you the secret formula on how to boost your confidence, Amy’s method is just simple and realistic. In fact, she focuses more on the basic things that most women overlook.

Part 2: Men 101

This part is about “MEN”. To be more precise, it’s a guide on how to fully understand your opposite sex. It can help you break down some misunderstanding that usually happens between men and women. Here are some of the topics that will be cover:

  • Myths About Men
  • How Men Work
  • What Makes Men Chase You
  • What Pushes Him Away
  • How To Hook and Seduce Him
  • Etc

On average, this topic will give you a clear idea of what to expect from your man. It’s not too deep, and it’s not too light. Personally, I think it is just enough for you to get a basic understanding of how “man brains” work.

If you want more detailed explanations about men’s psychology, you need to read it from another book, which is just an option for you.

communicate effectively in relationship

Another thing that catches my attention on this topic is how to properly communicate with your man. I think this is a very important topic. It may sound simple, but communication is actually a complex topic, especially between couples.

Because when a partner didn’t communicate enough, they can’t express their thought and emotion. Which is can bring up negativity and misunderstanding, and eventually lead to conflict.

That’s why it is important for you to learn what type of communication that men do response to and do not respond to.

Part 3: Stages of Love

This is the last section of The Devotion System. It covers a lot of different topics. Start from attraction technique, dating technique, how to make him addicted to you, what you should do on your date, and more.

First, you’ll learn about the “Monogamy Message“. From my understanding, the basic concept of this technique is to let your man know how much you care and love him. Because in order to keep your man monogamous, he needs to feel safe and wanted.

After that, you’ll go through the “Phone Phrenzy Technique“. It’s actually a guide about phone etiquette. I would say that this is just a basic topic. Nothing special here, just the basic idea about how should you contact him through the phone.


You’ll also learn a sexual guide to satisfying your man in this section. As always, this guide will be focused on yourself first. You need to know which part of your body produces a great result, which area you’re more sensitive to and etc.

Then you’ll learn more about his “Hot Spots”. You need to know which area he’s craving your touch. Amy explains it completely with an image. So it will be much easier for you to understand each of her points.

There are a few more topics that will be covered in this chapter. You can refer to the picture for each subtopic above.

Bonus Materials

The Devotion System comes with three more bonuses:

  • Textual Chemistry
  • Cheat-Proofing
  • Finding Love Online


From the three above, I would give credit to Textual chemistry. It focuses on texting, which is the most common way we use to get to know someone. So perfecting your art of texting will be a huge advantage to win your man’s heart.

This eBook will teach you a few tricks on how to texts a guy you like. Instead of sending him a common question, Amy will teach you a better way to communicate using text messages.

Pros and Cons of The Devotion System

Let’s go through the advantage and disadvantages of the product. I’ve already shared what I’ve learned from this product. Thus, this section will be more like the highlights of the program.

The Pros

The content is well structured.

I would give credit to the author because this guide is very well structured. The flow of this program is easy to understand. You’ll learn how to get to know about yourself, how to treat and love yourself before you start to love someone else.

The program is highly versatile.

It can work for a different stage of a relationship. For a single woman, you can learn how to tackle the man of your dreams. Meanwhile, for those who’re already in a relationship, this program can help you strengthen the bond with your partner.

The program focus on your improvements.

This guide helps you build self-confidence and embrace your inner beauty. If you use all the knowledge from this guide, it can definitely produce a better version of “You”. Remove all the negative images about yourself and move forward for a better future.

The Cons

Some part of this book is just common knowledge.

If you quite expect in the particular “relationship” topic, you may found that some parts of this guide are just general knowledge. But for a beginner, it can be considered as good already.

It requires a great deal of patience.

This program is not something that you can just purchase, read through it and expect results. It’s not gonna work that way. It requires your time and effort to make it work. You need to fully understand the idea of how this program works.

This is just a digital product.

This whole program is just a digital product. I need to mention this because not everyone is willing to read online or through their phone/tablet/ or computer. So if you prefer to have a physical copy in your hand, then this is might not for you.

What is My Final Opinion About The Product?

Overall I think this program is worth reading. There’s nothing hype about the program but it still gives you the knowledge that you need, especially if you’re planning into a relationship or already in a plain relationship.

For me, if you decide to buy this product, you need to empty your cup first. Don’t be too negative, be open and read it from the bottom of your heart. This program will definitely give you an idea of which areas you’re lacking. So, look deeper within yourself, improve that area and be a better version of yourself.

Before I put an end to this article, I would like to remind you that this product is not about a secret phrase that would make any men fall in love with you. There are no such things as a secret technique or shortcut that can make a relationship magically work (even the video is kind of misleading).

However, if you are looking for a program that would encourage your self-improvement, boost your self-confidence, embrace your inner beauty, shape a positive self-image, and understanding the male mind, then this is definitely for you.

Follow this link for instant access to the program.


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  1. Emma
    Emma says:

    I thought this product is solely about how to tackle man using text messages. Luckily I read your review first. If not I will buy the product with a wrong information in my head. Lol

  2. Wendy Beasley
    Wendy Beasley says:

    Thanks. This was the only balanced review I found (Cons as well as Pros). Also some of the others had similar 2nd language errors which made me doubt them as genuine.

    • Harry
      Harry says:

      Hi Natasha,

      Thanks for dropping by. For me, whether it worth it or not, you should be the one who decides that. This program did not provide any trick or shortcut that could change your relationship life. But the content can help you boost your self-confidence. I love how the author emphasizes that women need to believe in their own self, be confident, and be attractive.

      If you are interested, maybe you can try the basic program first. You are protected by a 60-day moneyback guarantee, feel free to try the program yourself.


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