The Science Behind a Happy Relationship – Infographic

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Everyone dreams a healthy and happy relationship. But in order to achieve that dream, it requires more than love. A happy relationship is challenging, confusing, but at the same time, it’s rewarding and exhilarating.

After a few years of being together, you must be sure something has changed. Did things stay hot in the bedroom? When is the last time you’re going to date with your partner? Did you rarely talk to your partner nowadays?

Almost every couples face the same problem. There’s no clear answer to this problem. But when it’s come to marriage and relationship satisfaction, sciences do has some interesting things to offer. Thanks to our friends at Happify, they make a beautiful infographic about The science behind a happy relationship.

Here some important point the scientist found out about people in a happy relationship:

  • A happy couple talks more. They spend more than 5 hours per week being together and talking.
  • They show appreciation to each other for something big and small. And they do something nice for their partner
  • They find time for intimacy. The happiest couples have sex at least once a week. According to the research, having sex once a week makes people 44% more likely to have a positive feeling.
  • A happy couple loves experiences new things together. By doing this they feeling more loving and supportive towards one another, and more satisfied with their marriage.
  • A happy marriage is worth an additional $105,000 a year in term of life satisfaction.
  • A happy couple shows enthusiasm and celebrates their partner GOOD news.

the science behind a happy relationship

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