6 Things You Should Never Sacrifice For A Relationship

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When you get into a relationship, there are things you should never sacrifice. These things might be important to you, as long as the is no harm to your relationship, you should keep these things for your own good.

1# Your freedom

Freedom is one of the most important things that every one of us possesses. And that is exactly what you should never sacrifice in a relationship. If your partner takes away your freedom, you will feel like a bird in a golden cage who has it all at first glance, but in fact, craves so many things.

So, whatever you do, don’t let anyone take away your freedom because you will never be truly happy in that kind of relationship.

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things you should never sacrifice

2# Your spirit

Your spirit is what makes you so special and unique. So why would you ever let anyone take away from you all that makes you so incredibly amazing? Why would you accept to change because of someone else? If he loves you, he will accept you just the way you are and won’t even try to change you.

If you let him change you, he will see that he can and he will go a step further – he will test your boundaries. So, it is up to you to firmly decline all his intentions to mold you into someone who would be perfect for him.

3# Your free time

Your free time is something you should never sacrifice for a relationship. Your loved one will understand that you need to spend some time with your friends since they were a part of your life before him. He will give you enough space to meet new people and enjoy life.

Only a narcissist will try to wedge a gap between you and your friends so he can abuse you in peace. I am not saying your perfect partner should be someone who will write love paragraphs for you every day, but having a man you can count on to give you the time to be you will be perfectly fine.

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4# Your friends

Your friends are the wings that help you achieve your goals and that’s why you should never sacrifice them for anyone. It is okay to spend more time with your loved one, especially if the two of you are in a puppy phase, but don’t forget your friends as well.

They will probably give you enough time to enjoy yourself with your loved ones, but don’t neglect them. Make sure that you are there for them as they have been for you. Show them that you will always be present and, no matter what happens, they will try to give you the best advice ever.

5# Your dreams and wishes

We all have some dreams and wishes that we would like to make come true. Well, by having the right partner next to us, one who will support us, every person can make that happen.

But having someone who will want you to sacrifice your biggest dreams is definitely not someone worth being in your life. It is better to cut off a negative partner who holds you back from the things that make you happy than being stuck in a toxic relationship.

6# Your job

Your job is what fulfills you and makes you feel useful. That’s why you should never sacrifice it for your partner, nor let him decide what you will do for a living. You are allowed to do any job that makes you happy and your partner shouldn’t tell you how you should act.

The right person will support you in becoming the best version of yourself; the wrong one will just want to keep you in the house so only he can spend time with you.

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That is a huge difference, and if you were able to find the person who really makes you happy, then you are one lucky girl. No matter if he is a sapiophile who is attracted to your intellect or a man who likes the way you look, if he loves you for who you really are, there is no doubt that he is the one.

by Christine Keller

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