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Do you really want to turn your guy on and drive him all crazy for you even though you’re not there? Well if you’re interested in him romantically, then the answer obviously will be yes. And if you’re reading this, you might be thinking about what to text a guy to make him want you.

However, when you want to be involved in a relationship, or already in a relationship, you need to know a few rules of texting to make your relationship long-lasting.

For modern relationships, there is simply no questioning the value of texting. Whatever reached the humankind is one of the most innovative forms of communication.

If a man tells you that you are drive him crazy, you are either doing something really right, or terribly wrong

-Anasofía Fernández Aycinena.

YES! We, women, need to make our man go crazy about us but in a good way. Not a bad way.

How To Text A Guy To Make Him Want You More

Essential Text RULES Every Woman Needs To Know

A simple text message will brighten a person’s day and it is also normal to have the need to make him happy when you are messaging your significant other. Sending a nice message is the perfect way to express your feeling through words as it helps show how much you care about it.

When you’re texting someone you’ve just met, or someone you’ve known for a while, having fun is the most valuable piece of advice for texting someone you find attractive. Always be fun and lighthearted about your messages.

The key to getting someone to like you over text is to make them happy and light up when they see your message. This is how you make a guy go crazy about you more.

The first thing first is you need to erase the negative perception that he has about you by showing him your BEST qualities.

So here is a few tips about how to make him want you more!

1# You should compliment him

Men love compliments more than anything in the world if it comes from the person that he loved or interested in. You need to compliment him if you want him to be more crazy about you.

It’s not wrong when you said something nice to him such as “you look handsome today” or “how can you be so sexist even in that simple shirt?

Believe me or not, men will get all flattered when you keep raising about him more and more. But be careful, don’t ever ever and ever OVERDO it. Because when you overdo it, he will start to think that you are being dishonest.

You can compliment him when you two are going out together or even have a facetime together. But keep it low because this is the way of flirting that can make him go crazy about you.

2# You have to stay true to yourself

Rules no 2 is “BE YOURSELF”

This is very important because men prefer a girl who is being herself. Being yourself doesn’t mean you need to show all your flaws to him. You need to know how to handle yourself around him. Men tend to think that all women are having the same personality or behavior. This is the chance for you to show yourself.

Don’t pretend to be someone that you are not. Men hate lies as much as women hate lies. So the safest way is, be yourself.

If he does not like it then in the first place you really have nothing to do with him. Don’t waste your time trying to change his mind, as that ain’t going to happen. Find the right guy to make him go crazy about you by just being yourself. Staying true to yourself will help your chemistry and your connection flourish and hit its peak.

3# Don’t send a boring message, excited him

Men are so easy to turn off when women started to send a boring text message. For example, you just sent “Hi” or “Hello“. This a big NO.

Men love to hear something more excited from you, not just simple text messages. This will make him more bored and tend to leave you hanging on conversations. Every text message you send to a man, you need to fill it with joy and excitement.

When men are starting to getting more interested in you, they will try to capture your attention and they will be more desperate to want you.

4# Don’t use the short form when texting him

You must know that not all people love to use short-form or in an easy word, text like a teen. It’s normal when everyone trying to use the short-form in their daily life. But, when you want him to want you more, you need to use a full sentence.

Men really appreciated women who use a full sentence when texting them. In this way, they know that women really interested with them. And when you using a full sentence to messages them, they will know that you are matured and will appreciate you more.

5# Keep them short and sweet

Men don’t like women who keep sending long paragraph for them. They prefer a simple and short text message for them to read. Because trust me, men don’t like to read a long text, they will easily scroll it and didn’t reply back.

Texts are not email addresses. They are supposed to be short. If you become long-winded to him in your text consider switching to a phone call or Facetime.

Keeping text short also offers the opportunity for conversation back and forth. If you have plenty to say, break it up in several lines to give him a chance to read and react.

All that said, don’t make several words long in each and every text you send out. Reply in full sentences, just do not create a wall of text.

What To Text A Guy To Make Him Want You

6# Insanely romantic text messages.

Once you know how to use the right words at the right time, even the toughest of hearts have the ability to melt. You can drive him crazy and obsessed about you. Romantic messages are a great way for those who are in relationships and couples to rekindle passion and fire in their relationship.

Here are a few crazily romantic messages you can send to your boyfriend:

“I wish I could describe how I am amazed by your eyes and the sound of your voice makes me feel happy. How your smile makes my heartbeat off and how I feel complete every time I’m with you.”

“I don’t think anyone would make me laugh the same way you do. You just make me feel like the world’s luckiest girl.”

“Every minute you seem to capture my mind. There will never be a second when I don’t think of you or miss you. Your love still holds me in control.”

“I’d do anything right now to be able to curl up next to you, bury my head in your chest and lock your fingers. I want to be able to look up and smile at you whenever I want.”

7# You need to stay positive

This is very important for you to learn. Keep positive. Men don’t like women who keep being negative towards them. Don’t send any text messages that keep them feel attacked.

For example, when he told you that he needs space to clear his mind, don’t be desperate to think about the negative thought. Rather than reply with “What happened? Did I do something wrong? You didn’t love me anymore?”, better you reply with “Okay babe. Take your time as much as you want. But remember that I will always be here for you

Its simple, isn’t it? Men love women who being understanding about them. This will make them feel more appreciated and they will love you more than anything.

However, if you still not clear about being positive with the men, you can simply read our related article on how to develop positive relationship.

8# Ask about his day

Like us, women, love when someone cares about us, the same goes for the men. Just ask a simple question like “Hey baby, how’s your day?” Trust me, when you ask them about it, men will be more excited to tell you a story.

Or maybe you can send a quick text like “miss you but need to rush to run an errand, will call you later and make sure you tell everything about your day. ttyl, love you

And that’s how you make your man heart melt. It is important to know your man’s day even if you’re so busy. This will make them think that you love them and appreciated them more.

Just don’t begin every conversation every day like this. That will become repetitive and boring. Remember you want things to remain fresh and exciting, not boring.

9# Don’t try so hard

If you have heard anything about successful relationships, you can’t try so hard. You repel things when you try hard, especially the ones. It shouldn’t be about trying hard on your relationships. It’s meant to be about love.

When you’ve had to try and get him to miss you, the opposite will happen. When things go wrong, it turns out wrong and it will shut him off. Men hate when women being so desperate to get their attention. They will think that you are being pushy and they will start to get bored with you.

Just be yourself, do your own thing, give him the space he needs and, when he’s around, be awesome. He will miss you when you’re just yourself.

10# Leave him craving for more

This is obvious that not all women know. You need to play hard to get to catch the men’s attention. Make him want you and make them chase after you and this is how we play the game. You catch men’s attention, make them desperately want you and its time to play hard to get.

This is because if men want what they can not have, they’re going to try too hard to get it. So give him a taste but don’t give him all of it.

Most important is, make it challenging for him. In this way, he will appreciate you more and will be wanting you more.

Last But Not Least

Texting can be a great platform to get to know a guy that you’re dating. But be careful about his behavior rather than concentrating all of your energy on how to contact him to keep him interested. However, you need to analyze what is his intention.

If he starting to lost interest with you even you have tried everything, that’s mean you need to move on. Don’t tell a guy to change because they won’t. You can try everything to make a guy fall for you but if he didn’t want to, you can’t force them.

According to The Guardian, a scientific research guide for women on how to make that supposed man fall in love with you in your life, or at least become psychologically incapable of leaving you, which works the same way.

Through the course of your life, you may fall in love with a wide variety of people. You can fall in love with people that are good to you and those that are bad to you.

Love is an unforgettable experience. It is one of the biggest experiences that life has to offer. And it’s something that everyone should enjoy and feel aspire to.

How is it that you keep a man entertained by text? Share your tips in the comments!

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