Why Do Men Pull Away After Getting Close?

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The lives of many women become a real nightmare because they don’t understand why a guy, who claims to be in love with her, suddenly moves out of the relationship. After promising a good life together, why they often distance him??

Well, I know it’s not easy for you to put up with this weird behavior from men. Indeed it’s strange behavior. Let me explain some of the reasons why a man in love walks away…

A Man in Love Walks Away Because He Needs Space

This is the natural behavior of men. How can this be natural? If he is in love, then he has to talk to me, should not act selfishly and just think about him. I’m sure he goes after other women when he walks away- these are thoughts that tickle in our mind if our man starts to maintain a distance.

These thoughts are logical; however, to explain the matter better, I need you to first remember how women communicate with each other. Usually, as a woman, when you have an emotional problem, the first thing you do is try to get in touch with a friend and get all that hurt out. Right?

Men act differently. They simply want to move away to solve their problems alone. And what happens is, since women don’t understand this pattern of men, she thinks he doesn’t love her anymore. She believes that he doesn’t care about her and he’s going after other women. However, the woman does not allow the man to move away. As a consequence, everything becomes even more difficult for her.

A man in love may take a long time to return each time a woman tries to keep him from walking away.

When a woman doesn’t understand a man, she makes the mistake of going after him and stops him from moving away. However, when her man doesn’t agree, she mistakenly assumes that her partner doesn’t care about her.

And in the process, she tends to look for answers to her questions. But these questions are never answered because she ends up trying to answer her questions with other women – which makes her even more confused. This is because she wants a clear answer that comforts her and removes the horrible feeling that she is experiencing about her partner.

The easiest solution- Just let him come back on his own

This is the best medicine for a man in love who has moved away to come back with more love and intensity than before.

But yes! You can talk categorically with him to get him back faster. However, that doesn’t mean that your partner will immediately change behavior and run into your arms. You just have to patiently talk to him in a way that lets you understand why he is moving away.

Even sometimes you too require this space! This is the time when you can settle any outstanding issues that you have not yet resolved. In this process, you make room for nostalgia.

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When a woman goes too far behind the man and leaves no room for longing, he subconsciously understands that he is unable to meet her needs. And as a result, he no longer feels his importance in the relationship. On the other hand, when he understands that you are being satisfied, he automatically identifies its usefulness and necessity to satisfy you again.

There are certain techniques for getting your partner back with intensity in the quickest and most lively manner. All you need to do is to take full advantage of this period of absence, without playing games, acting indifferent, or relying on sex.

Beware, some men may say they are in love, but that doesn’t mean that he is really in love…

Many women are also confused when a man clearly says that he is in love and makes several promises for the future, but behaves in a completely different way than he speaks.

There will be times when the man thinks he is in love, but in fact, he is only physically attracted. At that moment, the woman believes everything that he says. Finally, she ends up going after him more than he goes after her, trying to collect their promises.

If you don’t understand that a man’s words might differ from his feelings, you won’t b able to realize that instead of increasing this initial attraction, she may lose it with her dissatisfaction.

So, you must understand how to approach the man in a way that never lowers your position in front of him.

It is completely normal for men to feel that they are in love in the early stages of the relationship. So, you just need to learn to interpret correctly what he is feeling and what he is conveying. In these situations, you should act in a way that doesn’t lower your position with him.

You can identify if a man is really in love or just initially curious and physically attracted to you. All you need to do is to read his gestures. You should also learn what you can do to turn this initial curiosity within him into a true love for you.

Summing up

As long as the woman assumes that her partner is responsible for her unhappiness, insecurity, fear, despair, and distrust, it will continue to make her wonder why do men move away. But with a clear understanding of the varied need of men and women, you can automatically open the door to create the right conditions to fulfill his desires.

Hope this helps!! Now when you know the secret of the so-called strange behavior of men, act accordingly. This will help you to enjoy a great relationship with your partner. Start implying them today and award yourself with a quality love life.

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