Why Men Leave Good Women? There’s No Need To Be Perfect

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Why men leave good women? Have you ever heard that a good woman finds herself difficult to get a good husband? I’ve heard a lot of response from a woman saying that men leave good women because men didn’t see the good in them, or men take things for granted, or they are ungrateful men.

But is that a true reason why they would let go of a good woman? Or is it just a one-sided assumption from women herself?

why men leave good women

Well, there’s no definite answer on who is right and who is wrong when a break up happens. For me, everyone has their own reasons when they choose to break up.

Sometimes, when you’re not happy with your relationship, even after you’ve been trying to improve the relationship, a break up can be the best solution.

But if it happens so frequently, a break up after break up, then there must be something wrong somewhere. If you experience this kind of problem, my advice is to stop being in a relationship for a while.

Maybe there are problems that you’re not even realized that push your partner away. First, ask yourself these questions before you start dating again, and read this article until the end. This article is my personal observation of why a man would let go of a good woman.

1- He felt pressure and inadequate

Were you set any standards in your relationship? For example, he must do this and that before he got something in return. Or did you chase him to give more love and affection than what he was giving you?

If yes, then your relationship definitely is not balanced. It can be one of the reasons why he felt pressure and inadequate in your presence.

Most men usually run from their own emotional pressure (even though most of them will never admit it). Sometimes, when he’s under pressure, he will just escape from the source of the pain in an effort to protect himself.

Men who feel inadequate most likely will misinterpret your message or intention. An example, you tell your lover “We never going out anymore”, or “You used to buy me a small gift before”. It’s generally a message to your lover that you wanted them to do something that you’d enjoy.

But what they usually understand is, you’re unhappy and he failed to make you happy. In his mind he feels like anything he does isn’t good enough for you.

It looks childish, but it does happen in real life. So to overcome the problem, maybe you can try to change the way you communicate with your lover.

Try not to focus on what he’s lacking and choose your word wisely.

Instead of saying “We never going out anymore”, try “You’d make me happy if you can…” or “I’d love if we can…”

The key is, focus on the positive side of his behavior on you. Highlight any specific behavior that you want him to repeat and make it more clear. Do not just give him a hint and assume he already knows what you really want.

Communication is essential for a happy relationship.

2- He feels like he can’t be himself

We always heard that a guy leaves a woman because she’s “nagging” too much or trying to “fix” the man based on her needs. But that statement doesn’t really explain the whole picture.

When you’re already in a serious relationship, there’s a time where you will see your partner from a different angle. You’ll discover a new side of him that you never know before. Some of it may good for you, and some may not. So it really depends on you on how to manage this situation.

If you try to push your partner to follow your standard or make him feel like he can’t be himself around you, it’s going to grate him. This reason alone might be enough for him to leave you, even if he’s deeply in love with you.

A great relationship is a combination of two imperfect partners, who are supporting each other to be better. Being honest and genuine to each other can keep your relationship strong. Do not try to changes your partner to follow your direction, instead, both of you need to learn how to improve yourselves to become a better partner.

Make yourselves clear if you don’t like the way he acts when he’s being honest and genuine to you. But still, try to learn how to accept that part of him if you really want to be together with your partner.

3- He’s tired of being compared to other men

Do you know what is the root of joy and happiness in every relationship for men?

For me, it’s simply because of knowing that we’re the chosen one, out of everyone in the world, by our partner. We can smile all day when we know that you choose us.

Did you remember your lover said, “thank you for choosing me” or “thank you for accepting me in your life”, right? It shows how grateful he was when you choose him to become your partner.

But when you, or your friends, or your families compared him to the other men, it hurt them so much, inside. He feels like he’s not your first choice, he has been compared negatively to the other men and he doesn’t stack up. This can erode his joy and his desire to be in the relationship.

Maybe you can say that he was soft and not up to the challenges. But deep down you know, that’s not true. Try to twist the plot, let’s say he said something to you, that you’re not good enough to be compared with his friend’s partner? How did you feel?

No one wants to feel that way, it’s a horrible feeling. It’s enough to make him leave the relationship. So do not compare your partner with other people.

4- He didn’t feel respected

Maybe you’re a good fine woman with pretty eyes and beautiful hair. You have a stable income and work at a good company. But if you can’t respect your partner, your relationship simply won’t work. There are no men in the world who can’t build a life with a woman who’s doesn’t respect him.

Even though you are dating a younger man and make more money than him, you still need to show respect to your partner. That is the basic rule in a relationship.

Your partner needs you, he wants to feel that you’re on his back beyond and above anyone else. Because you’re the key to his success and greatness.

In order for him to unlock all the abilities around him, he needs a deep and solid foundation of respect. With you as a high caliber woman by his side, he can achieve more success and take greater risk in his life.

I hope this article will help you understand the main reasons why a guy would let go of a good woman. If you one of the women, it’s time to reflect and take immediate action to rectify the situation. Once you know to break through his defense and touch his heart, he will be yours forever.

If you have any good advice to add to these lists please share it through a comment below.

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